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I'm a friend,
a family member,
a healer,
a net,
a sponge

I'm here to be dragged across the world
Through the dirt, the water, the skies
Wash it through me

Try to cleanse out the filth
So I can be used again
There's more work to do

After all the water is washed
After all the sponges are used
We can all be thrown away, no more after, we did our job, we got through

And if we fail, we'll overflow the bin.
And we can all drown.
Psych-o-rangE Aug 28
1 I attended with my new suit
1 I barely made it to and back
1 I watched from a screen
1 I missed the train
1 I've been preparing for

2018-2023, 5 years.

I'm 25 years old
My dads getting old too
My mom I had to convince to come
Eyes of familiar faces to watch me stand or stumble
I just want you all to know, no matter what, I love you

A son, step-son, brother, half-brother, nephew, grandson, grand nephew, boyfriend, partner in this same suit
You made me who I am

Farmor, especially you.
Farmor means father's mother/grandmother in Swedish
Accepting the gift was always easy

Committing to it was always hard

No compass, no road, no map could lead

No language, no gesture, no one to teach

No god, no idea, no love, no hate, no reaction, no purpose, no reason, no thought, no spasm,
no fiber,
no spark.

There, I broke it.
Healthy bran cereal on discount for 2 dollars!?

I was really happy.

it had the daily fibre
it went well with honey
it just tasted nice

After my victory snack, I gently went to sleep...

Good morning.
(it expired 5 months ago)
Happiness comes in the cheapest of prices
And expired of dates
My time has come
Don’t love me
in disguise
I am honestly
not clever enough
or big enough
for the surprise
Psych-o-rangE May 17
"I dreamt that the river was burning"
"I dreamt that the snow was on fire"
"In dreaming impossible dreams"
"I dreamt that you were my lover"

the river dried up,
the snow had melted,
my eyes opened,

I can't remember
Psych-o-rangE Nov 2022
A hole.

Means there's space to grow.

Now go forth, with this knowledge and go insane.

And never forget, my disciple, space out for the space outside is beautiful and the space away is always greener.

Endlessly strive to get nothing accomplished. Click the X. Submit the test. There will be no marks for you. Fill it yourself.
I don't know what I'm saying!
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