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james Mar 2020
i am treading water
i am frantic,
though the water remains
motionless black
are you not too arrogant to believe
the future will come,
despite your kicking, screaming?
stop staring out the window
there are no rabbits worth catching
burnt sugar is bitter
shame can **** you if you let it
shame will **** you if you let it
despondency will take you
and make you fearless
i'll remember your sins for you
if you'll remember mine
keep them safe for me, wormwood
i like titles that are mouthfuls. there's something about them
james Mar 2020
the fire doth strike like a storm in the night
in the burning rain do find the aftermath
of the river dragon,
and its broken world
james Mar 2020
he was weak, and pathetic
and earnest, and kind
but he was that bleeding, aching, pain in my side
so i took both my hands and choked him to death,
forgetting the shell is as weak as the man
james Feb 2020
i smothered the flame and i
let it strangulate, slowly
i stifled its breath as its
sparks licked at me
like a shrieking victim kicking
and kicking

but the fire was hushed, always;
i would strangle that
brilliant crimson gold
before it roared, before it even dared.

it didnt matter if i
burnt my hands
down to their britle bones;
the fragile self ive built is paper in the wake
of knee-**** fury
This has a very specific meaning, but id like to see what you guys think its about
james Dec 2019
are you suffocating
behind glass corridors?
to put yourself on display
is not the same as letting people in
very short but i like it and when my friend read it she said "WKGW RKFB KRJT" so that means its good i think
james Dec 2019
"surely we couldnt"
i think to myself, with you by my side
no. surely we couldnt
and i leave the room
and you dont follow
because you think to yourself:
we couldnt"
i lean into the cold
for i have found warmth
in forbidden places
james Dec 2019
your name weaves through the cool breeze
of a busy afternoon
and i pray that its bittersweet melody
never plays for me again
what would they say if they knew?
if they knew how it lingers on my lips
when i call to you?
what would they say if they knew?

rules arent meant to be broken
no matter how they break you
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