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Er werd mij gevraagd of ik ontevreden ben over mijn lichaam, en deze daarom 'verstop'.

Integendeel, ik houd van het lichaam waarin ik leef. Zo ontzettend veel dat ik het liever voor mezelf houd. Ik snap dan ook wel dat anderen hier nijdig op kunnen reageren. Het is best gierig.
Zo gierig dat men er kwaad van wordt en het onderdrukking noemt.

Zij zijn degenen die 'vrijgeven' vrijheid noemen.
Degenen die 'in vrijheid bedekken' weigeren vrij te noemen omdat zij dan afdoen aan het ideaal beeld van de vrouw. En ik snap dat ik niet met open armen ontvangen wordt om korte metten te maken met dit beeld. Een vrouw dient immers vrij te zijn, vrij om haarzelf te laten zien.
Want dat is de vrouw.
Een vrouw is om bekeken te worden. (#sarcasm)
Zo normaliseren zij de vraag;
'Ben je wel vrouw genoeg?' - Want dit is de vraag die mij vandaag werd gesteld, en aan elke vrouw op elk moment van de dag, in elke situatie. Of dit nu direct of indirect wordt gedaan.
En waarom?
Omdat er nog steeds vrouwen zijn die andere vrouwen niet kunnen uitstaan enkel en alleen om de verschillende keuzes die zij maken en/of wensen te maken.
En de man?
De man ziet bij zijn vader, wat hij leert van zijn moeder.

En ja. Zolang de vrijwillige hijab als onderdrukking wordt beschouwd, blijft het 'ideaal beeld van de vrouw' het logo van onderdrukking in onze samenleving.
Want ik ben met jou, ik ben niet van of voor jou.
My hair is covered, my intellect is not.
My feet are covered, yet I'm still going places.

My ears are covered, my hearing is not.
My back is covered, yet I'm still standing.

You've imprisoned my tongue, my words will never surrender.
You've imprisoned yourself, yet I'm still trying to set you free.
Peacock Secrets Dec 2020
Dont hate me cuz I am beautiful
Looking Hijabi-licious for Allah, devoutly dutiful

Shaking your head at me cuz I cover
Wouldn’t take you nor your wingman as a lover

Glaring at me crazily cuz I’m veiled
An ocean of chastity you’ve never sailed

And you’re all alarmed cuz I’m devout
I’m hijab-tastic! Not even a single toe is out!

You can quit cat-calling me too; Cuz I’m chaste
Aint’ no welcome sign wrapped ‘round this waist

Tryna peer pressure me cuz I’m concealed
And ain’t out here tryna cop a feel

Pontificating that I’m oppressed cuz I’m different
“miss Muhammed is much too modest, we like ‘em ignorant”

And you’re kinda curious cuz u cant cuddle this Jelly
Joker, Lord knows ur stupid tail ain’t ready

So don’t hate cuz you, your boy, and your girl cant touch this
I’m a female manifestation of feminine justice


And girl, now you’re just jealous cuz you think he likes it
Said “wonder what her hair’s like when she unties it?”

Yeah She’s hoping to high heaven that I’m hot in my Hijab
So she can get me to join her in flashing flabby flabs of abs

Don’t be mean to me cuz real men find me appealing
Kindly consider concealing all the cleavage you’ve been revealing

You’re surprised because our boss recognized my mind?
Could it be because he isn’t busy admiring my behind?
I heard there was insane party where the office nicknamed you Lil “Miss loose & cray cray”
Oh, Dang. Anyway, they nicknamed me Lil Miss gotta go pray pray

You out here hating cuz my beauty is discreet
But if I was half naked, girl you know you couldn’t compete

So later for you, your lewd dude, and your half **** crew!

