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IC Apr 19
Our soft hands melted in one another
From one world to another

Another flesh
The same soul

You and I always
IC Apr 18
Why cant life just take a break
I need time to think
Before I do something stupid
IC Mar 12
A child is like a flame
Warm and alive
They spread the flame, just by making a blow, a little movement
The warmth spreads
But only to where the wind lets them
It is its protector and biggest enemy
They sculp the flame

Once the wind is to strong, the flame goes out
And the field of flames slowly decreases untill its empty

The flame is gone
The wind is gone
IC Mar 9
Kiss me like its the last
Rather slow than fast

Dont threat me like you do
More like something new

Love me like you love me

Touch me like you want me

Hug me like you miss me

I want to feel adored
And be 'the wife of your life'
IC Jan 2019
Locked in a box
No sound
No light
No people

A scream is not been heard
A cry is not been seen
Falling in the darkness
Away from the living, isolated in a box
Alone and not finding peace
Falling deeper and deeper

Trying to get out
And make a change in life
Stand up for yourself
But to afraid to be heard
Till someone opens the box for you and lets you in
To the world
IC Jan 2019
One cannot be without another
Some are connected
and cannot live without each other
Call it love, or more an illusion
But the feeling is real
Like an explosion of stimuli and emotions
A band that cannot be broken
And nothing that breaks the bubble

— The End —