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Arcassin B Feb 14
As I crossed every weather,
Every year close to December,
The angels whimper in ember,
Of the loss of your friend amber,
I'm sorry,
Nothing to worry,
I'm simply just passing through,
I hope you're doing good in this here cruel world you level to,
You mention all the good times in school I had with you,
Reminiscing how you said goodbye to me without a clue,
In the past , and its the past , I thought we were stuck like glue,
Together in utter poetic silences virtue,
But its good to see you finally and great to hear your voice,
We met here in this place and we didn't really have a choice,
I hope you get a glimpse at what you do to these young boys,
Coming back with a vengeance for playing me like a toy.
NJ Brown Feb 4
He is my vermilion
His cheeks adorned with the love of the sun
His scarlet hair caught in the gaps of my fingers
Burning passion into my lungs.
A reason to keep breathing

He is my vermilion
Before him I was all but a black hole, my life sinking into oblivion
Lifeless living until he- a mercuric sulfide gem had me falling head first

For him I paint the blue left of me, red
Every time his chest is where I lay my head
Pieces of him have fallen through the crevices of my broken heart
Now I hurt every time we have to part

I fell in love with him before I even knew
Now that I do
He is the colour of my love
He is the colour of my life
Mihle Mdashe Dec 2018
The stars are aligned,
That's why I'm your stargirl,
And you're my starboy.
Your eyes hold galaxies in them,
That's why I'm forever captivated by you.
I'm transfixed by your effortless allure.
You've stripped me bare
And still looked at me in awe.
I've seen numerous galaxies,
By just staring into your eyes.
My starboy,
Loves the most,
And jokes the most.
Put a smile up on my face,
Frowning seems so foreign.
Romeo's lips.
Those lips awaken the devil in me.
Those lips have kissed all my valleys.
Together we steal stars and planets,
Together we build our own universe.
You are the coonstellion that guides me.
want to fall in love
I’d rather rise in love…
Send my flaws in
the wind like doves,
My father’s skies engulf…
Stand tall as a Mill
and be tough,
Are my rights
Familiarity present in a face yet so unknown.
Struck with interest,
wanting a beginning so new.
Pursuing it seemed only befitting.

None of it easy
for me, at least.
You spoke of wanting growth continuously,
although nevertheless sought for change.

The love came naturally.
Consistently engulfing us,
attempting to mask all the pain.
To an extent,
it did just that.

Problems persisted.
Each one filled with more sorrow than the last.
Apologies escape your beautiful mouth every time it opens.
“I’m sorry” repeats much like a broken record.

Investment radiates from me.
Wanting to believe in this, in us.
The belief this will all be okay slowly begins to slip my mind.
It seems my fountain of hope may only be running dry.

You hold onto to me with great strength,
while I’m prying open your fingers and loosening your grip.
We’re beginning to disentangle.
Meg B Jan 11
I stare blankly at the
bathroom wall
where the tiled portion
meets the faded blue paint
as it soaks in...
I liked it

The years of unrequited love,
the chase for affection,
the tortured artist
twisted up in twisted tortured

I spent year writing
dark poems,
letting the liquid manifest as a physical representation
of the tears shed
and bleeding heart.
Did I like it?

My existence was
wandering streets alone,
getting lost in melancholy songs,
wondering if love equated pain.

Then I found
what I told my notebook
I'd been searching for all along.
Someone loves me,
someone gives me love,
and I spent so much time searching for it,
enjoying the hunt and
getting gratification out
of my own self-deprecation
that I'm lost even though I'm found.

Do I like it?
Did I like that?
Do I like this?

I can't seem to decipher
affection and how it's supposed to
make me feel
versus how it does.
Did I like looking for it more than having it?

Am I so ****** up that
I love not receiving love more than receiving it?

I don't want to run; I want to stay;
I always used to run
     and away.
Julie Smith Jan 7
21 days until I'll see you again
21 days until I'll see the man
I love and miss and need so much
Can't wait to feel your tender touch
On my body, hair and skin
And the sweetest place to be in
21 is more than just a crush
Written end of September
October 16 ♥
Love You
Grace Spellman Dec 2018
i am by no means a morning person
but it was 6 a.m.
the sun wasnt even up yet
and you came rushing into my head
i couldnt help but smile uncontrollably
and im not one to rush things
but now i think the mornings might not be so bad
is this was true love feels like?
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