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  Apr 2017 HH
I love when you
sleep talk
And breathe heavy
on my chest
I love when you shiver
turning blankets into nests
And eyelashes fluttering
small birds taking flight
I love when you
sleep talk
And hold me close
at night
  Apr 2017 HH
I could walk a tight rope across your collarbone and trapeze across your chest,
I would nestle in the crease of your elbow then escape down your forearm,
I can trace the veins in your wrist and read the future in your palms,
I will dance on your finger tips then tangle myself into the spaces between.
  Mar 2017 HH
when Helen tried to
commit suicide I didn't
know until she told me
at the Oklahoma! premier
when I said I hadn't seen
her in so long and she
casually stuffed her
hands in her pockets
and said Well, yeah,
I tried to **** myself
and was in a place

so I took her face
between my palms
and kissed her forehead
which was out of character
for me, back then, but I wanted
to pull the black out of her brain
with my lips.
(c) Brooke Otto 2014

I miss her and we weren't even great friends.
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