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Lee Jun 10
some days are green
envy or fear

some days feel like
an attempt
a wish

and some days are nothing
no time spent,
or lost
just a void of thought
Rose Jun 10
who will be there
to make my heart race at
the mere sight of you,

who will be there to
fight over earbuds
and listen to music,

who will be there
to make me feel
complete, carefree,
and better

who will be there?
when now, we will become

the time between now and then...

I count the days.
Giovanna Jun 9
Once upon a time,
A petite girl who smelled of pine.
Not so long ago,
was jumpy at her own shadow.
Spent the whole day playing in the meadow.
Had a many with whom she felt like second self,
who would keep all her mischief to themself.

As the time passed,
all her mischieves were a past.
As Went through the growing process,
her friends grew less.

She grew to be a loner,
every corner called her as their owner.
Considered her closed ones as gones,
leaving her with the purposeless dawns.

With her thoughts weighing upon,
she begged for an amusement to clap on.
Negatives filled her head.
She painted her childhood on the empty canvas,
with her blood so red.
are u loner?
Olly Jun 3
The days are longer now a days
And I'm getting more fond of the night.
The night is a perfect companion for me
We Are The Builders

Our most important projects
Are those we never finish:
We will always be building

Sandwich by sandwich.
Inktober 2019. "Everything grows and heals with time and sandwiches."
Bhill Jun 1
it's been so long since....
oh, how I long for the those days
swinging in the tree
hanging upside down on that big branch
waiting for the sun to go down so hide and go seek was more challenging
skateboarding with friends and riding our bikes for hours and hours
marbles were the rage and the Boulders were worth some attention
falling down and scraping our knees, shaking it off till we got home
spinning around so fast and furious that you got too dizzy and fell down
oh how I long for those days....
has it really been so looooooong?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 149
How long for you?
Marmaelady May 31
Normalcy doesn’t sound normal these days
Rest doesn’t sound restful these days
Hope doesn’t sound hopeful these days
And I wish they did anyway

I wish writing, making art, learning an instrument, cooking,
playing games, short naps, or social media
Was enough to make us forget about
Restless civilizations
These days
Heartless politicians
These days
Senseless discrimination
These days
The failures of the system
These days

I sit with my heart on my hand
These days
Comprehending nothing at all
These days
While chaos all around us ensues
These days
And months seem to go by as quickly as they can
Yet nothing seems to change
Hunger is still hunger
Sick is still sick
Desperation is still desperation
These days

And yet we’ve just realized
These days
How much we valued other days
And there’s no longer any returning to
Those days
Cause if it took us a pandemic to realize
How much we’ve failed those who needed us the most
On days
We’ve looked past reality
Just to see what we wanted to see
And believe what we wanted to believe in
That we chose right
That we’d never be able to fear going out
Since we’ve kept ourselves into our social bubbles
That kept us from seeing
That everyone else had always been suffering
Before these days
I’d rather have
These days

So what is normalcy?
What is rest?
What is hope
To those who couldn’t afford to have those in the first place?

But I’d like to think that we haven’t completely forgotten and lost
Those days
I’d like to think there will be better days
Where we’ll finally be able to settle down all our differences
And we’ll choose right
And we’ll see that days
Are not just days
But everyday struggles for many to live
In a world that hates living so much

So don't just wish these days
Instead treasure these days
And live these days
And love these days
And help these days
So that others may be able to live their days too
And not just you
(Another spoken word poem I rushed to submit)

Let's be there for each other, and let's get through this together.
Lushi May 30
my dreams are
swirling in a
small cup of coffee,

and i am awestruck
by your beauty
when you

i know every
day of my life
from now
i'll be
Listen to the
Eternal Sunshine in a Spotless Mind-01 theme,
You'll understand.
Take     five    
my friend
take five for your soul
things have been hectic
so loosen up a bit
from the tensed up thoughts
and endless lingering affection
we needed at the moment
     take      five    
for a moment
rewinding our soul back to its origin
where we could see everything so clearly
rewind, take fives
at this moment
so we could communicate to ourselves
better again
archived April 2020
Mpho May 27
The darkest hours are
succeeded by
the brightest day.
Even in hard times,
there is light
along the way.
Just follow your heart
and I promise you
will never be
led astray.
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