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The vibrant colors
move together like a dance.
They are in rhythm moving
and flowing together.
Creating artful delight.
I pour and blend
choosing colors so alive.
It's so satisfying seeing the colors create such beauty
some abstract some wild
let the paints dance on canvas
Let them become the colors
they design &
are meant to be.
Vibrant and Colorful.
© Jennifer Lynn DeLong
Today you were born
And I wasn't there
I wanted to be

I wanted to hear you first coo
I wanted to tell you
Welcome to this world
I love you

I wanted to capture the beginning
To put pictures in a book for you
You are my grandson
Your daddy is my son

He has made me so proud
He has grown into a amazing
I am so excited for you
Your life will be filled with love
With fun and adventure
You are my joy
Your grandma loves you
and just know
I will always be here for you
Happy Birthday Rex Emil Bear

© Jennifer Delong 1/26/24
Rex Emil Bear  my 2nd grandson . 1/26/24  7:11 am ..
Jennifer DeLong Dec 2023
Realize and Restore
Listen and Learn
Love and Live
Give and Grow
Dream and Desire
Seek and Search
Hope and Help
Share and Spare
Beautiful and Blissful
Wild and Willful
Strength and Survival
Together and True
Family and Friendship
Romance and Reassure
Peaceful and Postive

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 4/2023
Jennifer DeLong Dec 2023
When your feeling bored
Life seems so Grey
You long for something
that will make you feel
alive motivated
You lay on the couch
no energy
You can't seem to get up
You try but you sleep
the day away
Longing and waiting
for something to motivate
you and to feel less Grey
I know what your going
I have been there a time or two
Reach out call me
talk to someone
It will help
trust me
I know
your not alone does help
Having someone care
Will help you feel less
cause knowing someone cares helps feel less Grey
© Jennifer L DeLong
Jennifer DeLong Sep 2023
You can try and try
Nothing changes
You can give and give
No one says thank you
You can cry and cry
No one wipes your tears
So why do we keep going
trying caring
because we are human
because it's who we are
We don't give up or not care
We just put it away
and preserver..
Jennifer L DeLong 08/20/23
Jennifer DeLong May 2023
I turned 50
I am still not sure
how to feel about it
I don't look it
But I have lived it
The scars the hills I have
climbed the struggles I have
It's definitely been 50 yrs
Yet I know more will come
and I will persevere
I am strong and I am still here
I have seen and experienced some beautiful things in these 50 years like my children like the birth of my grandson I've also dealt with a lot of pain and I know I got a good 20 years left and I'm going to live it I'm going to laugh I'm going to enjoy it I'm going to to do those things I want to do and I'm going to be grateful for everything because it's got me here and now I'm 50 so here we go to another 20 years
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏5/2023
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2023
Losing people we love is tough
It happens eventually
that's true
I wish I could have had one more day
To tell you how much you mean to me how great you are &
enjoy another great conversation
Hear you laugh see your smile
I miss you Uncle Markie
Your friendship was so genuine
You lifted my spirits
You were so funny
So now I just sit and talk to you
and send my love to the sky
Send my love on a cloud to you
"Miss you ..
you woo woo **** tow truck driver" ..made you smile ..I hear you laughing ..

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏💗 4/2023
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