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You've played me long enough
Round and round I went
But this record has reached its final groove
The tonearm has lifted and returned to its rest 
Now there is silence
No one is dancing
To the beat of your drum I will never dance again
sean achilleos
Everything passes
Like seasons that come and go
What you deem important today
Becomes yesterday's headlines
Soon something else will seem more important
Don't get stuck in a time capsule
From which there is no escape
Don't look back
Avoid that pillar of salt
Don't dream of what could have been
If it was meant to be
It would have happened
The hands of a clock can not be turned back
Nor can they be pushed one inch forward
Synchronise your heart and beat in time
sean achilleos
18 Oct. '23
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
Behind a beautiful face a demon could hide
It's a good place to seek shelter
But a shifty sanctuary
There are always pitfalls
Triggers that could cause a house of cards to collapse
The mask will drop and shatter
What will be left is the true self
Behind that beauty may be a rotten corpse
An empty shell ... a hollowness
A bottomless pit that could never be filled
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
sean achilleos
I saw a ladder
It was set firmly into the ground
Reaching all the way up into the sky
The bottom steps were broad
But as it continued up
Narrower the steps became
Many people could climb the bottom steps
But the steeper and higher the ladder became
The less people could fit onto the steps
Most fell off the ladder
Back onto the ground
The ones who persisted continued upwards
Walking in singularity
No one to the left, no one to the right of them
Single file they soldiered on
At the top there was a bright light
Into which they were consumed
The ladder was pulled back
Like a carpet rolled up
There was now no connection between those above, and those below
And the wolves and the sheep had been divided
sean achilleos
Some people think they're rich
Because some people have less money than them
Some people embrace the illusion that they're poor
Because some people have more money than them
It's the contrast of both that creates the illusion
Yet when this life is over
Both won and lost
And though they lived in separate neighbourhoods
They retired in the same cemetery
sean achilleos
1 Aug '23
It was an ordinary nothingness day
I slipped on my clogs and went for a walk
The ones that smell like suede
It was cold, but sunny... winter sun
Very very still outside
The occasional motorist passing by
Where are they all going I wondered
The sound of my shoes
Like a horse galloping on a paved road
The trees looked particularly picturesque
As the sun hung still in the sky
I didn't feel sad this time
I didn't miss anyone
For a short moment I thought of things that could've been
But that was a fleeting thought that I shrugged off and left on the pavement
You have a reason to be here said a voice inside
Here... right now... in this specific space
In this place in time
You are simply somewhere on the planet
Breathing and living
Getting on with what is referred to as life
Breathe and live
Just simply breathe and live
sean achilleos
12 July '23
Imperfection makes perfect

Every work of art needs a flaw

Such is life too

Who wants perfection

Who wants beauty without soul

Without character or strength

A beautiful vase with nothing inside

Talk but no show

Hot air but no action

An empty bag of wind

Add some rust

Add some dust

These are our life lessons

Don't throw them away

Don't ever forget

They made you knowledgeable

They made you wise

They made you the man and woman you are today
sean achilleos
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