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Z Aug 2019
Her breath was halcyon
We were my axiom;
I was her peace

Piecing pictures out of nothing
Pretty words, I caught her bluffing
Then the release
San-Pei Lee Jul 2019
No matter the dreams you have
I'd shift the stars to align them with mine
But if your purpose leads you far from me
For however long, I'd wait for your return ever patiently

If you ever find yourself lost at sea
I'd dive in to keep your soul company
My shadow rippling against the white of the moon
Even during the halcyon nights of winter

Because on our hearts
Flutters a matching pair of wings
Wherever you are
As long as you're willing, I will always follow
The fire is burning within me
Unable to drawn out
Unable to elude.
It’s getting evil
With all your annoyance.
And I’m crying out loud
Seeking for your presence,
Part of me wants to destroy you
And a part of me wants you back.
I’m lost in the path of love,
And no more halcyon.
I’m screaming out your name thunderously
In the desire of your presence.
Retrieving all our boneheaded conversations
Thinking what kind of squander I was doing.
I’m preoccupied by telling myself
Not to give you an opportunity
To break my heart again.
As I’m taken away from all your botheration  towards me.
Well ,There’s so much of me inside
Which you left undiscovered.
Perhaps you were never curious for me.
And I was being the one running after you constantly.
And keeping you firm with me.  
But now.
I’m dying
I’m hurt.
You’re diligent in watering
Someone else’s flower.
The fire is burning within me!
A Simillacrum Jul 2018
Remembering hurt.
Designations of dirt.
Crawling, knee and nail.
Dessicated herbs.
Resignation of worth.
Stretching for the bag.

I've seen how this ends.

Up in smoke.
Dreaming delight.
Up in smoke.
Dreaming delight.

How long will this pattern run?
Up until the day is done.
How long will this pattern run?
Up until the day is done.

For any calm from halcyon,
I need

to burn
the herb.

I've seen
how this

Up in smoke.

Thank you for reading.
Kaoru Tomoe Feb 2017
I fell from Heaven
Say good bye, halcyon days
For I'm a sinner
Experienced Heaven only to have sinned and fallen back to Earth...
Paolo Garcia Jul 2016
Rhythm & Beats, take me over
Go through my temple
   through skin-deep,
   through my bones
             release your voice, EDM whispers

Tickle my bones,
    dance with me
    with your electric,
         wavey hands

Release my intense feelings,
     trigger every part of me,
       my hormones, my body
                   help me
                           *feel it
I wrote this while listening to the song "This Is What You Came For" by Calvin Harris Ft. Rihanna.
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