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Lauren Cole May 2015
Can we just talk about nothing?
Don't know if I'm ready
To go yet

Don't know how to keep you
around me

Can't we just talk about nothing?



Life without a meaning
But with a meaning
Meaning nothing

Can we just talk about nothing?
Don't go yet
What does it mean
to say nothing
I don't know yet

But the feeling in my head
Makes me wish I wasn't dead
But I wanna be dead
But I don't
Wanna be dead yet

I wanna talk about nothing.
I wanna feel nothing.
I don't want nothing.
Nothing wants me.

I can't ask for nothing,
What does it mean?
It can't mean nothing.
It has to be something.
Anything is everything.
Why does everything
feel like nothing
to me.
Influenced by Antlers.
Lauren Cole May 2015
There's a time to laugh,
and theres a time to cry,
but if we only ever cry,
then we'll soon surely die.

If we only ever laugh
we'll surely be seen as,
a mere sociopath,
who is too unattached,
to ever be sad.
  Apr 2015 Lauren Cole
Emily Dickinson

Wild Nights—Wild Nights!
Were I with thee
Wild Nights should be
Our luxury!

Futile—the Winds—
To a Heart in port—
Done with the Compass—
Done with the Chart!

Rowing in Eden—
Ah, the Sea!
Might I but moor—Tonight—
In Thee!
Lauren Cole Apr 2015
the way the rain peppers itself across the pane
giving spice to my plain, dreary, life
i lock my fingers with my own
as if to numb the pain
of being alone
the way
look at me
gives me hope
like no other before you
i do not feel the need to hide
the parts of myself i feel arent worthy
i never wonder why im the way that i am with you
because to wonder is to distract myself
from the wonder that is you
mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.
Lauren Cole Apr 2015
everything is ******* tainted
by the taste of your lips
by the memory of the words you used
the way you painted a picture
in my brain
an eclipse of life and love
it filled me up
and now that its done
i get an uneasy feeling
when i hear a song she says she likes
the way her eyes flutter in the light
the way i imagine they do when she looks at you
the way you held her like you do
and i feel sick, too
i hit pause
and its a shame

its a good song
Lauren Cole Apr 2015
I always remember the moments
The most insignificant close pins
dropping on the tile
its been a while since we smiled
in each others direction
that heavy convection
the last syllable of the love
ever heard of
the last time i heard your breath
on the other end of the line
the last time i looked in your eyes
and whispered "you're mine"
the last flex of your fingers
arms gripped me tight
the last time I felt like I might die
was too recent
the taste of your lips far too decent
Lauren Cole Apr 2015
My fingers curl around the pen
A silent plead
The only thing I need
Is to know where you've been

Tapping it against my temple
Hour after hour
Don't cower
I've only just begun to lose my mental

Let the silent flow know
Behind this pain
My strength speaks volumes
Waves can manipulate a crowd
To follow you

Gentle vengeance against a series
of unfortunate events
The suspense is what gets you
Not the multiple texts
Nor the 'I don't care' pretense
I've sent

If you'd just spent hours
Waiting on me
you'd be angry
But you see
I'd rather be
pain free

The beginning of a phone call
is the end to all
we've been through
The sweet relief of a phone line
without an "I love you"
Full of rage and hopeful. Weird combo.
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