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Rossyam Hadi Jul 2020
Maybe the road
was too twisted,
or could it be the ride
that is too bumpy
for us
to hold on to?

We made promises
that are meant
to be broken,
we made love
that was not
passionate enough.

I thought you
were my forever,
but you turned out
to be my hardest goodbyes,
I will miss your
morning and night wishes.

I canā€™t find
a way to you,
you are the home
that I will never
come back to.
#AlmostHome talks about a place/person that we will never come back to.
Rossyam Hadi Jul 2020
We get on the ride
without any maps
or compass to guide us,
we create our own ways
and start the journey.

It could be dangerous,
but I feel safe
sitting beside you
as you take the wheel
and bring us
to somewhere new.

We will watch
every sunrise and sunset
while I rest my head
on your shoulder
and be your permanent passenger.

I want to see
the world with you,
we can go places
that we have never been,
seeing seven wonders,
exploring exotic and historical cities,
capturing priceless moments.

After the long trip,
I will always come back
to your arms,
my comfort place
and waking up
to your face,
my favourite morning view.
#PermanentPassengeršŸ—ŗ is about when found the one that you can do everything together with - you can travel the world together and at the same they are the person that will be waiting for you at home.
Rossyam Hadi Jun 2020
I draw the curtains open,
unlock the window,
let the sunlight in
and kiss my bare skin softly.

The trees are waving
welcoming at me
while the birds
greet me with their
cheerful chirping.

I can feel
the fresh breeze
dancing through my hair,
then I breathe it
deep into my lungs.

I keep myself alive,
surviving night after night
so I could waking up
to another sunrise

And look forward
for sunshine
as warm as summer
at noon.
#Sunshine is about letting the light in and give you hope to survive in difficult situations.

— The End —