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adam olofantur Mar 2020
loving without pinking up
around your neck, feeling
cold blue — am i bleeding?
or is it you — just coming back?

— i am kidding, cause i'm sinking
waiting for the cause to wreck
Maja Mar 2020
It’s okay that they hurt me
because it was a joke.
They were just kidding,
when they kicked and spoke.


It’s not okay to hurt someone,
not even on a joke,
because a joke is supposed to be funny,
and if that’s funny,
then I don’t want to ever laugh again.
I don't know if it's similar to the other one, but it's another one so I don't know if it matters that it's similar.
Bhill Feb 2020
Could It

it could happen
intense, strong, emotions with exciting speeches

are you kidding me
have you seen it
do you even realize what's going on
back door thinking with front door faces
could it

Brian Hill - 2020 # 44
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2019
Will you be my husband?
Be the handsome groom?
Can we walk the aisle right now?
Not someday “soon”?
Will you marry me today?
Make me a happy wife?
Promise me your lips to always kiss
Every day for the rest of your life?
It is a nice day for a proposal
Come on what do you say?
PSYCHE!!! I’m just joking
Happy April Fools Day!
Sorry I didn’t post this on the first
Eleanor Sinclair Apr 2019
My heart can’t take another moment
The beats are slowing
It has exploded
the partition was posted
almost two years ago
and it stated that a super pair
of creators had to go

lots of folks signed it
lending their ample backing
for he who wanted
the upper echelon's racking

those who aided him have
all been well forgot
yet at the time they were
so expedient to his plot

once he'd achieved
the cardinal's goal
no longer was there a purpose
for a little fish shoal

taking advantage of others
is his kind of game
using they who are wet behind
the ears tame

everyone of them summoned
to do his bidding
and in this salient narration
there's no kidding
etrealouest Apr 2017
Love you,
Love you too,
I love you more,
I love you most,
I love most-est,
I love you to the moon and back,
I love you to Jupiter and Mars,
I love you to the beautiful stars above the sky,
I love you to the beautiful meteors above the galaxy,
I love you, all of you,
I love you, only you,
I love you, I can't add up anything other than I love you, I just love you,
I love you, till death do us part,
I completely totally love you,
I ultimately and take full responsibility to love you.

All these I love yous
Both are unsure if it's true.
This was on April Fools,
Where we are allowed to say are feelings to.
Emily Rene Aug 2015
I'm done writing poems about you

Who am I kidding?
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