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the caterpillar can't comprehend the life of a butterfly x
Look up sugar
Let your walls down.
Let my passion caress
your mind,
as you wear my poetry
out on your skin.
Let these words induce
salacious thoughts;
with each adjective &
every verb intensifying
your desires.
Just lay down,
as my love lifts you higher,
and higher,
until we reach the sun.
Love aint' never looked so good on ya'
  May 2016 Isaac Jenaro Tanielu
I hope every cigarette you place between your lips knows how lucky it is to be there,
I hope every bottle you grab a hold of falls in love with the warmth of your finger tips; I know I did.
“I'm sorry..”

I've written this line
over a thousand times,
yet every déjà vu-filled
renewal of it is a testament
to your influence on me;
an indication of my complete
adoration for you.

Forgive me,
I'm still learning how to adjust to
your love’s wild pirouettes while
keeping my footing.

Teach me.
Dear paper,

I sincerely apologise for constantly coming to you for comfort, but you are the only form of calmness I have in the midst of this madness.

No other embrace is as sweet as yours when my hands begin to shake and I seem to misplace my mind.

You take me as I am, even with my daunting cloud of troubles, and hold my thoughts until I regain clarity.

Sanity seems to be so elusive, slipping out of my grasp each time I clasp at it like a silk skinned eel.

But here you are, as immovable as a rock, as honest as a blade, yet as fragile as these glass windows I peer out of for inspiration.

Never have I felt so free while placing a piece of myself behind your bars.

Tranquility is only a touch away when I’m with you.

But once the waves of euphoria subside, and the hurdles placed in front of me become too  towering-I see no other option.

I load my clip full of thoughts into this 1.2mm ballpoint pen and pull the trigger, then watch it penetrate my heart and **** my anxiety.

Her eyes were tinted like the night sky while her heart was shaded in vulnerability and affliction, with a tinge of hope.

Hopeful that I may be the one to repaint the semi-shattered walls that she had put up since the last cheap job.

All she desired for was new wallpaper to cover the holes and cracks.

All I wanted to do was break them down entirely.
Love Lost Raw Art Past pain New
A l o n e

Nothing other than utter bliss
As my eyelids begin to passionately kiss
My count of sheep depletes as my imagination grows
My mind starts to open as my eyes begin to close
Slowly welcoming the air to it’s royal chambers in my lungs
With a handful of dreams within grasp even without opposable thumbs
I become N U M B
Thoughts ricochet around in my head
Until they land upon old wounds left untreated & now infected
Visions of the past present a possible future
Unparallel to those predicted by life's various tutors
Then I find myself-
soaring high with complete balance
Steering this craft with faith beside acting as my ballast
Leaping from safety and falling towards uncertainty
Diving into a sea full of clarity
And so goes the plunge
I submerge
Pondering deep beyond previously set limits
      Never once resurfacing
Drowning in yet to be deciphered waves

Thus ending the reign of the once realist schemer
Replaced by the newly appointed lucid dreamer
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