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Amanda Hawk Jul 26
I love the smell
Of the rain
Lingering upon my skin
The slight chill
Working its way up my back
As I inhale the cold air
Sharp and crisp
Flooding me
With tomorrow
As I exhale
In short puffs of steam
And I feel
As every drop collects
In the plane of my body
Amanda Hawk Jul 26
Crumbling down

Seek safety in a doorway

I feel the walls shake

Falling falling under your gaze

Warmth in your smile

Left my world trembling

Splintering and breaking apart reasoning

Wave after wave, nerves carrying this seismic activity

And I am quaking for your touch

Unable to speak

Unable to hold my balance

Gripping onto the doorway, knuckles white

Gaze to the floor, focusing

Quivering lips, wavering breath

I am in the doorway you have just crossed

Clutching your arm you stop

Looking at each other

You know what I can’t say

Pulling me close

Tumbling, crumbling are these walls

Heart tremors

Love has come and shook my world upside down
Amanda Hawk Jul 26
A soft touch, tickle

Itching the back of my throat

Clicking my tongue

And love continues

To try to crawl outside my throat

Pry my lips open

With each jagged vowel

Spill out upon the sidewalk

Leaving me panicking

Watching your face, waiting

For you to hand me

A soliloquy of rejection

Listing the faults with bad timing

And humility takes my hand

Walking me home
Amanda Hawk Jul 26
I chiseled out your initials

Into rose petals

And heads of dainty daisies

Filter memories

Into the smooth curve

Of marbles, clinking

Into the bottom

Of the vase, rearrange

The vowels of your name

Into the most beautiful bouquet

And I find myself humming

To the thought of your smile

And it is quite darling
Amanda Hawk Jul 22
Hushed apology
silent tongues cry loudly
lies are painful sounds
Amanda Hawk Jul 22
Ricochets off night
lost in neon lights and bodies
legend come morning
Amanda Hawk Jul 22
The sky goes for miles
ocean full of floating clouds
birds are diving fish
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