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Confuse me
Mess inside my head.
Mess inside my heart.
Inside my body.
Like two different pieses of me.
Strugle and strugle and strugle.
I don't know how much they will strugle.
Maybe all life.
Sometimes one win another.
Sometimes another win this one.
"I don't like it"
I told you.
you replied.

But still
you keep telling me the story
like it doesn't hurt me at all.
good job
Rinasekhon Apr 26
Endless tears streaming down from my face
Confuse about my whereabouts
Where should I go
Left or right
Should I move forward or back
Sometimes I try to find something to ease this pain in me
How many time i have yell in agony
Leave me alone please
Don't hurt me anymore
Stop confusing me
When you want to achieve something in life and there is no one to support you
This feeling of loneliness hit every human hard
Non Pescador Mar 20
Too many problems,
I don’t know what to do,
Don’t know what to say,
Can I tell you?
Should I tell you,
Who can I trust with my problems,
Family, friends, special one
They have problems too
Who is interested?
No one.
Problems, problems, problems. What should I do to you
Jenna Feb 26
You call me a Monster,
or Are you inflicting
your own thoughts?
grace Feb 18
her lips taste like lime
bittersweet to me
when im gone from her life
will i be a flavour to remember
Pyrrha Jan 31
Don't confuse my kindness for forgiveness
Mind Matterer Dec 2018
The clench of your teeth and fist,
Digging into your gums and wrist.

Your limbs, throat and chest tightened,
Feeling angry, engulfed, and terribly frightened.

Your eyes have gone fuzzy and dark.
Your face, frail and stark.

Confusion fills the air,
As you’ve caused such a scare.

This is what occurs,
When you feel an attack,
Stealthily creeping
Up and behind your back.
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