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I can be a really skeptical person,
I don’t believe in ghost, and just think of weird things that happen as coincidences,

But, as flower petals magically float down toward my passenger seat, just before I close my car door.

I felt chills, as if memories from past lives rushed through my skin like electricity when you touch a Walmart cart.

Instant, waiting for a reaction.

And if that isn’t one **** of a metaphor,
I don’t know what is.
Jae Jan 29
Who do you think you are
Your behavior I cannot ignore
The way you act disgusts me
You are rotten to your core

Who do you think you are
To say that I’m the one with an attitude
You talk about me as if I’m not there
I for one think you are quite rude

Who do you think you are
You’re not cool, but quite a bore
How could you feel entitled
To something you did not pay for

Who do you think you are
To try and dictate where I sit
If you really owned where I placed my rear end
I would see your name on it

Who do you think you are
To say I behave with no class
You say I will never find love
As if anyone would want to deal with your tired @$$

Who do you think you are
To turn someone else’s blue sky dark
If you ever told me to get up from where I sat
I would pull a Rosa Parks

Who do you think you are
To say you’ll let my reactions slide
You had better keep doing just that
Try something and I’ll have your hide

I think I ought to let you know
I’m not like any other girl you’ve met
If I were you I’d start shutting my mouth
Because you do not know crazy yet
I want the seat closest to the window.
Boat, plane, bus, passenger seat
Ma'am if you don't mind,
could you please scoot down
while I take my seat.
My feet are tired.
I have been standing on this concrete all day.
Almost sleep on my feet,
The same problems exist at the front of the bus
just as the back.
If you could see past me, you'd see.
Yet you turn your nose and grab your purse.
All I want is a seat to rest my feet.
Lay my head back and dream.
I don't want to wear your chains today.
The chains used to justify what you see on the news.
How you can't see anything past me.
How you've wrapped me in chain from shoulder to feet.
You don't try to hide your look,
I can feel the heat on the back of my neck.
How you pick and choose what you like,
There is no difference between you nor I,
Except color,
Other than gender.
You watch me from the corner of your eye while I take my seat.
There once was a time when I'd have no choice but to sit in the back.
Now that I take my seat in the front you move to the back
A look of disgust across your face.
Boat, plane, bus, passenger seat.
Ma'am if you could,
would you please scoot down
While I take my seat.
All I want is a seat beside the window without having to explain why
I want to sit this close to the window
Star BG Oct 2018
I am on the edge of my seat,
with excitement.
Anticipation for new beginnings
to anchor on earthly home.  

Energies rise tickling senses,
as dark integrates into my light.
As those who
causing atrocities to humanity
are rounded up and exposed.

I am on the edge of my seat,
with Intention.
Focus to stand as avatar
for new times that echo truth.
Ready to forgive the dark ones
to wish them farewell
and move as co-creators peaceful.

NO MORE lies and fake news will be tolerated.
NO MORE inventions being held back from the world.
NO MORE keeping secrets is acceptable
NO MORE controlling us to be prisoners with invisible bars.
NO MORE orchestrations that encourage hate.
AND NO more abuse of our children will be tolerated.

I am at the edge of my seat
with optimism that WE the people
will reclaim this planet.
That WE will take back our power
to live free out of matrex
as decreed by God.

I am on the edge of my seat.
For it is time to align with love.
Yes, tomorrow is here.
New times are unfolding right here and right now. Can you Feel it?
Be the change you want to see. Live Love.
Trying to tap telegrams
On the back of my phone
In a faux leather seat
In the back of my mothers car.
Anyone will tell you I have a
For the contrary
And there’s strangely no argument,
Where I got it from,
The seatbelt sits uncomfortably across my throat,
Stopping my words,
A space formerly only occupied by her gaze,
Though my future career may benefit,
My current psyche does not.
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
A tightness in my lungs pulls me under in a spell of forced muteness.
I slide my view up out of the rattling car.
The starry sky lighting up my irises and dazzling my brain.
Meanwhile the glops of tears forming in my eye drag the streetlights across my visible world.
Light torn away from its source
for only me.
Me, a crying passenger.
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
Going to the toilet was a nightmare,
I would hold my *** and poo for hours,
For fear of sitting on the low toilet seat,
It was pain and toil getting up.
Now, a raised toilet over  two bricks,
And a grab bar,
Has made my life Shangrila,
No more fear,
No more anxiety,
Just slip on the seat and RELAX,
And do what you have to do.
Arthritis and knee pain had made it difficult for me to go to loo.
Wyatt May 2018
Rescue me
on the twenty two
before I fixate myself
on the bitter truth.
I passed by the 15 earlier
and this scenery I remembered
looks much more pleasant
than my current view.
One to ten was a bumpy road
without a single break
except this single heart of mine
that cracks in the hands of fate.

I always look behind me,
never through the windshield,
at today's ongoing traffic.
My darkness
has a grip on the wheel
and I currently reside
reluctantly in the passenger seat.
I've never had any control of my life,
it's like a vehicle that's now defective.
We're violently switching lanes,
me and my enemy in the same seats.
I always turn up the radio and sing along
so I can forget all of this urgency
when I swear every single time
I'm meaning to reach for the keys.
Please believe me, I didn't mean for this.
It's like I'm intoxicated, under the influence.
To all the property damaged
and to all those who are hurt
as I speed by without a plan,
all I can do before getting my ticket
offer you is a fool's apology.
I am the hazardous passenger.
I am a hazard, I'm a vehicle that's recklessly speeding down this crowded highway.
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