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Jack Mandala Dec 2021
In a shadow you appear
But I know our end is near

In the blink of
An eye closed
Your projection fades away

Our time was so short
But I’m sure
We could’ve been much more

As I pull out my roots
To find fertile ground

I call for your return and look around

Echoes of silence
Too much to bare

I must venture toward the unknown
No choice but to dare
Just projecting my unrequited love for someone who used to be close to me
Jack Mandala Oct 2021
your taste
so soft

so warm

contrasted with my rough edges

my passion to craft you into my image
my microscopic revisions
my criticism

I promise you I meant well
but my time is gone now

I'm sorry
Jack Mandala Aug 2020
months of articulate crafting
every curve

she's beautiful.

just one more spot
one more nudge
make it perfect
what a beauty

make her part of my collection
front and center


one more curve
turns to another

corrections turn to a revision
revision turns to a loss of the old
so perfect
but now so gone
goodbye old
hello new

too close to the sun
melting into the abyss


gone forever
Jack Mandala Jun 2020
You have so many petals to share
Intricate curves and edges
But they’re densely packed inside you

The bees are buzzing
Yearning for their fill
The crisp air
Waiting to flow through you

The rain didn’t replenish
The sunshine couldn’t nourish
The soil never uplifted
The child failed to pluck you

A perfect recipe with an imperfect outcome
The sunshine hits and your stems are scorched
The storm rolls and the rain turns to acid
The soil poisons your roots

What brings life to most deadens you
The strongest being couldn’t live like this
You cry out for an escape
So the shadows begin looming

The darkness ensues and the energy departs

The sunshine no longer scorches
The rain no longer corrodes
The soil no longer venom

The shadows are your refuge
Safe from the outside
The torment

But it’s lonely now
You miss what it felt like to feel


Open up little flower
Jack Mandala Jun 2020
best friend
forever friend

where did you go
your warming presence
the glitter in your soul

where did you go

so close to the sun
too frightened

shadows and storms protect you
encompass my aura
terror in your eyes

destruction in action
a shattered atmosphere
are you here?

disposing me

may your soul return soon
come back old friend
I think she has bpd
Jack Mandala Nov 2018
you transcend my existence
a beautiful new perspective
all i know is persistence
your aura is effective
  Nov 2018 Jack Mandala
Edmund black
The truth
Love doesn’t
All the artificial
Man made restriction
    We try to place
           On it

       It simply
flows between
    Souls and overwhelm
The hardest hearts

     Love is power
          Is peace
Kindly choose love
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