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Andrew Rueter Apr 2020
The internet connects culture.
We used to not know how to act
and took cues from proximal role models
or distant stars.
Now we take cues from the internet
or those who are
and we become one person.
Everybody wants to talk about the daily melees and brawls
nobody wants to talk about Super Smash Bros.
and how when it came out the internet wasn’t really a thing
so people had to learn to play on their own
and each person you faced was a new experience
but now everyone learns the best strategies from the internet
and pick between only a few different characters.
John McCafferty Mar 2020
To aim your place
and chase with haste
Whilst many face
the angst and grace

Informed techniques befit your crest
Smash through with force
Opposing guests
Controlling breath
Patience met
The journeys long to ascend

Focus on the foes ahead
Destructive forces with intent
Defeat dealt out inside a zone
Hate and venom will be spent
A noble art to call your own
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Poetic T Feb 2020
I slept passed my alarm.
          who really cares!!

            Saturdays rock..
The Vault Mar 2019
Let me smash
Let me smash
Let me have a slice of that ***.
Welcome to random **** I say at work that I shouldn't say at work.  This is a little insight into my messed up mind.  You're welcome.
Arisa Mar 2019
I bet that man,
he with his white cap,
smashed my box against the wall
as he so carelessly
my package on the doorstep.
A little aggravated at the state of my packages.
trf Sep 2018
I'm covered from head to toe in resin, acrylics and epoxy,
Some pulverized rocks my son gathered from the Chattooga River,
Now reduced to a burnt ember dust.
I added silicone sludge and a little baking powder as well,
And once mixed, this dicey concoction is beautifully toxic,
So I waft the air and inhale it.

Painting a colorful sunset is too easy, I prefer black and white,
So with a wooden board the size of a door,
I get to work with my rubber sledgehammer, blowtorch
A gallon of poison and flammable spray.

The passers by have seen this look in eyes,
From The Shining or possibly their preachers,
You know, the same look that's a sight to behold.

Slamming the hammer down with brute force
And purposed abandonment,
I paint my sunset and wrangle the stars later.
A shower won't do me justice>
Here's Johny
Frank Discussion Jun 2018

The heart

Of the one

That broke you.



The lives

Of the ones

That bind you.



The flesh

Of the one

That haunts you.


Smash, just for the sake of being heard.
The innate beauty of breaking.
Mary-Eliz May 2018
Behind every dream, every hope lies
visions of something surely better
some are grandiose, some fantasy
others are practical to the letter

yet all are fondly held within
until their time is right, unfazed by falls,
rocky road or rough terrain
equally valuable to those who
quest for them with all they have inside
not giving up so they can proudly say I tried.
Ten letters assigned by someone who chose them randomly.  First of each line, at least 5 words per line.
Not great but I can say "I tried." And thanks for playing along, Verlie
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