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Selena Aug 2020
Mania dances around my head teasing me into thinking I’m happy , when mania is near your uncontrollable laughter consumes my sadness , your thoughts consume mine as we become one, you love attention and you do anything to get it, a soft whisper in my ear and a shove from behind forcing me to live out your life, my anxiety is racing with uncertainty from the uncomfortable situations you put me in , and as my mind races to figure out how to stop it , you slowly bring me back to earth again , reminding me that you are me and I am you, as you slowly fade away , waiting for another day, the sadness sinks back in, wishing I had your confidence and wishing I had your silly personality, my dark room calls me away from freedom of mania , reaching for the orange pill bottle ,lithium stares into my eyes with a glimmer telling me everything will be all right as I shut my eyes.
Alice Wilde Apr 2020
My thoughts
Paint brilliant colors,
Chemical venom
Swells my tongue
And silence
Fills my mouth.
Alice Wilde Apr 2019
How funny is it
A simple salt was
Forgotten by my brain
m daly Jan 2019
you didn’t think
the lesions of my
were ****

you just had
to see me
as i am

harsh precision
my soul as a prism
for me alone

embarrassing to say
you were the first
not to get hard
when i took my lithium

the right thing
at wrong time
how cliché
Samantha Jan 2018
Hydrogen, a gas
Fusing in the night sky stars
As we watch in awe.

Helium, such a
Noble gas, lightly lovely,
Filling our balloons.

Our first alkali
Lithium, lightest metal,
   Stabilizing moods.

Beryllium, a
Metal that makes alloys which
Are strong and don't spark.

Do your laundry, friends,
And experience boron:
Borax detergent.
I want to make a haiku for each element, five at a time! Or at least, the naturally occuring elements.
bipolarbandaids Jul 2016
keeping me from iridescent mania
cutting of the air to my lungs
strangling me with snaky grey
oozing with itchy slime
that gets in every pore
depression and self loathing set in
why is this my prescription?
Ana S Mar 2016
Yes I have a bipolar mind.
I look for clear but never know what I will find.
Mom sent me away.
For a few months and a day.
Mom said she couldn't handle me.
Why couldn't she see?
I wasn't really myself.
I was someone else.
Sometimes blue.
Gosh if I could sue.
Every little ****
Who made me hate my guts.
Awe look at her.
**** she's got the face of a murderer.
Why you always crying Graffe *** *****?
Why not end it and die in a ditch?
I was definatly all over the place.
Stuck with this awful race.
I couldn't control my actions.
So I shoved all emotions back with a little lithium.
Then I didn't see clear.
Actually nothing ever happens here.
I see nothing now.
And there's no changing my mind.
What the lithium did to me
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