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it's still there
sitting still inside those bars
the pages we drew together
not yet finished
will it still sit there
to many more chapters together, as they say
will it be covered in dusts
somewhere no one knows it exists
Vidaurre Mar 2022
It is not a poem
but how can someone want it all, and at the same time, feel troubled by it all.
Astrea Apr 2021
can you see through the haze of
future parading shadows of commuters in the
                            crevice of time
past the kaleidoscopic glass castle and
                            sepia windows
reflected in your eyes
students baying within bubbles of blue
blaring muted, ancient, utopian cries
                             from now
Today I had the last day of lecture, feels like an unofficial graduation.
How time flies
chrishambolic Jan 2021
I'm confuse
angry and sad.
What will i choose?
The wrong thing,
where i am happy
or the right one,
where I'm unfree.

It's confusing...
I'm really confuse right now. I'm stuck between choosing the right and wrong thing :(
Sunstrike Oct 2020
How could we kiss each other hands, touch our lips, feel our skin and thought we did not fall for each other? Explain.
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
As we flow imagining we motivate
our selves to go on,
crack the whip,
try oomph-ala
like… take and read the little book, or swallow
what you're told…

for any mind a thinking thing is companion,
welcome the strange
little light leading on,
for minded beings do not live by bread, alone.

Inside, we see alone.
Outside, I see all one. Am I enlightened,

I ask my closest confidant.
Ah, I utter

as a sigh, slack jawed awe, a we is made
right now --
me and thee, dear, dear reading being thinking

do you mind?
Did I capitalize on your confusion to stick
a point into a bubble you believed?

How would you know?
Omphalos is the hub of any bubble of being,
center of gravity, if I may
make that assertion
as certain as
may be in these days of knowledge expansion.
May is you word, now. You know.}
A stitch. Point of purpose, needles need thread, thread needs fiber, fibers must be spun. the point of a needle is for piercing, the eye is for sewing edge to edge, with thread. Nothing is simple.
Regulus Cayapata Aug 2020
The empty hole like a can without any liquid
Got exhausted in an emotion of desirous
I climb up so high to burn the bridge
On the edge
Of one package
In one age
They stopped the cardio
Just to listen to radio
I'm in a lil bit danger
With madness and anger
Full of hunger
Sorry i just out of my mind, i wrote what I've thought of
Mess Sai Apr 2020
how long will it take to wither this purposeful destructive infatuation?

How much effort should i invest to halt this forever loser recreation?

How much force would i exert to refrain from your magnetic ****** touch?

How many walls of hatred and anger should i patch?

# very wrong
# weighing
Sunstrike Mar 2020
When butterflies fall in love, do they feel humans in their stomach?
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