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  Dec 2016 Alexa Sinclair
Alexa Sangren
Well what about me,
I know what to do,
Don't forget that I'm here
And I've lived through this too.

Please let me speak my mind
Don't hinder what I say
Because every time you do this
I fly farther away

Well what about me,
I know how to act
A simple part I'm playing
Just one I know by fact

Well what about me,
Oh, I know how to speak
My words are my power-
You take them, I'm weak.
Alexa Sinclair Feb 2016
No song of yours can hurt me more than
Seeing one child in pain
A picture is worth 1000 words
Donate to feed my starving children please
Alexa Sinclair Jan 2016
Really I don't know, mom.
Apparently I love him more than he loves me.
Anyway I'm coming home now.
Love you.
There are days one feels dead to everything
but eternity and poetry
Alexa Sinclair Dec 2015
Hoping, wanting
Those immature sensations

From so long ago
To come back

To be a child again,
Playing in the rain

To have nothing more
To worry about than

My friend brought a
Frog to school!

Wishing back the years
Holding back the tears

We only get one shot
This is all we got

Make it or
Leave it

Love or hate it
It's life, live it.
Live life, love it. It's the only one you get.
Alexa Sinclair Nov 2015
Twinkle twinkle little star
I know what you really are.

You set me high up in the sky
Gazed at me with perfect eyes.

We talked late into the night
I even thought you just might

Love me too,
The way I do you

Then you left, and with a frown
Allowed me to come crashing down.
Alexa Sinclair Nov 2015
Twirling, leaping

Frosty flakes drifting
No frown.

Grin spreads wide
Across the sky.

Crystals fall into my hair
Adorn it with the greatest care.

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