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IC Mar 12
A child is like a flame
Warm and alive
They spread the flame, just by making a blow, a little movement
The warmth spreads
But only to where the wind lets them
It is its protector and biggest enemy
They sculp the flame

Once the wind is to strong, the flame goes out
And the field of flames slowly decreases untill its empty

The flame is gone
The wind is gone
james Mar 11
i am treading water
i am frantic,
though the water remains
motionless black
are you not too arrogant to believe
the future will come,
despite your kicking, screaming?
stop staring out the window
there are no rabbits worth catching
burnt sugar is bitter
shame can **** you if you let it
shame will **** you if you let it
despondency will take you
and make you fearless
i'll remember your sins for you
if you'll remember mine
keep them safe for me, wormwood
i like titles that are mouthfuls. there's something about them
Purcy Flaherty Nov 2018
I'm alive and kicking,
kicking out this tune;
tune up that thing
I'll play a song for you.

You can take this body;
body and soul;
Soul, blues and jazz.
Jazz ain't rock and roll.

When I'm dead *******,
and my singing days are through,
Tune up that thing!
You know what to do!
Celebrate with music
Amanda Jun 2018
Under and under
Blackness grips my heart
I ache and suffer
Sputtering dreams from pale lips
Hands from below reach and grab
Kicking and struggling for surface
That gleam of light I never seem to have
Air is so scarce
Hard to hunt
In loneliness I hide
Freezing depths, no sign of sun
Limitless possibilities
Because it is only in my head
This vivid feeling
Anxious, wish for peace instead
Insecurity constricting my thoughts
Haunting my wild mind
A dark fantasy out of control
A reason to cry hard to find
Here in my dark corners
Tears are nothing, salty wishes
Breif drops of ocean, tributes,
To the chaos my brain misses
So, with much misery
And little sense
Top of lake approaches
Breath gone, hung in suspense
My lungs have failed again
Oxygen vanished, happiness too
You don't need water to feel like you are drowning
I sink further each time I look at you.
I love that quote. You don't need water tobto feel like you're drowning.
olena Jun 2015
and if it feels like
you're seeing double and
living through a time-lapse
you are alive

if it feels like
you're on a train to
getting wind caught in your hair,
oh, you're alive

and if it hurts, you'll be alright
While I nodded nearly napping, suddenly there came a rapping.
A loud rap rapping on my chamber door, the noise of the latch
click clicking, I heard above the clock tick ticking, then the creak
of the boards, the squeak of the nails, across my chamber floor.
And in the darkness with eyes flick flicking and the noise in my
head of the latch click clicking, and the clock in the hall still
tick, tick ticking; came the noise of his boots kick, kick kicking!
What thought I with eyes still  flicking with the sound in my head
of the clock tick ticking, and the ache and the pain from his boots
kick kicking!  Why me?
Then a punch to my face, my face to his knee, then my eyes stop
flicking. No sound anymore, no more of the clock tick ticking,
Only the creak of the boards and the squeak of the nails across
my chamber floor.  Then the sound of the latch click clicking;
no tapping or rapping, no eyes flick flicking, no, no more kicking.
Only the darkness, the slam of the door.  Then the clock tick tick,
ticking, no more creaking of the floor.
Deep into the darkness peering, long I lay there wondering and
fearing; I just cant take this anymore!
Taken from the raven by (Edgar Allen Poe) My take on mindless domestic violence against women.
Dawn Anderson Nov 2014
I yell
And scream
And cry
Because you call me crazy

I hit
And kick
And fight
Because you say I'm violent

I am only
What you see of me
It may not be the real me
But its how I am preceived

And how people choose to see me
Determines how I see myself.
cr May 2014
my face smashed against the concrete
when you kicked me from your
life; i'm still picking jagged stones
from the spaces between my
teeth. because of this,

i don't smile
i don't like it when people leave.

— The End —