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ro Nov 2022
i'm so in love with the idea of you in my head it's driving me insane.
ro Jul 2022
i don't know,
why is it so hard,
to call you.
ro Jul 2022
living in my bubble,
with nothing but,
oxygen to keep me company.
ro Jul 2022
every word i've written,
about you or not you in here,
is to force myself to feel.
ro Jul 2022
i cut my hair,
really short,
and i did it,
not because i want to,
but to feel something.

spoiler alert,
i felt nothing again.
ro Jul 2022
i am okay,
just not the okay,
everyone else is.
ro Jul 2022
i have become immune to feelings and it hurts so bad to the point it doesn't.
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