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Aug 2021 · 327
Faces I see everyday:
White, brown, blue and black
Faces I see everyday:
Smiles, tears and weary
Faces I see everyday:
Love, hurt and goosebumps
The faces I see everyday;
Mirrors of today,
Whispers for tomorrow.
Aug 2021 · 468
It's okay not to be okay
It's okay not to be okay
When you smile
filled with frown
Its okay not to be okay
When emanating bliss
burning with rages of yesteryears
It's okay not to be okay
when  engulfed
In flames of bruises, cuts and hurts
Play chords of empty, seamless laughter
It's okay not to be okay
when you are not okay,
But have to be okay
Dedicated to a pal who is "emotionally unavailable" and to anyone facing this kinda turbulence
Jul 2021 · 563
I miss you,
Not the star struck smile,
But the tear stained face
I miss you,
Not the elegant, laced demeanor,
But the innocent, grotesque silence
I miss you,
Not the deafening, empty laughter,
But the orchestrated, harmonic muting of your ego.
I miss the yesteryears:
When your coy,naive
Was brighter than the  enlightened,
Self-absorbed you.
A poem to a toxic relationship.
May 2021 · 763
Running to u, perhaps
results in
A heartbreak;
a tear
a sigh.
Galloping across pulses
Perchance, is a chase
of the wind.
Even so,
I'll run to u.
Based on ben e king's stand by me. Dedicated to all those who still hope for love and meaningful friendships one day. May you find the person you can always run to.
Feb 2021 · 427
Rain falls from
our cheeks,
Pages of memories
are burnt
inside fate's tower.
Life is a Hydra.
We often shed tears over struggles and losses of loved ones. I dedicate this to all seeking for another day in paradise
Nov 2020 · 218
I fell for her like rain.
Droplets of
dropped hastily
from clouded minds
carved in skies of doubt;
with interludes of
Thunder and illusion.

Speeches, displayed
in lightning lies
and Jasper eyes
I fell in haste.
Till the scorching sun
dried up the well.
I fell like rain.
This is a remake of my own poem poetry2. It is dedicated to my friend Mawunya, a fellow poet on hepo. It is also for unrequited lovers and those who fell for a special someone.
Oct 2020 · 605
This is not a poem
Just a thank you
It's ma birthday
Just want to say
Thank you
Poets of hello poetry
Thank you for the love.
It's ma birthday and I want to thank all poets of how who have patronized ma art. Amanda, dr. Lim, and a host of others. Thank you very much
Sep 2020 · 374
Broken promise
What happens to a broken promise?

Does it sting
like a bee?
or creates a wound
and leaves a scar?
Does it die in the heart
or grow as a seed

Maybe it just lives
like a ghost

Or it creates strangers?
This is my remake of  Langston Hughes' a dream deferred. I've been in love with the poem for sometime now. I dedicate this piece to those in search of true and meaningful friendships
Sep 2020 · 302
Poetry VI
I am poetry;
Sonata composed in fourteen lines;
Woven in a dilating sonnet.
I am poetry,
Anaphora riding on iamb's saddle
Echoing free verses n
From line to line
And singing metaphor's
ever-living  hymns;
Of then and now,
Dawn and rise.
I walked  in rhymes
Till my feet strikes the gleaming Volta
And sends me back
To gloomy Arden.
I am poetry.
Dedicated to all poets who inspired me during ma difficult moments. Dr lim, rose, Ayesha, Jay, Empire and a host of others. Thank u
Aug 2020 · 220
Sleep, o little one
For nature morn will call
in your little garden,
chirping melodies,
Little Heidi sails
On streams of laughter,
Echoing verses
Of blissful feet
Sweet discord trumpets
"Heidi !
mother's countenance
strikes chord of labour lullaby.
forming rosy rivers round the sun.
Heidi swings a cockadoodle
Till the apple of the sky sets his blazing hand
And rest in nature's cradle.
This is a poem based on the novel Heidi and songs like Rockabye (clean bandit ft Anne-Marie and Sean Paul) and classical compositions like o little one sweet(Bach), kind I'm einschlummern(child asleep) by schumann
Aug 2020 · 158
Well hung life's life's painting
Droplets of hope
Scattered  pages.
Leaves of fresh words
fall from poetry's summer
Love's unsung theme
Inked on chaptered scrolls,
We'll keep Shakespeare's signature;
painting mists of blissful autumn
in the sea of  our early dreams
  Shaded chrysanthemum smiles
and salty mistletoes.
We'll add the last piece;
pretty hues of yesteryears
and ringing tones of
cradle's  laughter.
Life's colourful stress
caught in the fluffy strokes
Of breath's brushes.
In our adios
Well hung life's painting.
Life brings unexpected valleys to us as individuals alongside unforgettable memories. It's our duty as poets to paint them into immortality. Dedicated to all poets on hp
Jun 2020 · 122
Im dying....
So Is my poetry
Depression  is slowly killing my art.....perhaps my last words.
Jun 2020 · 70
Poetry V
She was the pit
I couldn't fill.

Pilled up
Leafy  wads
Of notes
Baked with
Salty tears
Smoky hooks,
made soft bricks
That ached the heart

So I
stocked up
Walls of
faulty pillars,
Wolves  that gnawed
the hole.

