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jia Jan 9
when you are a woman
you bleed the burden of being one
literally within every month
and metaphorically every single day
you polish the plates clean
you cook the cake delectable
you plan the garden to grow plants
you figure out your figures
you beg to be believed
you serve to be esteemed
you scream to be heard
to be seen, to be listened,
to speak, to be free
you consume the rage given
passed and inherited
genetically and immanently
you are born
yet you give birth too
being a woman is a revolution
jia Jan 9
i wish to call you mine
not because i want to have you
nor i see you as an object i must own
neither as a possession to wield

i wish to call you mine
because you are mine to cherish,
mine to  care for, mine to think of,
and mine to love.
jia Jan 9
i have skimmed every encyclopedia,
have gone through to limits of every book in biology,
and even went on to read depths of psychology,
but i have yet to find an answer
as to why a father could hurt his own daughter
jia Jan 9
the hand has twenty-seven bones.
four to promise you i'll be there always,
four to wear the ring you gave me,
four to touch your lips when you're sleeping,
four to feel how long your lashes are,
three to show you that i'll be okay,
eight to have your face on my palm,
and all twenty-seven to hold your hand.
jia Jul 2021
i am just a vessel,
a rotting human body.
who's always longed to be cradled,
but I have nobody.

i am just a vessel,
a display of pure loneliness.
who's desire is all to be nestled,
despite all the emptiness.

i am just a vessel,
nothing more than that.
has always been the lesser,
waiting for the time I'll rot.
jia May 2021
i do believe you
when you told me about that lie
acted as if that was true
never will I ask why

i will believe you
even if i know its false
even if it'll make me blue
I'll believe it all

i still believed you
though you lied so many times
but in my eyes and view
these are not your crimes

i believe you
in every single way
like a fool, i do
jia May 2021
why do i keep holding on
on something so uncertain
uncertain if you really want me
me who only knows how to hope

why do I like you
you do not even notice
my longing stares and glances
glances that I've hidden so long

why don't you choose me
me who kept on waiting
waiting for something uncertain
uncertain as you are
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