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I feel so far removed from the carefree days of my youth
From when the wind brushed my face
I could smile without feeling an ache inside
Now our souls have become dark
My aura is charcoal
Clear waters have become blood stained
My disappointment runs deeper than a bottomless pit
And I still don't have the answers
sean achilleos
Sean Achilleos Nov 2022
You earthlings...
You think you know it all
Yet you're so far behind that you think you're first
You were last in the queue
But turned your back on the rest
And pretended to be first in line
You suffer from a lack of compassion
A lack of understanding
And worst of all a severe lack of Love
You live in your falsely created world
Always looking for a leader
Yet you are incapable of following
You cling to your god called money
Everyone gets weighed on the same scales
You have no idea what a harmonious existence is about
Because you are forever fighting about land that belongs to nobody
It belongs to the earth you *******
Yet you gave it different names and marked it as your territory
Will you take it with you when you die foolish man?
You create wars and **** innocent people
And once the chaos is over
You receive a badge and get branded as a hero
Earthlings love chasing the wind
It's your favourite hobby
Nothing makes you happier
You weigh success in monetary terms
Because it's all you idiots know
You destroy what is precious and beautiful
Your unconditional love is conditional
Why don't you learn from the animal kingdom?
They belong to no political party
No organized religious group
They are simply happy to breathe
You see the world in black and white
Yet you have full colour vision
But tradition prevents you from activating it
You select what you want to know
And condemn what you don't understand
sean achilleos
Sean Achilleos Aug 2022
There once was a man who entered a pub
He sat down at the bar counter and ordered a drink
Minding his own business
Enjoying a cold beer sliding down his throat like silk
When a stranger approached him and took a seat right next to him
After some small talk the stranger asked the man
May I ask you a personal question?
The man replied, Sure!
He knew what was coming
He had heard this line so many times before
He also knew that the married stranger who had two kids was looking for something that he couldn't find at home
Are you gay asked the stranger blatantly?
Yes, I am, answered the man!
Why do you ask?
Not to worry said the stranger
I have lots of gay friends and they're actually nice people
Actually? responded the man
Yes, said the curious stranger
Then the man said to the stranger
Alright, so you've asked me a personal question
It's only fair that I should ask you a personal question too, right?
Right, said the stranger
Are you straight asked the man
Of course the stranger replied!
Not to worry replied the man
I have lots of straight friends and they're actually nice people
sean achilleos
Sean Achilleos Aug 2022
There once was a man who had a lover
One day his lover died
Shortly thereafter his cat died
A genie appeared to the man who stayed behind
He asked the man who he'd wish back if he could
His cat, or his lover
My cat the man replied
Why asked the genie
The man replied
It's simply, my cat never hurt me
sean achilleos
Sean Achilleos Aug 2022
Were we lovers
Or only good friends
I still don't know
Although in the same timezone
But somehow always in different seasons
We seem to miss one another
Like ships passing in the night
You seem to be doing well
Or so your pictures say
One never knows with you
Using your smile as a guise
But your eyes give you away
You are more transparent than you think
Wrapped in cellophane you are
25 August 2022
sean achilleos
Sean Achilleos Aug 2022
Untroubled was he
But the blows of life left holes in him
Now the icy cold wind blows through those holes
It chills the heart
It chills the soul
He desperately tries to fill those holes
Like pieces of cardboard stuck in a broken window
He tries to camouflage the pain
Keep the turbulent wind at bay
Keep the cold out
But also to obscure the view
To prevent anyone from taking a look inside
Pretend is the name of the game
And he plays it all too well
But even games come to an end
Pause and delete
Before the game becomes too destructive
And there might be nothing left to salvage
Log out and exit
Game over
sean achilleos
Written for JC
Sean Achilleos Aug 2022
In a room full of unknown faces
In a circle we sat  
Familiar was the surrounding
Yet no-one was known to me
And no-one knew one another
Passed around was a mirror
Each took a turn to glance into it
In search of identification
The end of the circle the mirror had reached
There was one more face to go
Into the mirror a woman was hesitant to look
When a stranger's face appeared
Not hers was the face the mirror manifested
A face which was warped came into view
When suddenly from my nightmare I woke
The mirror never lies said that voice
Round and round a lie may roam
But no home will it find
Until it becomes tired of wandering
No choice will it have but to return to the tongue which created it
And the mask and its serpent will come tumbling down
sean achilleos
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