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hazem al jaber Aug 2019
Sun's smile ...

when a sun smile ...
when it sends it's happiness ...
it never do ...
never send a happy smile ...
nor a happiness to this day ...
before you wake up ...

it starts only ...
when your eyes get open ...
for this new morning ...
because ...
it gets it happiness and joy ...
only from your bright eyes ...
just when it open ...
to feel a love ...
and to send it again ...
to the whole of world ...

yes sweetheart ...
now the sun smiled ...
smiled because of your beauty eyes ...
yes ...
the sun now gets a sweet smile ..

good morning sweetheart ...

hazem ...
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
I don’t know why I’ve been waiting
for suns to burn out
and space to freeze up

It will always be hot on my back
and frigid inside without

There shouldn’t be fear
in constant continuity
when the moons and stars
are included
J Oaks Sep 2018
A man lost his leg in a dark spell
and a dinner plate sits in a dry spot
30 years of love soaked lung choked,
"I can't live without my eyes" life!
It's a tied or be tied world
a king prays in the morning
and stars connect his wishes
tasseled, sparkle, with
blood of shaking soft hands

A man lost his leg in a dark spell
a caravan station unfolds its carpet
a pegged ***** grinds for metal
and a sandpaper shoe floats in the creek
a bluejay whispers to the soil
and a soul catches an eye
hunger taken and a spirit flies
to morphing masses and flowing skies
flowing skies

A man lost his leg in a dark spell
as a green legged woman fell into the moon
a clasp of a watch was finally won
with fevered letters and hammered guns
filtered suns
filtered suns
Poetic T Jun 2018
We are each a particle of light
       illuminating the surrounding

Each of us energising the emotions
       of others solar panels of reflection.
                                     were all star dust.

But before we supernova to oblivion,
      we help others grow to fulfilment
                            in our light of knowledge.
Mister J May 2018
People come and go
That's how Life is
Everyday is a chance to meet
Or maybe not

Even so, people come
Some like the stars in the night
Twinkling and flickering
Under the blackness of the void
Shining a bit of light
That once you see
You may forget
They number a lot
Just passing through
Like cars in a highway
Suddenly gone so fast
And then you just forget

But some come
And suddenly decide to stay
Shining slowly like dawn
Then brightly like midday
Completely lighting up
The dark and dreadful nightlife
Someone that acts
As a beam of light
That takes your breath away
And you can't be without
Staying in your mind
And in your heart
Affecting your whole life
For a the rest of time

But even suns can burn out
They may be hot to touch
Some may even hurt you
Or even destroy you completely
And reduce you to nothingness
Once they go supernova
So sometimes it may sound
Even better if
They stayed far away
And had never met you at all
Because after all
Suns are just stars
You're just in their zone
Either their zone of life
Or zone of destruction

Hope you made the right choice..
Rushed poem while going home

Thanks for reading!
Ingat! (Take Care!) :D

Özcan Sh Apr 2018
Hair like the sea
Eyes sparkle like the stars in the sky
And her smile bright as the sun.
Loretta Proctor Mar 2018
It was in the early morning, blackbird song and
long wet grass, shuffling through making trails in dew
In the early mornings of my life.
Something of magic in the sun slanting
through wet dripping branches,
pearls of water drops in spidery webs enchaining
blade to blade in the long wet grass.

It was in the early morning rising from warm sheets
when hearing that cuckoo summons from
far distant woods, calling , welcoming me forth
into the dewy day, doors unbolted, stepping from within
dark walls, shadowed kitchens, cold and stony floor.
Stepping forth and catching at my heart.
They were.
Sun’s rays, dewy grass, pearls of water drops.
My childhood in Yorkshire, UK
Tanisha Jackland Feb 2018
Drink me in
until I swirl
upon your tongue

then slide satin-deep
down your throat
to the top of your toes
and back up again

let me be
the underbelly
you take in
like a cup

then let us
ascend spinning
into an eternal

Your lover heart makes the dying star rebirth again
Love notes
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