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brandychanning Aug 2020
everyone has gone back to suburbia,
city streets are dangerous, if you look
at someone cross eyed, it earns you death.

don’t celebrate this madness,
mourn it in black, it has a taken
a pandemic to school me again.

this a broadcast, shout out, email me
if you know how I’m feeling and can
share what other mutualities crisscross.

Do you like Jazz? Mr neither.
Flouncy bouncy dresses? Nah!
Sweats? Unnecessary, I can sweat
just by concentrating.

You like me, own soulful bluesy singers,
femme fatales, who coax and croon,
wet the spun threads of subtle emotive,
who live by light of candles votive,
I live in black, day and nighttime,
write in midnight blue, a woman who!
takes no b.s. and doesn’t ever take no
for an answer...
Robby Dec 2019
My life is not what I wanted
Unmet expectations
Needs unfulfilled
My heart has grown cold

I need you to thaw this ice
Let the sun shine on my face
Warm my being
Before I destroy myself
Jen Sep 2017
She walks only to forget
The tears of her regret
Only to fret and get
The needs that are unmet
Debanjana Saha May 2017
You say I'm missing
Yes, you are right
I'm missing from the
corner of my heart
as a soulless being
from the deep cut
Into this dark lost world
wandering here and there
in search of
a puzzling piece
got lost long back
and other pieces unmet
destined to never ever meet!


I seek that piece
in the very first ray of the Sun
I meet in the empty roads
as dark as my soul
I speak every day
with every falling drop of rainfall
until the Thunderbird mocks at me
to find I have nothing of that

but still I seek...

missing a piece from the past
which seems just like a delusion
can't catch, cannot hold..
but keep on seeking in every other thing

In a bit depressing state of mind
but can't help..

— The End —