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I turned 50
I am still not sure
how to feel about it
I don't look it
But I have lived it
The scars the hills I have
climbed the struggles I have
It's definitely been 50 yrs
Yet I know more will come
and I will persevere
I am strong and I am still here
I have seen and experienced some beautiful things in these 50 years like my children like the birth of my grandson I've also dealt with a lot of pain and I know I got a good 20 years left and I'm going to live it I'm going to laugh I'm going to enjoy it I'm going to to do those things I want to do and I'm going to be grateful for everything because it's got me here and now I'm 50 so here we go to another 20 years
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏5/2023
Losing people we love is tough
It happens eventually
that's true
I wish I could have had one more day
To tell you how much you mean to me how great you are &
enjoy another great conversation
Hear you laugh see your smile
I miss you Uncle Markie
Your friendship was so genuine
You lifted my spirits
You were so funny
So now I just sit and talk to you
and send my love to the sky
Send my love on a cloud to you
"Miss you ..
you woo woo **** tow truck driver" ..made you smile ..I hear you laughing ..

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏💗 4/2023
I have resolved
the importance of real
The real keep it realistic
they tend to be respectful
they easily refrain from judging
They are refreshing and restore the rather cool way of being
There's no rage no requirement
its to be at a real state of being
rather then living in continuous frustration and in competition
It's remembering to keep it simple
Start each day to restore and revive
Reality keeps us from rendering ourselves ridiculously out of control
Living real is rousing stimulating
So keep it rad keep it relative
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 4/10/2023
In swirling clouds of silver frost
The disk of Luna lies concealed
Across the Autumn sky they race
Over this shadow realm surreal
On this evening shadows now, I gaze
A gentle wind swirls through the trees
From depths of sleep, I watch half-dazed
Tiny branches stirring in the breeze
Lights are flickering neath mystic skies
Through gaps in trees, they shine within
Entranced is my mind as,I watch surprised
This spectral beauty in the wind
In dark shadows spirits are adrift
Translucent ghosts and dryads old
From this beach I sense their gifts
Strange stories from these woods untold
Oh let me join thy fest
spirits of this beautiful night
Before the Moon sets in the east
revel her misty light.
© Jennifer L DeLong 10/7/17
I realize today
How much , I need
It's not the wants
It's the needs
Love , Family , Dreams
It's my creativity
It's painting my art
It's writing my poems
It's hugging my kids
It's being with friends
A kiss from my someone
You can make a million
buy a million things
But that is just not what
Your sadness is needing to heal
Your loneliness your desire
Your need for the social
So reach out find a friend
Find what makes you feel
Tell yourself your worth it
and give to you
Don't sit another day lost
in the lonely sad day
You can find happiness
You can have laughter
You can find appreciation
That's what I hope
I share with others
Cause I know I've been there
©Jennifer L DeLong 3/17/2023
As I start to reflect
I begin to see a part of
life , I missed
It went on by
without saying hi
I had no clue it was there
I had no clue I might miss it
So here I am figuring it out
There's no way to say it
But I hope I can share it
I hope I can give it away
this life lesson
Maybe someone will
See it and stop it from
walking by and miss it
Then maybe they can
live it and enjoy it
and not regret
on this life lesson
Instead to reflect
on the fun they had
the cool things the did
And the life they lived
..For that's what I hope to
achieve from this
walk down memory lane
To what I missed those years
that walked on by
So there it is
my life lesson
© Jennifer L DeLong 3/15/2023 🛤
This cold is draining my energy..
My bones ache
I feel so frigid
Like I will break
I long to feel the warmth
Warm me to sweat
I chatter I shiver
I cannot handle it much longer
Long winter weather
just makes me shrill
My body cannot wait
much longer
Needing and dreaming
of the warmer weather
If it lasts much longer
I fear I'll need longer to thaw
I add more clothes
It does not help
I try this and that
It's no use
I'm becoming a permanently frozen human

© Jennifer L DeLong 2/20/2023
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