Meeting the expectations of others
Is almost always
You bring the gifts you bring to relationships,
And have the limitations you have.
If other people can't accept That,
They're playing god with you,
But they aren't really God.

Cry as loud as clouds rain
Shine as moon stars
Blow as monsoon winds
Paint colours in the night sky as fireworks
Word artistry like black ink on white

Everything was destined to be
But what's the story behind our broken destiny
Sky falling the reasoning
Cutting loose ends leaving me
Ohhh its so sad to see

I knew the point of growing together
Now ours is pointless 'cause we've grown to never

Not heartbroken and lost
Heart stolen and cut in smaller parts
Trying to shed light in my heart
Trapped in the sea with white sharks
You were too emotional
I never understood the motion of your emotions
Where's thou heart... in the ocean

2015-11-27 (draft)

He who can balance the words
'power' and 'limitations' in his hands;
understands soundly
the definition of responsibility
and it's burden upon his shoulders.

To rule the world justly
is to bare the labours of Atlas.

Mozes Sep 2016

know yourself and your capabilities,
                                   understand your limitations

William A Poppen Jun 2016

Aging arms
splotched with purple and red
signs of tangling
with jagged dead branches
reach for a copy
of Ted Kooser's *
Flying at Night
Pages flip
for a stop here and there
to read _Sunset
and _Spring Plowing

Envy swells inside him
with the realization
that he will never
write such fine poems
about memories
of childhood adventures

Like Kooser
he was reared
living rural
among tiger lilies
blooming in meadows,
amid newborn calves
teetering toward first steps,
and around
freshly spread manure
capturing the scent of fall air

His fingers still grimy
from early morning planting
place the volume
carefully beside
his empty coffee cup
content that he is blessed
to have discovered Kooser's work

He rises to tackle
digging potholes
for double begonias
to decorate his yard
and to dream
his dream
of pages unread.
and pages unwritten.

*, Ted Kooser, The United States Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 2004 - 2006

I know that you you think
That I'm more than you can handle,
But I'm gonna' help you handle me
Because I want to be handled by you
A lot!

Limited Natural Resources
Limited Water
Limited Space
Running out of Money
Running out of Time
Running out of Ideas
People turn to Fundamentalism.
They start to think
That Eros is the Devil....
They start to think
That Hate is the Answer.
They want to keep people,
Who are different from themselves
From getting What they've got.
We drift towards Fascism,
Not because we're "evil",
But because  we don't know how to Love....
We don't Come Together.
When the Conditions become harsh
The Limitations of Earth
And in our own lives
Tear us apart.

We oftentimes try
To exceed our limitations
But we frequent
Don't appreciate our gifts.
It seems as if we're always Battling Fate....
Rather than accepting
Our Provision in Life.

When I tried to send a Haruki Murakami Quote on Limits
To my friend,
Maryam, in Tunisia,
My Facebook account collapsed.
I my account is being hacked,
Or, possibly,
Someone in the Government
Or someone in Power
Doesn't like What I'm saying.
I shouldn't really care.
Why should I hold on to
An Attachment to the Complexity of Social Networks?
What good does it do me?
Earlier in the Day,
I was thinking about the Drought in India.
The Photos I am seeing
On DW News, the Guardian and Time
Are shocking.
I know most of the people of India are peaceful.
They aren't Militants.
However, the Stress of that drought
Can drive people over the edge.
I am a person who desires Peace,
But I can  become aggressive
If I get too  stressed.
Global Warming is driving people over the edge.
There are already reports of Mass Suicides in India.
If we had any Humanity left,
We would try to reduce
Our Dependency on Fossil Fuels,
But I'm not  SURE
We really have an "Humanity" left.
The Civility that remains
Might simply be
An Act.

Maya Wa Apr 2016

She's searching for something,
to satisfy her thirst,
to end her desperation,
to end her craziness,
but she doesn't know what.

Shes searching for something,
to make her feel a whole again,
like shes not empty,
like she can jump to the sky with no limitations,
but she doesn't know what

Her heart aches and longs to find out what.
It hurts but she'll fight through this pain,
until she finds what is.
no matter how long it takes, she'll find it.

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