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mark soltero Jan 4
respect isn’t earned
you’re born with it
you can’t change what nature’s made
can’t **** it
no matter how many pills you take
so just lay in your filth
because that’s what you deserve
Speak Slowly Jan 2019
when you hit their line, you really gotta think
you got their time? Think you're worth any one of their dimes?
up your word play because you might not be worth any time of day
foreplay? you go'n need that if you wanna hear em say it

there's no love without intimacy
no intimacy without chemistry
you wanna impress? best push your boundaries
think you slick and sweet, but where're your feats?
show your worth or get kicked to the curb

you want my love? earn it
please me? It ain't easy
show me your heart, your soul
show me your all and maybe partake
in a real fantasy of romance.

dance on the shores as the sunsets.
let the breeze give us goosebumps..
get careless and show every expression...
be calm in each others arms...
if we freeze time it'd be perfect...
so hit my line... don't waste my time.

lost count of what day and what poem. But I hope you enjoy the read
mikumiku Jun 2018
I’m ‘bout to work my fire *** to ice
No need to guess, baby, or roll the dice
I pray like “dolla dolla make me holla”
That’s how I build it up with every caller
Ain’t no one’s gonna motivate your ***
You’re either sweatin’ or you get no sass
I earn them dollars just to stack them good
I don’t mind grindin’ as I know I should
I works from Monday straight to Friday night
Pick up the calls, fill up the tickets right
Here I acknowledge your sincere applause
Don’t touch my money with your ghetto paws
I’m way much flyer than the God’s big curse
If you can’t handle it then call a nurse
I came to work it down, Lord is my witness
Yeah, I gon’ slay like it’s nobody’s business
Arcassin B May 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Part from all the pass objections , I own
up to ****,
I didn't even think that I could make just
like this,
I didn't have to earn a living or lottery hit,
Take a chance and put that glove on , if
it'll fit,
I feel I'd , get closer to a new beginning
and an new end where my body collapses
ending up in a spiritual state to see all
that I have become in this horrible world
of greed and less diversity,
You can not get rid of me,
The enemy of my enemy.

Put aside the past for a pair old yellas,
Library swinging with a tao book , they're
Learning made a passion and my brain
****** it up,
This simulation we live in isn't real , so
give it up,
I feel I'd, Make it out alive somehow in utter
confusion blessing from above like I was
the only human coming out as a wolf and
not a sheep to all these **** tools that
called themselves woke,
Better make sure I don't choke,
I just hope that you could cope.
Martin Narrod Jan 2018

How do you decide what to take from a burning building? Objects? A ring? A Journal? Your father? Your daughter? Your grandmother? Your birth certificate? How does a child decide who lives and who stays? One day there’s a fire, and it’s your house, it starts in your room, you can tell yourself you’ve already packed a bag, but who can say where it is?

Since I was fourteen *** has let me feel like I was alive, I always thought that great *** meant somebody cried, that somebody got hurt, that if you weren’t hiding from somebody else than you had to be hiding from yourselves. That’s when I pulled out an old notebook and began reading back the lips of lovers, running my fingers over their handwriting like brushing my mouth over the raised ink of my lover’s tattoos. Who decides when everything you call your life uproots itself and walks away from you one morning while you’re still laying in bed? Who decides when every rule and mannerism you’ve become acclimated to shifts and changes and the way you felt anger is now the way you feel fright, the way you felt lust is now what you call sadness, the way you lived in happiness is now what you know to be all on your own, and what you told yourself was love is now nothing at all.

There is a bed with the sheets nearly hanging off, the blankets lying on the floor, three pillows colors you’ve never seen. This bed is in a room you’ve never walked into, in a house you’ve passed a million times, in towns you’ve visited but only to top off your gas tank or looked at while riding through it on a train. It’s in this room, on this bed where your whole life is unbound, it’s here where the cover on the book of your life falls off and disappears into a story of someone else’s, and while you still bite your dedication page as your own, the publisher’s page, the dedication page, and even the title page are all altogether gone, and no matter how old you are or how quickly you move, nor how attentive or well prepared you might be, there is nothing you can do except curl yourself into an ammonite and lock up everything you’ve ever claimed to be yours, light your candles and cigarettes, and put a record on the record player. There is no place like home that couldn’t become yours anymore.

You drink hard liquor from the bottle until you can touch the faces that you’ve lost, you can turn the hot water up in the shower until you don’t hear their voices anymore. There’s nothing like the sound of quiet that peels off the skin, or the sound of loud music blaring into your ears that you can play if you need to hold it back in.

You can **** the war and hate and heartache out of the brains and legs and holes of someone you barely know, but in a burst of snowy sunlight you’re only adding numbers to a score that heeds no winners at all. There’s no one that never shivers, no one that has never gotten splinters, there’s no one who is never been sick, there’s only the one’s who know what life is, and the one’s that lie about it. Only when you’ve lost your head can you see with your ears. I’ve found faces in my underwear that run fierce with rivers of tears. This is the waste that makes waste, this is the nerves that end nerves. This is the patch I placed on the moon, and the cold that stings every part of the body I know.

There is a bed somewhere, there is a town of people waiting to **** the person who lives in that room. There is the fire that consumes the bed, there is a child waiting there that’ll someday have to choose.
mjad Jan 2018
It circles around me,
it nuzzles its face next to mine,
shouting, "Don't be afraid!
It will work out in time!"
"But what if it doesn't?"
asks the doubting voice in my mind.
"Well than it will be a lesson to learn,
that patience and hard work
don't always earn you what you deserve."
Pinkbun17 Oct 2016
Never thought this would be like this
These days only repeat
Like the waves of the ocean
Tired of all the glaring stares
That dare reflect my inner hate
And outer pain

I can't get away
Even if I run away
What's chasing me
Can't be seen
Truth has been tossed away
Not meant to stay
But there are no means of escape
Because it is what I earn and deserve

Disagree silently
You killed my proof
Does it even make a difference to try?
This secret I kept locked away for so long
I should have never let you in
Too exposed to hold any protection


Let the flame go...
(I can't get away)
Let the flame go...
(Never thought it would be this way)
Let the flame go...
(Even if I run away)
Let the flame go...
(I am not meant to stay)

Let the flame go out.
Written 9/8/13
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