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Shadows tell tales
Shadows tell lies
Tall and slim they tower over you
Make believe that they're bigger and stronger
Shadow of a giant an ant can create
Believe its reflection if you will
Or know the whole truth
As the moon reflects the sun
Causing you to believe that there is light where there is not
So a lie could be concealed in glossy wrapping
And deception may cause you to look everywhere
Except in the right place
Sean Achilleos
29 November 2020
Like milk that has curdled
So you have left a sour taste in my mouth
Empty words and promises
Are what you have left to keep you company
You lied with no conscience
You lied because it suited your needs
To attention seek was your game
To thrive on empathy was your aim
But do you ... yes you ... practice what you preach ... I believe not
For every time you fell
I picked you up
Graciously of course you thanked me ... as if it were my duty
Like a man on a tightrope was I
When you abruptly removed the safety net from underneath me
Therefore your run to person I shall be no more
And just like me
You will have to learn to dance upon the wire
Like a trapeze in a circus
And there shall be no safety net to catch you when you fall
Sean Achilleos
Friday, 13th November 2020
When I was young I wanted to be older
Nowadays I wonder whether I should walk on my hands so that gravity can pull my skin in the opposite direction
Gravity can be so unkind, yet I guess it keeps me grounded
I see miserable people live long lives
And the good die young
Like and Love ... some still battle the difference
Many get what they want
But is it what they need
Or just a need for want ...
S. Achilleos
October 23rd, 2020
When I was younger I was easily stressed
Now that I'm older I've come to realize that I've wasted a lot of time worrying about things I had no control over
I didn't have control over it then
And I don't have control over it now
Every time I go through a bad time in my life
It makes the previous times seem less bad
It's then that I ask myself, why the hell didn't you just enjoy yourself
What you were stressed about seems so insignificant now
It's like looking at a picture of a past love
You almost always ask yourself ... What was the fuss about ...
And somehow they never appear as pretty as you had remembered them to be
The veil has come off and the ******* truth has been exposed
Like the man who is hungover in the blistering sun
It never goes down well
And no one wants to be twice a fool ...
Sean Achilleos
October 21st, 2020
When half a century of my life has gone
I'd like to live in the countryside
Or maybe a cabin next to the sea
I would like a dog and cat of no special breed
Windy days to dangle the wind chimes
A Capil heater in a modestly furnished lounge
Curtains shut for instant midnight and candlelight for thought
No loud noise, and no glare from an insensitive TV screen
Bombarding the beautiful silence with negativity
A little art studio on the side where I can explore
Bottles with stained water and paintbrushes
No exhibition for condescending tongues and haughty eyes
Maybe all the above is just a dream
It may never become a reality
But it is still a dream
And maybe ... Just Maybe ... I can dream it into reality
sean achilleos
October 13th, 2020
This morning I picked up a card
It was a seven of hearts
I wondered what it could mean
Lately I've been praying for Love
While others pray for rain
Maybe I'm just a fool for believing true Love exists
I know that fony Love exists
We've all been there
Back to the card
What could it have meant
Why did I pick it up
Is Love on its way
Or am I just a sucker
Who can't resist picking up someone else's trash
Sean Achilleos 07 October 2020
Don't procrastinate
For the sand is running swiftly through the hourglass
For every idle word
For every idle thought
Is time that will never be resumed
The sand is chasing
Running speedily, Slipping hastefully  
And there is more sand at the bottom of the hourglass than at the top
Make haste
Do what you have to do, and do it well
No second chances
Until all the sand has run through
And the value of your sand of life shall be weighed up
Don't be slow at doing good
Don't say tomorrow
For we only have today
Written by Sean Achilleos
September 30th, 2020
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