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Shallow streams
Echo in chambers of fallen dreams
In bittersweet visions she
Comes to me
That come in eves and carry me

Sail away
Rising, the tides scream that things don’t change
Simple complexities
Seem so strange
Still they stay
While she, pristine, is there but out of range
Sam Nov 2019
How can something so beautiful
be so unattainable?
MaeW Dec 2018
I’ve never fallen in love
So I don’t know the feeling
But I’ve heard someone say:
It is a lot like
A hug long needed
I’ve never felt love
And I want to know the feeling
Is it talking
To someone like you?
Because if so,
That explains why my hearts beating
But is it love
How do I know?
There are no butterflies,
I feel safe
And at home.
I don’t feel fear or anxiety
And your words of my lips
Show me
It’s home
Is it love?
I’d say so!
nameless Dec 2018
You made me feel like i was everything
In the chaos of my own mind you put your hand on my shoulder
And there was
You looked me in my eyes
And there was nothing but you
Everything was you
And I saw something
Something I had never really felt before
You were my universe
And I felt deep within my soul
And it was everything
You are my everything
And I felt everything
I found life looking into your watercolor blue eyes
I found love
In watercolor blue
And love is my everything
But this
This isn’t a love poem
You made me feel like I was nothing
I’m rather good at lying to myself
I’m rather good at telling myself
I have a place in my world
In my universe
In my everything
And I was rather good at believing a beautiful lie
There is no lie more beautiful
Than you
Than believing that I had a chance
Than believing that one day I could look at you
And your eyes would hold the same love as mine
That your eyes could show me something more than my own love
Reflected back
And a day will always come when we realize
When I realize
That a love unreturned hurts more than anything
That I am a speck in my universe
I hope you never know what that feels like
I love you more than anything I can say can give justice to
But this is not a love poem
Is it better to have loved and lost if the love was never yours to have?
Diana Santiago Nov 2018
I love you yet I have to let go
Never granted me the chance to get close
I've been running tirelessly in circles
Waiting for you to love me back

You cast a powerful spell on me
Three and a half years long
Yet you've barely uttered a vowel
Your eyes put the root on my weak heart

So I ran inside this hamster wheel
In hopes you would set me free
Time is up and need to break out
No more of this dizzying runaround
Diana Santiago Oct 2018
I dream of Sundays with you
In the next life after this one
Where your snore will awaken me
And your spiral curls tickle my eye

We'll lay in your bed under sheets
Witness the light of the sunrise
Decide on where to have breakfast
Feel too lazy to get up and dressed

I won't be void of your affections
In the next life after this one
You'll be my sweet baby
And I your greatest love

sarah Feb 2018
i think i’ve always known deep inside that you and i was never going to happen
but even though my mind is telling me that
my heart is telling me
yes yes yes
because everytime i look at you i feel something inside
that i haven’t before
and i know how cliche that sounds but
i truly cannot get my mind off of you
you are unlike any other boy i’ve ever seen
and not just because your eyes are bluer than all the rest but
because you make me feel like sunshine
even though you’re not even mine
can you imagine how bright we’d be combined
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