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It all seems to fade
It creeps along fading into
shades of grey
you fill the linger of it's haunting memory
as you grasp so tightly
it can't be kept in your grasp
you can only have it's joy
as it happens to exist
Sadly you don't know it only
will be for a short time
so as you feel the sadness
you mind wanders to the
it's only gonna fade into a grey memory
you can't control it's time
or change it's ending
it will slowly fade away
Leaving you lost in a sadness
wishing it could have lasted longer
outta your control
it's just how it happens to be
So say goodbye
and let it fade
into a distant memory
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
3 months in
I gave it my all
I thought it was secured
How wrong I was
When you give 100%
When you are at your best
It doesn't guarantee your place in a company
Or guarantee a job
It's just you giving your all
So take my advice
Nothing is guaranteed
So don't waste or ware yourself out
Giving your all or your best
Its just you wearing yourself out
for something you won't be
recognized for
and can be taken away
So give yourself a break
And always have a backup
plan ..
That's my advice to you
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Here we go again
Can't seem to stay ahead
the curve comes to fast
I can't seem to catch it
It's without a chance
It's just like my luck
I do admit , I felt like
this weather *****
gets me hiding away
No energy to spare
So where do , I go from here
What can , I do
Can , I get ahead
Make up for my
loss of time
Will , I save the curve
I do hope , I can keep
catch and return it
before it passes me
and I'm outta luck
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Jennifer DeLong Dec 2021
It's cold and wet outside
I miss the summer sun
Wish summer could last longer
I know my bones and how they feel
I know my skin and know the feeling
It's cold and wet again
These days last so long
Months of the dreary
So could you please turn
up the heat
I'm cold and my bones
are hurting
Tired of shivering
Winter last to long
Need to feel the sun
on my skin
But yet again
It's cold and wet
So here , I sit
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Dec 2021
Jennifer DeLong Dec 2021
Its just a ?
Its a feeling ,  I get
Its gives me this feeling
It makes me ?
Its causing me to wonder
Its causes me to think
Its causes me to ?
Why do ,  I
What am ,  I
to do but ?
So do ,  I
Should ,  I
© Jennifer L DeLong
Jennifer DeLong Nov 2021
If by chance , I get to meet
real love
If by chance , I get to be happy
If by chance , I get to be me
I will be grateful
I will not let it go
I will appreciate and treat it kindly
I will say thank you
I will not by chance let it
I will know , I deserve it ..
It's my chance to be happy
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 11/12/21
Jennifer DeLong Nov 2021
I am a artist
I write poetry
I create abstract paint pours
I paint homes
I am always creating
I love being creative
It's within this gift
I am me
I always have music playing
it's the music
that has given me life
Through art and words
I express myself
I write and paint
parts of my soul
Through the struggles
I can always find through
words and colors
I can find some healing
I can express anything
Being an empath and a artist
It's where I am whole
So when your wondering
Just read , look and listen
Or write , color , paint
It's one thing you can do !
Artist I am
This gift , I share with you
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
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