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Jeremy Betts Apr 2018
Anyone that's ever said cash doesn't equate to fun has never had none
They've never had to wonder where their next meals gonna come from
Never been one wrong move away from watching your life become an undesirable one
Never seen a bright future as an attainable one
I'm sure we've all shared a park bench at some point with someone
But has it ever been overnight, shivering, posted up with a veteran ***?
Never been an unsung hero, never feasted on a moldy bun
Never had to decide whether to pay some of this bill or a little bit of that one
Never had a car run on hope and fumes, never relied solely on your heat to come from the sun
Can't see the glass half full or half empty, a waterless situation
Never looked at a gun and thought it the best possible outcome
No option but to literally try to out run your problem
But you can't cause you wanted to stay "grounded" so you cut every tendon
So much tension, it's got ya looking at the knife again thinkin' it could relieve some
Never laied at your lowest point to weak to get up and been looked down on
It's a sad truth how unbelievably common it is to stumble upon...
This, but ignorance is bliss so no action to fix the problem is taken
You might have been one of these people had you walked in a different shoe when it all begun

throwing stones
into the lake
i discovered
the dog
likes to chase
the staccato splashes
as the surface
of the water
is broken
with inexpressible joy
pebbles were tossed
and by handfuls
as i watched
the playful bounding
for over
half an hour

i had not spotted
the fisherman
further along
the water's edge
rolling eyes
and shaking head
as wave
after wave
of rippled chaos
disturbed his lure
and line
scaring away
he had hoped
to catch
A M Ryder Aug 2021
Why are you here?
Things can change
Tomorrow could
Be different
You have your thing
That's not unattainable

Maybe your
Version is
The person you feel
You can open up to
Maybe it's a place
You know
You can be safe

But it's out there
And it's not
That far away
Tara Apr 2020
Her delicate hands, her soft blue eyes,
lose yourself to her beauty
Give her all you can; she is
the only one you will love.

So you promise her the world,
she does not accept
She thinks little of this world
and does not hide her distaste.

Her long, blonde curls, her lithe figure dancing,
she enthrals you so you pursue
The chase continues,
but this mouse does not fear the cat.

You find her mocking you, poor mite,
chasing and chasing
She lifts her beautiful head high, tosses her mane,
she will never be caught.
tryhard Apr 2020
is a silly
foreign thing
when you
haven't wanted
in ages

look at me
so full
of wishes
yet laid bare
of hope

did i learn
to want
what i
did not

did i dare
to reach
for the moon
when all
i did
was stare at it
from down here

i cannot
blame myself
for never
or daring
why should i
i should have known
the moon
was unattainable
in the first place
me being very extra about something that is not really that big of a deal lol
Andrew Layman Mar 2020
Restless are the eyes that follow
searching out a purpose,
some nameless claim,
so warm, tepid,
and full of oceanic wonder;
those following two---
those damp spheres of shade.

Regrettably, a thought arrives---
I did not request your name,
lovely living statue,
found of selective voice.

Mark my posture
as a ship listing on the waves,
turn back to port,
turn back to safety,
return to the familiar
these things I know.

Pulse cease,
disquiet chamber
place hold and become stagnant,
meaning and reason please return;
human folly was born of myself,
and remains nameless,
such as my captive audience.

Such bindings of flesh and form,
build me to agony,
and remain a prisoner of chemistry
this creature, this mystery,
this name---
was never offered to me in kind.

I suppose---
there are things best kept hidden,
not spoken loud
as the heart manages its uttering
I walk down the hallway,
perceiving your gaze at journey's end.

Slowly still,
my footsteps fall in procession
and knowing not at all,
when the day concludes
such thinking is above my own
and I am left to wonder
if such a goddess was ever meant
to have earthly title.
EYES (I HAVE NOT SEE THE LIKE) Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
Nik Bland Jan 2020
Shallow streams
Echo in chambers of fallen dreams
In bittersweet visions she
Comes to me
That come in eves and carry me

Sail away
Rising, the tides scream that things don’t change
Simple complexities
Seem so strange
Still they stay
While she, pristine, is there but out of range
MaeW Dec 2018
I’ve never fallen in love
So I don’t know the feeling
But I’ve heard someone say:
It is a lot like
A hug long needed
I’ve never felt love
And I want to know the feeling
Is it talking
To someone like you?
Because if so,
That explains why my hearts beating
But is it love
How do I know?
There are no butterflies,
I feel safe
And at home.
I don’t feel fear or anxiety
And your words of my lips
Show me
It’s home
Is it love?
I’d say so!
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