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Mess Sai Apr 9
how long will it take to wither this purposeful destructive infatuation?

How much effort should i invest to halt this forever loser recreation?

How much force would i exert to refrain from your magnetic ****** touch?

How many walls of hatred and anger should i patch?

# very wrong
# weighing
Sunstrike Mar 24
When butterflies fall in love, do they feel humans in their stomach?
I think that you would still admit it
You just want to be forgiven
And kind of think you made the wrong decision
Letting me go

You wish that we still talked like we used to
You still think about how I'm doing
But please just don't confuse it
I'm no longer yours

You said our love was always different
I hope you figure out what was missing
Find someone more resilient
Than you thought I was
I'm moving on
Do you have a boyfriend?
Have you found a boyfriend?
Where's your Mr Right?
Every meet-up with my friend, I would be bombarded with never-ending questions on the topic of 'boyfriend'.

It seems like I never know my friend.

The friend who I used to talk about my wild dreams with, seem to have disappeared.

Meet up sessions with her are just so dull and boring.

I can't understand why is having a boyfriend at the young adult stage is so important.

We are just at the stage of being independent and there are so many things waiting for us to explore and accomplish.

Why invite unnecessary trouble which may happen way too soon?
Tiana Mar 1
These feelings are confusing me
day by day,
And maybe that's why
I'm trying to find reasons
to stay away;
Emotions of a confused mind
So today i cry myself to sleep again
and again i doubt my self
For the choices i have made
For the reasons i thought were right
Were they really?
trisha Aug 2019
i want,
so much,

un sure,
how if,

seems lost,
maybe understandable,

cut ties,
keep quiet,

lose patience,
blame time,


it's you,
it's you,
it's you.
i wrote this last year, an old gem. was so in love with someone yet i wasn't even sure if he was right for me.

and so i concluded, in confusion.
delilah Jul 2019
Who will I choose?
The person I love?
Or the person that loves me?
Drop in the Sea May 2019
.                                 left
left                       ­                 left
          ­                        left
Confuse me
"I don't like it"
I told you.
you replied.

But still
you keep telling me the story
like it doesn't hurt me at all.
good job
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