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HH Mar 2017
I like it when you hold me
When I can look into your eyes
For you are beauty, a sense of familiarity, the feeling that you are all I need in my life.
Alice Baker Mar 2017
Our eyes met
Like magnets
Drawn in from a distance.
The way the beam from a lighthouse
Draws the attention of sailors.

Your gaze was instantly familiar
Like waking up to the smell of coffee
Or coming home from a storm.
Simultaneously bringing bright flashes
Of welcoming warmth and excitement.
I met a stranger, and it was like meeting home.
elizabeth Feb 2017
My eyesight is fuzzy
My thoughts are static;
Tonight's show is on:
Depression and Madness.
February 24, 2017.
Viseract Jun 2016
Rest easy
Rest peacefully
Have a good night's sleep
They say

Not easy when you're me
Eyes wide open but I don't see
Everything is fuzzy, everything is blurry
And I stay this way
Until the break of day

No wonder I'm tired
zody rose wang Jan 2016
if there is ever a parallel universe,
i want to exist in serenity with you,
there and forever.
complete utopia,
devoid of all negativity,
my **** for you expands eternally.
i would sacrifice my cohesion,
my solidity,
my utter being,
to simply exist within your comfort.
Aniseed Jul 2015
Words of deep love and longing
Are lost on me, today.
I've no whimsy to feed my prose,
No form of coherency in my head.

I'll write for the sake of writing.

Rustling trees swelled with song birds
Are mere echoes of a life outside
To me.
I feel like I'm suspended in zero gravity -
My face tingles,
My head is sluggish
Like a hangover without the nausea.

We've got potholes in our hearts
And the construction's lasted for months
So we just fill them all with sand and
Call it a day.
Integrated into a system
That's forgotten the welfare
Of the human soul.

There's a trickle of sunlight
And it's getting warmer.
Summer's blossoming and
I can't stand it.
The beautiful solace of winter
Melts away with my silence,
While summer months boil blood
And chaos chokes the air.

These words I write are read
Aloud in tremulous whispers -
The only proof that they're real.
Recited every night
When I lay my head down
And wonder about the difference
Between what is evil
And what is just a misled notion
Of Righteousness.

And everything else in between.
Sometimes I just wake up so ungodly early.
Lauren Cole May 2015
Can we just talk about nothing?
Don't know if I'm ready
To go yet

Don't know how to keep you
around me

Can't we just talk about nothing?



Life without a meaning
But with a meaning
Meaning nothing

Can we just talk about nothing?
Don't go yet
What does it mean
to say nothing
I don't know yet

But the feeling in my head
Makes me wish I wasn't dead
But I wanna be dead
But I don't
Wanna be dead yet

I wanna talk about nothing.
I wanna feel nothing.
I don't want nothing.
Nothing wants me.

I can't ask for nothing,
What does it mean?
It can't mean nothing.
It has to be something.
Anything is everything.
Why does everything
feel like nothing
to me.
Influenced by Antlers.
Mackenzie Feb 2015
The pounding in my ears was so foreign to me.
I thought,
at first,
there was construction
going on next door.
I lifted my head from the pillow to check.
it was my blood;
my walls breaking inside.
It vibrated so softly in my ears.
The way my earbuds did
with the volume too high.
My eyes burned
as I lay awake hating myself
for taking the last of the melatonin
leaving the jar empty
and myself restless.
The Black Raven Jan 2015
Chris, a boy whose smile
Can make your heart melt
Like Ice cream on your face
Recipy for a great date;
-laugh so hard you snort
-shove ice cream in eachothers face
-chase eachother around a park
-Acting like you're 10 years old
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