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Caosín Dec 2023
But would you stay with me, love? Would you stay here?
And you say: where?
and I think: Here, in the bed, in the house, in the city. Anywhere. Stay anywhere with me.
And you kiss my forehead, lips still wet with something, a sweet dream, and say
Goodbye, mate. Goodbye.
Eddie Brewer Aug 2023
They made me feel happy
They make me feel safe
They make me feel confident

I make them feel comfortable
I make them feel strong
I make them feel beautiful

The fact that we can impact each other
-Impact each others
self worth-
Is an insane thing.
You need to be someone very special
to change someone's perception
like how true love does.
Eros Mar 2022
Our nights were together when we met
We watched movies when we couldn't sleep
Cloud Atlas was your favorite
We ate pocky as well
Specifically Strawberry
A few times you snuck out to see me
You left the place you were trapped in for me

One of the most memorable moments
Was when I told you it was snowing
You told me that you saw snow all the time
My heart broke

The last night we talk you said you couldn't sleep
I laid with you and fell asleep
Not knowing what I'd wake up to the next morning
citrine mercury Feb 2021
i wonder what your arms feel like,
and i wonder what your lips taste like?

do they taste like sweet burning ash like
two fragile glasses, or
do they taste like honey, disguised as hot melting wax
because in where people see pain, i feel beauty

in where people say it's weird, I say it's lovely,
the most perfect thing ever

because i would lose anything,
just to pour my ashes over your honey
i would burn for you like icarus
did for apollo

my own and true love,
you are the sky, the sun and the moon
i would give you anything just to see the sparkle in your eyes
citrine mercury Feb 2021
to the boy who stole my heart
i hate you.
i hate your glowing eyes
i hate your beautiful smile,
and i hate how your collarbones fit to mine

i hate it when you love me,
and i hate it when you don't
cause im not worthy of your love,
i am suppose to be alone

i hate how your words make me blush
i hate how you're always in my mind
and i hate when you're nice to me

maybe i don't hate you,
maybe i just hate that part of me
that dark and blind part too,

because after all,
to the boy who stole my heart
i love you.
john Dec 2020
body parts -
the only thing separating us.
after dating,
she's crushed i'm gay.
after talking every day,
i'm crushed realizing
i never saw her that way.
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