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Meat Stevens Jan 29
While you’re sleeping
The spiders bathe in your nightstand water
As the mosquitos play you Copeland’s “Fanfare For The Common Man”
The worms use you as a blanket
The bees outside your window spread rumors about the Praying Mantis
The roaches climb the bedpost to get a better view
and the ants want to be left alone cause they’re too busy working on their own things
while the Praying Mantis makes a move on the Brown Widow
It’s actually not a widow it’s a  Brown Recluse according my roommate, Charlie
He tells me their bites are harmless
But I don’t believe him
So I take a picture and ask someone on reddit spiders
and they tell me it looks like a Brown Widow but the photo quality isn’t too clear
I mean I got up as close as I could to take the picture
And we should really call an exterminator
Because the Ladybugs now won’t shut up about the Mantis
And the Moths are making a mess in the kitchen
And it’s really Gal the landlords job to handle it
But he’s too busy being a heart surgeon on the side so I guess I’ll have to do it
I’ll call today. I’ll call now.
The light from my cell phone shines brightly
in my bedroom at night. My eyes
thank the content creators
who format their memes on
Reddit with dark shades
so depression
won't hurt me
This is dedicated to my favorite relatable meme subreddit.
Oiciruam Sep 2017
Got a minute
I'll log on
Quick snicker
Scroll down
Hit that like
Scroll down
Dumb opinion
Type reply
"ur dumb"
Feeling better
Scroll down
Pretty boring
Scroll down
Cute kitty
Scroll down
(Not really)
Click to share
Got nothing
Jaws clenching
Got a like
Brief smile
Scroll some more
Short breathing
3 am
I should sleep
Scroll down
Muscles tense
Keep scrolling
To complete the poem, picture me frantically refreshing HP to see if people liked it
Blind Aesthetic Mar 2017
A day is a day until day becomes dusk
Then dusk becomes night
And night becomes night
And night becomes night
And night becomes night
Then night turns to dawn
And with the sun comes the dark
And the dark takes the life
And the life becomes light
As it fades with the memories
Of those who were lost
As the days turn to days
Wrote a poem for a writing prompt on Reddit. The prompt was 24 hours before a person dies a glowing symbol appears above the persons head.
CautiousRain Oct 2015
Meet me in the 982.

Where the flowers grow,
pink, red; purple, blue,
and the sun always sets,
a hazy mix, a palette box, a painted mess.

Meet me in the 982.

Where dreams collide,
memories drift, wander, shift,
and the moon is white,
like fine porcelain cups; fragile chips corrupt.

Meet me in the 981.

Where your eyes are hazel,
or are they blue? Maybe green;
haven't you noticed, voices changed,
an ordered desk, books arranged?

Meet me in the 981.

Where thoughts like this,
conglomerate or dissipate,
haven't you ever missed a song,
a smiling face, is something wrong?

Meet me where the numbers touch.

Where colors smell and words taste,
where the universe collapses and reshapes.

Meet me where dimensions merge,
where mirrors break and lights fade.

Meet me in the 982,
where my heart will race,
waiting here for you.
Dimension jumping from the 982? But what if I want you to stay here with me? I guess I can't control that. Idea from the subreddit here:
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
I may like comedy
But we’ve fallen into a trap
Of cynicism, irony, and sarcasm.

Nothing means anything
And everything means nothing
Because words have no value.

Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter
Agenda fulfillment
No more facts.

Technology is our empathy killer
As we look at the glittering screens
And forget what a human even is.

Death threats, suicide, violence
Celebrated and adored
Have we all become nothing but a sack of boars?

But I’m not sad or anything
Because what can I do
But sit back…in the Reflektive Age
Arcade Fire references are 2 edgy 4 me.

— The End —