It’s not your pleasure that I seek
Allah, the Beautiful Fashioner, formed this physique

Verily Allah made everything valuable a challenge to achieve
Pearls, diamonds, gold, heaven, and— yes!— even ME

He, Almighty, offered me a trade treaty,
His commands for my Destiny
So I traded in ****** for decency
I traded in popularity for modesty
And I’m trading in your knuckle-headed opinion
For His highest heavenly dominion

Hijab-ulous 4 life!
I'm a Muslim woman and I love my Hijab. Allah yibaarik. I'm tired of random members of the public rushin up to me talking bout: "you must be hot" "are you forced to wear that all the time?" etc.
noor Nov 2020
being beautiful
in sight of my creator
is more fulfilling
than being beautiful
in the eyes of its creation
today was my very first day wearing the hijab and i absolutely loved it
sadgirl Oct 2017

if a woman
drops her clothing
and shows what is
too precious to
be shown even on

she has her miranda rights,
her indecent exposure trials
and ever dollar used to bail her
out of a cold cell were they offered
her a hospital gown

but she also has the
eyes that follow her up
the street, asking, begging
to touch
and if that woman says no,
or says nothing
than the woman still has

control of what is done
to her body,
control of every hand that tries to
pry away her god-given
right to be safe in her own skin


if a girl decides to
wear a short shirt,
or fishnet tights,
or bright lipstick

that costs anywhere from ninety-nine cents
to ninety dollars,
and she applies it with a heavy hand,
like her mascara and eyeshadow,
then she is still

human, she is still
a valid human being
who does not deserve
your time and voice
to call her a ****
or say something along
the lines of

don't go out looking like that
or you'll get *****
but **** is never,
ever, ever
the fault of the victim


if a woman
or girl
decides to cover her hair,
to abide by her
religion, the religion that
held the hands of every woman
in her family,
from sister to great-great-great-great-great

she is not a threat
to our country
she is a member of our society,
a valuable and beautiful one, at that
who's culture can guide us
to be even kinder
in the name of god

and if a woman
or girl
decides to long sleeves
and a high-necked top
with a long skirt
alongside her hijab,

she is not matronly,
she is modest,
and modest is as beautiful
as a gucci crop-top
or a pair of sky-high louboutins



*there were men
who were there for us,
who fought for us,
and then now,
there is a man who will fight
us as we march,
so we need to be strong
and support each other,
remember the golden rule,
and know each of our gods
would want this for
our world
Inspired by Joe Biden.
The lipsticks I reference exist! Wet and Wild is ninety-nine cents. Christian Louboutin is ninety dollars.
Ron Gavalik Jul 2017
Outside one of Pittsburgh's many suburban malls
a middle-aged woman wearing a colorful hijab
held the hand of a little boy of about eight
as they walked past the entrance of a department store.
Three teenage boys leaned against a nearby wall.
One teenager wore a printed t-shirt of a confederate flag.
All three of the teenagers pointed at the woman.
They laughed with a roar of contempt
that exerted dominance over the sidewalk.
The little boy hugged that woman's leg.
He sobbed into the material of her long dress.
The teenager wrapped in the confederate flag,
he put his hands behind his head
and leaned back against the wall
in victory.
a tender fog
hides our view
of what might be
a face most beautiful

but we don’t know

as local laws are such
     that beauty only shows itself
to spouses predetermined
by the wisdom of the elders

who demonstrate to have
     no  understanding
of human wishes and desires
Allesha Eman Mar 2017
When they saw her walking on the streets,
They saw oppression, dehumanization, and inequality.
Whilst they oppressed her with their vision
She wore her cape of grace, her drapes of black chiffon
Which also covered her face
free from all the judgment regarding beauty and ideals

the world was threatened by her walk
Although her posture was humble
She still walked with queen like grace
For she was super women and her Abaya was her cape
Her Niqaab was her shield form the worlds disgrace
And her Hijab was the crown she wore with all her grace
And she was a true woman
A woman oppressed not by her faith
But by society's obligations
She IS a woman empowered,
Empowered by her faith.
Emily Austin Mar 2017
No one came to my funeral
Yes, I am, very very dead
No one came to my funeral
Because they aren't right in the head.

No one came to my funeral
Only a couple close friends
No one came to my funeral
Just well wishes sent

No one came to my funeral
They left mom and dad all alone
No one came to my funeral
They just sat there at home

No one came to my funeral
Even though I'm dead
No one came to my funeral
Because of the hijab on my head
For all my friends who relate.  You can do this. Stay strong and fight 2017
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