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Poetic T Jun 14
I asked him to ring my bell,
    dude couldn't even ring the
right spot.....

Tried knocking but I kicked
                          him from the door.
Thought he'd have a good time.  
           But he came a knocking
and he'll have to try a new bell...

But I don't think that any one will
                                 answer his lost call.

I'll have to answer my own call,
     no batteries needed to answer
                  this call..

No need to call up no fool that
        cant answer a simple call...

I'm relaxed, no need to ring me,
                                    till I've woken up..
moon May 17
my dad is kicking me out, he's been verbally abusive and i guess this was his next move to make my life miserable.

i have 83 cents to my name and he's kicking me out in a few days.

i hate to ask but if, whoever is reading this, has even a dollar to spare, it would help immensely. even a prayer would be appreciated, thank you so much.

thank you, thank you, thank you.

my cashapp is $blipofjoy
ca: $blipofjoy
I feel like everyone's letting me go
Like they kicked me out their minds
Like they ripped me out their heart
its sad
like u push them away
but did they ever even wanna stay
Counting syllables for a limerick
All of this to me is Greek
Without rhyme or reason
I wrote one, no , No Pun
Challenged , My silly mind fell for the trick

To write a limerick was not in the syllabus
Lost the route , I missed my school bus
I was asked to wait for help
Like a puppy I started to yelp
Help did arrive in time , but I was all nuts
Done with it :)) No more :))
Recently met a Techie , also a poet and a published author of children’s book and many more . He challenged me to write a limerick
Bobcat May 2018
I finally figured it out
How to get up there pre-death.
I crawled my way up to you
Without leaving my own bed.

I tried to break you out
But they wouldn't let you leave.
I tried to break you out
To bring you home with me.

I got kicked out of heaven
No they won't let me back.
They said if I ever tried again
To prepare myself for attack.

I'll go back everyday
If I had the slightest chance.
I would play their little games
And I would dance their little dance.

You may call me selfish
Cause I know that you're safe.
But you took apart of me
That I can never replace.

I tried to break you out
But you didn't want to leave.
I tried to break you out
But you made a home there without me.
hannah Feb 2018
I know what it feels like
To be
laughed at,
to feel worthless
to be told to **** myself
to be late to class just to avoid my bullies
to ask teachers for help and not get help
I hate to say it but if I had the chance to make them pay for what they did, I would
I don't understand why anybody would feel the need to push someone past their breaking point. I have been bullied before and everybody told me to forgive and forget but it's my choice so what if I don't want to forgive and forget.
Dusty McCool Apr 2015
i miss you
i miss your hallways
i miss seeing all my friends
i miss even seeing the bullies
i need you
i shouldn't of done that
i should have never gave in
But i did and i can't change that
I'm sitting down, so why am I sweating?
A constant cycle of your reminding, and me forgetting.
I need to lie down. My mind is heavy in my skull.
Your mouth is moving, but my eardrums are full.
Petty thoughts take a substantial grip on my heart.
Can we just go again, perhaps take it from the start.
math ADD ADHD attention deficit class classes school concentration thoughts sweat listening speaking gripping dying boredom
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