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Sacha Sep 14
You’re down
an acceptable amount of pleasure
I close my eyes
I’m in the moment

I drift

I’m not here
It’s not you
Now I feel
The one that was before

I feel him
I smell him
I see the light
I hear the street

I miss your taste
Your thoughts
Your words
I miss the moments after

I’m back

Did you notice
I’ve been on autopilot?
A Sep 10
To awaken in the night by damp kisses from your lips
When you briefly come out of such sweet slumber
Only because you saw me there, lying naked next to you
The swelling of your heart was too much to contain
And the swelling of your body was equally so
lk ode Aug 28
we pressed our scents
       into those unholy sheets
                                 like flowers
                                          in a book
lk ode Aug 26
it’s only been a month
or two
but all has changed
since I met you
lk ode Aug 26
you are a poem
that I can’t stop reading
over and over
I want to curl up
in the accidental prose
that pours from your lips
soft lips, beautiful lips
giving me an oxytocin high
you’ve given me a taste
of a lovely addiction
all gas, no breaks
more, more, more
lk ode Aug 26
“She’s the one that got me addicted”
— you say with a sly smile
I find it funny
that somewhere between those
minty cigarette drags and drunken kisses
and all the memories we’ve made
out of them
I somehow ended up addicted too—
not to the cigarettes— but to you.
Emanzi Ian Aug 3
Maybe we are meant to be
Maybe we are just messing around with each other and this will be nomore before the new day comes
Maybe we are really going to really build this up to something stronger
Just a few days without a call or text makes you feel like maybe am gone,
Yet within those few days,you are constantly on my mind
Am weighing in on all the options of ensuring that this really turns out perfect
And yet we are not perfect
We are just humans
I just wish I could find the exact words to express how I feel about you and how you make me feel
Maybe then,you'd not be worried at all by episodes of silence
I don't wish to hurt you at all
I just wish to make you feel cared for and really loved
Please give me directions and guidance on how you wish to be loved
Guide me on your expectations of a caring partner
I am a good learner and ready to put in practice what you teach me
What am sure about though is,
I am ready to see to it that  this what we are both willing to build together blossoms
With patience and tolerance for each other's shortcomings with understanding,
We can really have some so beautiful together
Afterall,our hearts seem to have a clear  language between them.
I am worried about losing you
Gimme your hand and let's walk this journey together.
JasFow Jul 30
If someone remains in your mind
Are they meant to be there
Are they intruding
Or did you invite them in

If a heart becomes vacant
How long does one wait
Before allowing another in
How does one choose their fate

There's no question
Of whether they're wanted
A warmth reminds the heart
Of the power they once held

They speak once after months
Flooding your every thought
Remember why there was silence
But the silence is broken now

Is it too soon to go for a walk
Maybe grasp their arm when you laugh
Not being alone for more than two weeks
Craving the touch of the one you never had

Their name pops up at the mention
As if their ears were burning
At the very moment
Manifestation working for once

Now if only Love and Desire
could be manifested instead
I'm no less confused as I was 4 years ago, just more comfortable with it/
In the calm embrace
Of his battered arms
My head soars
And sinks with his
Gentle, peaceful breathing
In his calm my
Heart vibrates wildly
Calculating fight
Or flight
Until the sweet softness
Of forehead kisses
Convince me to stay.
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