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Juhlhaus Apr 28
As stately as a Redwood and as strong as the gray cliffs of the Sierras, as warm as the sun on the kelp-strewn sand. I remember her musical voice and I hear the murmur of the waves and the whisper of the wind in the Eucalyptus trees. I see the limitless ocean and sky, remembering her beautiful blue-green eyes.
I will love you always, Grandma.
Juhlhaus Dec 2019
May you find your Polaris
When fickle starfields shift—
Behind dry eyelids: no constant
But decision and movement,
Too deep in the gut for volition;
No feeling, only the throb
Of an unquiet pendulum heart
Marking the numb, blind hours
Between midnight and winter dawn.
For a New Year.
Juhlhaus Dec 2019
We soak our travel-weary feet
Together in the deep end of a sea of clouds;
Take pause on the immortal steps
To inhale Yellow Mountain mist,
Coal dust, incense. Smokeless
Digital fireworks and sky-high butterfly facades
Sprout like corn stalks in autumn haze,
While we navigate this land of a billion characters
And more with only a phrase to go on,
Past the shops, libraries,
And reading rooms packed
With a literature only seen;
Poetic place names set
To a music only heard;
Guided by subtext, courteous,
And often as odd
As we find ourselves, on another side
Of a world only passing through.
Musing on travel in foreign places.
Juhlhaus Oct 2019
At the brink of worlds I stood
Heard hammer blows on coffin wood
Drink headline ink 'til doomsday falls
Taste newsprint paste on gray cell walls
Fissures deep in split flesh stung
With gritted teeth and muted tongue
Where endings chewed in unplacid fever
Slake only the fat of the world-eaters
All worlds end.
Juhlhaus Oct 2019
I am a creature
Of movement and pain.
In movement and pain I exist
And have always existed.
To cease movement
Will be to pass from existence.
I am a creature
Of movement and pain.
A marathoner's mantra.
Juhlhaus Oct 2019
Stiff necks turn your ears
To the approaching thunder
In the sanctuary walls,
A tremor in the civic flagstones,
Four million poster-board sentiments,
And twice as many young lungs.
They will be marching still,
When you can no longer
Answer those piercing eyes
Looking to your legacy,
Nor stand before the tender feet
Shaking the earth you leave them.
For Greta and the planet.
Juhlhaus Sep 2019
Animated by twitch of muscle,
Electric spark through live wire,
Humming rail and synapse,
Wheels spin at the fingertips of maybe
An ineffable humorist,
The mastermind of this beautiful prank
Pocketwatch of silver and gold
That explodes in the hand
And leaves you stranded on the platform
The second you go to check the time.
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