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Tawana Sep 12
I had never seen her like that before
But in the bright sunlight, something was lit a new
Her skin glowed and her hair shone
and in that very moment, I knew I was gone.

Because you see I had never witnessed such beauty and it was the first time I have ever seen her not looked at her but seen her. I saw every curve on her body, the fixures in her hips, and the mischief in her smile and in that moment I knew that for her I would run a mile.

I thought to myself I can't feel this way because its wrong at least that what they say, I can't think about wanting to hold her hand as we walk down the street, or bringing her home for her and my parents to meet.

I was meant to like boys and not anything else and I knew that those thoughts I was having I should keep to myself.

But you see it gets difficult because I've realised I don't want him I want her I want her to be the one running her fingers through my hair.

But I can't say that I must hide because I am scared that if I come out because of who I am it can never come to light.
Tawana Mar 16
I'm trying to find myself
But I don't know where she is
And she doesn't know where I've gone.
Tawana Nov 2018
You should have seen the way she was looking at me she was asking for it with her big smile and the way she flipped her hair, she looked at me and smiled so, obviously, she was asking for it. This is the type of language I have heard from men who have tried to justify their actions.
As though that would change our reactions to how they treat women during interactions.
You know I can’t walk out at night without a chaperone
And when I am at a party I cannot leave my drink alone
I mean my anxiety has become full-blown.
In 2012 1.5 million women in Australia had experienced ****** assault
And with this great number how can you say that it was probably her fault.
You should know that that’s her body not your it’s not for you to look at or to pry
Again, it's hers, not yours so why do I need to clarify?
What kind of messed up world do we live in where a woman speaking her truth has become sin?
She asked for you to stop as you groped her, but you were not listening
The very thought of this in my mind is honestly nothing but sickening.
We sit quietly and watch these men become the leaders of our countries and the judges in our courts. Who because of our ignorance, have still not been caught.
And yet despite the numerous reports, people refuse to connect the dots.
You mean to tell me that these women were asking for it as they lay unconscious as their offender whispered that it would be their little secret.
When will people stop and listen to the cries of these women, they are everywhere and whether you like it or not they do not exist.
They are in the bathrooms of a bar, they are in the same streets we walk every day they are even in the offices we work.
In places which we least expect them to be are where these predators lurk.
Since I was young I always dreamt of what it would be like to be grown
And now in 2018, I realized what it means to be a woman.
It means being safe should be my main concern
It means if a man puts his hands on you he should be pardoned
Because with the way you were dressed clearly, he had no option
And no matter what you say they will only listen to his version
Because your woman and you do not know what you’re talking about not even a fraction.
I have heard the stories of women who gave their confessions, and no one believed them
Because who are they to try and tarnish the names of these men
So, tell me when just when will a woman’s voice will be heard again
But It’s the strength and fortitude of women like Nadia Murad who make me believe
That because of the horrors that have occurred we don’t all have to grieve
There is truly is a chance for us to make some good after all the negative
There is hope for us victim or not we could all write a new narrative
One where a girl wearing a skirt would not be reason enough for her to be hurt
One where a girl can sit at night on public transport with comfort
One where a girl walking home alone would not be a hazard
A world where when it comes to things like these, we have a higher standard
A world where the idea of a man putting his hands on a woman would be absurd.
When people ask us why we fight there are many answers that are in the right.
We fight for the women who lost their lives in the arms of these monsters
We fight for the women who were forced to become young mothers
We fight for the woman who have been silenced and put into corners.
These are the people we fight for whether she’s Muslim, Christian, Sikh or any other religion
Whether she’s Black, White, Mexican or Asian or another ethnicity, we will use our words and story’s as ammunition.
For we know that there is a war to be won
And We will no longer run
So, when we speak of the monsters still standing there will be none,
And for the women who are afraid to speak his name, just know you’re not alone.
Tawana Sep 2018
If God really loved me
I wouldn't be here.
Tawana Sep 2018
Love me again I need to feel alive.
Touch me again I need to feel alright.
Leave me again I need to learn to thrive.
Tawana Sep 2018
She was just five when it happened
Small fragile and unknowing.
They used this and used her,
They abused her and bruised her.
She was five when it happened
Small, soft and innocent.
They cursed her and misused her, and this confused her.
She was five when it happened
They pursued her and accused her,
They bemused her and this amused them.
And worst of all they were excused.
Tawana Sep 2018
Why do I love you? That I shall never know
for no honesty, you show.
Why do I love you? that I shall never know
It is all the fault of cupids bow.
Why do I love you? That I shall never know
For it is only my heart you fill with woe.
And still, I ask why do I love you? That I shall never know.
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