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Where Shelter Jan 2015
bed unmade days,
kitchen ****-all-around-roaches
email me thank you notes,
cockaround gratingly grate full

the dry cleaning unwrapped,
the plastic sheets dust covered,
can't recall why it matters at all
any of it

but she,
but she,

pass by
the bed,
see the sign,
"to let"
on the toilet seat

lie ever inwards onwards
idiots who let little things come
wishing there were
ever still,
and so very
Bhill Feb 2020
the whole intention of life is to get through it
there is no instruction manual
there is no easy way to explain it to someone
you are conceived and you die
your journey is not predetermined
your voyage can be altered
your trip around the sun is your own unique ordeal
put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride...!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 52
How’s your ride been?
ro Feb 2020
in the passenger seat,
the driver's seat is empty,
i'm lost.
RVani Kalyani Aug 2019
Headphones plugged,
My thoughts are rugged.
Humming the song lyrics,
I see the nature's classics.
My consciousness fades away,
In the direction of wind's way.
annh Sep 2019
Subway skip jive,
Off and on,
Up and over,
Been and gone.

Mind your wallet,
Watch your step,
Take your seat,
Turn right, lean left.

Token trav’lers,
Quick, quick, slow,
We’re underground,
And on the go.

‘I loved the abandoned subway stations, rushing past the darkened platforms, the sprawl of graffiti like old letters. Letters left by ghosts.’
- Hannah Lillith Assadi, Sonora
MisfitOfSociety Jun 2019
Ride this moment till the end,
With your consciousness strapped behind a seat belt.
Who knows the roads we will take,
The views that we will see,
And the stories we will make.
Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2019
I run to my ceramic throne,
I feel it coming I groan.
I take my seat,
Try to ****,
To no avail,
I feel terrible.
I push more and more,
My face red, my  *** sore.
One last push,one last try,
A deep breath, a loud cry,
"Who let the dogs out, woof woof,
Out you come, you goof,
Something dropped,
It  worked,
Heard a large plop.
Daniel Ruiz Feb 2019
I can be a really skeptical person,
I don’t believe in ghost, and just think of weird things that happen as coincidences,

But, as flower petals magically float down toward my passenger seat, just before I close my car door.

I felt chills, as if memories from past lives rushed through my skin like electricity when you touch a Walmart cart.

Instant, waiting for a reaction.

And if that isn’t one hell of a metaphor,
I don’t know what is.
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