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Salmabanu Hatim May 2019
When I was born,
I cried a lot,
I was ALIVE!
I wanted to stay with the Angels,
But, you laughed and cried tears of joy,
You wanted me so much,
When I died,
I cried only one tear of joy,
I was GONE! No more,
I was going back to my creator,
But you cried tears of sorrow,
I would be missed dearly.
Badshah Khan Feb 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) - 55

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

I sincerely want to be dearly loved by someone,
Through their loyal heart, as being myself'
Who can fondly seize me in their steady heart,
As being myself in their divine soul!

Allah Khair..... Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab - Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Spenser Bennett May 2016
Pardon me, I miss you dear
Dearly departed

All is lost, no life worth the cost
Rest undisturbed, sweet Brothers and Sisters

Pardon me, I miss you dear
Dearly departed

And they still stand, though in death fallen
And that green grass, shadows life or what they called it

Those white crosses,
All that remains of our best losses

'Til Valhalla or Heaven's view
I'll be waiting, waiting for you

Please pardon me, I miss you dear
Dearly departed
Amelia Pearl Sep 2015
Our bracelets don't match
Made by different friends and me
Thanks for accepting.
Afra Al Zaabi Mar 2015
Hello, dearly beloved
How are you doing?
I hope you’re doing fine
It’s been so long
Since we’ve last talked
It’s been so long
Since we’ve last seen each other
I strongly apologise
For keeping you wait for my emails
For I have been busy
And I hope you understand that
Though I know being busy
Is not that much of an excuse
I hope you’re not mad darling
I know you’ve been missing me
For quite some time
I apologies for hurting you
I know how much missing someone hurts
I know
Because I have been missing you too
Which hurts like
An incurable wound
Will you forgive my clumsiness?
I hope you do
Please do
My dear
I love you very
Do you love me still?
I hope you do
Well I know you do
But please say you do
Will you please
Reply to this unravishing poem from me to you
With a ravishing poem from you to me?
I hope you do
Please do

                                           Your poetess,
                                             Afra Alzaabi
It was a hot day in mid July heat;
the city in decay, its asphalt melt’d–
hurry-hurry said my feet in a beat.
In mid July city heat, she depart’d

Still, the cicadas kept on buzzing, and
the city kept on living–the city nev’r
stops living–while the hot sun always lend
its rays: on this day, she left forever.

But she wasn’t the only one who left–this time
not on life’s watch, this time she really went.
This goodbye was the most sour lime–
the most sour fruit life has fed me! This meant:

when one leaves the world, other trips have start’d
when love leaves you, so Dearly Depart’d!
I was attending a funeral of a dear family friend when I was simultaneously departed from my first love.
feel what surrounds you
it's your destiny to know
dearly you are loved*

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved

— The End —