Now I'll throw
In words,
Letters of beauty.
Bridges of rhymes
to salvage her,
The pit
Couldn't fill.
Have u lost something or someone that created a hole in u that nothing can fill not even money, drugs(hooks) and tears can't fill but poetry can????
Jun 2020 · 167
Poetry IV
Fallen angels, beaten wings
Smiles faint
Thrown from high
Clouds closed, hearts droop
Life's race
Does cast stars
From lofty mountains
A loss here,
a tear there
A year here
Now nowhere
Shiny stars
Now bitten dust
Fallen angels
Have beaten wings.
Fallen angels can anyone find a common theme
Jun 2020 · 129
Poetry I
She was my music
I danced with.
Created  in life's
Endless tunes
Clothed in
Chanted rythms,

Woven with
Beautiful webs
Drawn from
Ceaseless flow
Of intricate patterns
By broken masks.

Thud falls!
Discord breaks.
Ecstasy  fades
Enchantment  falls
She was the music
I danced with.
I wrote this piece  using the structure of my poetry pieces1 and 2. Once again dedicated to all unrequited lovers
May 2020 · 176
Poetry III
Under the yellow moon,
We  spent together
Half baked lies,
In tasty deceit.
Moans of
Beautiful hurts,
Neatly stabbed,
In words of naivety
Painted ironically.
Illusions fade!
Mind sobs.
We spent together
Under the yellow moon.
Once again to all those who had thier trust broken
May 2020 · 171
Alexander the Great
A fall from Grace
Uncertain in life's
Thrown from Olympus,
My stars shut, my
Lots cast
Sitting in death's shade,
I breathe my last
Drawn from memories'
Abundant harvest
I take a stroll
Walking through
It's fields
Ripened tears,
Green smiles
That blossom
Hades beckons,
Heart drops
A fall from Grace
Is life's uncertain race.
Based on Alexander the great's last days spent in the bosoom of his four generals before his demise...dedicated also to anyone who's lost a loved one or someone dear .
May 2020 · 279
She was my Cinderella
Dancing through memories
Of time,
She held my court
Moving through the ball,
On merry whispers of the
Till fate struck twelve
And left me gazing
At the mystery
Silver slipper
She was my Cinderella.
Dedicated to all unrequited lovers and fans of fairytales
May 2020 · 134
She was the poem
I couldn't read.
Blurred lines of
Love dipped in
Sauce  of perplexing beauty
With commas and stops.

emotions, displayed
In iambs and rhymes
Of this and that,
My heart  sighs,
turns the page.
She was the poem I couldn't read.
Dedicated to all unrequited lovers
May 2020 · 94
Say cheese
Waves of love
Tides  of smiles
With strokes
Of laughter
Echoes in every corner.
you could
Say cheese
I'd knock on your heart
With a flower
Waiting for your picture
Leaving a note
"Darling you're mine".
Based on kidis say cheese
Apr 2020 · 145
The body in conspiracy
River gushes
From the nose
Overflowing it's banks
The head grumps
In pain
Quizzes antibodies
"En tu Brutus"?
Wrote this for Dr Peter Lim
Apr 2020 · 103
Eulogy to Music
Through generations
It comes to me
Kicked me a
" hello"
When I was weaning
In nature's Bower
Reverberating streams
Of laughter

It came to me
Often with a baton
Taking a stroll through time
Plucking strands of sweet sounds

We walked with people
Black and White
Red or wine
Walked past piano's dazzling concertos
And drugged past drums

Sitting in thought's
Blissful tower
It whispered
"Music for a while
Shall all thy woes
Dedicated to my brother, composer , counter tenor and choir director Samuel yawson(yawsmight music)
Apr 2020 · 116
Eulogy to fellow poets
We wrote
To keep humanity living.
life's immortality
Stored  up
In the everliving
Lines of poetry.
Dedicated to all poets especially poets on hello poetry .
Mar 2020 · 92
Rona I
I waited for you
Sitting in Love's nest
To hear from
Poetry's lips
What darling
Has to say

Sitting anxiously
I'll wait
Till  Rona's icy
Closes  our chapter.
I want to hear from my love before corona kills us all
Mar 2020 · 107
Everywhere you see masks
Cities in panick
Shouts of corona
Life's indeed
For rent
Corona is messing nations up
Feb 2020 · 169
A cut on these fingers
Running down these hands
I waited eagerly for u
Was it to happen
Should I tread passages
Hoping to see u again
I waited eagerly for u
Sleeping gently by the silhouette
I waited for u
Page after page
You filled up
I waited, love, I waited
Till I withered
In a stop of the ink
Never to continue.
Slowly I sunk
I waited in poetry's arms
How do you feel if u miss someone
Dec 2019 · 344
If u believe
Youll see me
On your heart
With poetry's kiss
Just whispering
  "Merry Xmas"
To my loved one
Nov 2019 · 413
Lovely bird
Flying from poetry's
Beautiful pages
Tell love
I miss her.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Oct 2019 · 186
Broken piece
Promises  uttered from loves lips        Are they reality
  Deceit in disguise?
No one  hurts you more than the one you love most
Oct 2019 · 142
Breathing over horizons
Stretching far and wide
Writing to keep me
This rusty pen of mine
Will keep shaping;
Flashes of cuts and loss
Bruises here,scars there
Memories filling up
Moulding words
Of promises broken, betrayed
And battered
Till then I'll  keep
What is left;
Mortal remains of dignity
Sacrificed on diamond platter
Yet, tied and thrown
In the sea of forgetfulness
Till then
This pen of mine
Keeps painting pages
With pictures beautifully
Shaped in pain
Of tragic loss and stabs
Till sun sets
On this horizon
This rusty pen
Will unearth memories
Buried in time.
I dedicate this to ellen
Oct 2019 · 247
Promise 11
I'll never let go
    She said
Yet  I see only my reflection now
Betrayal love sacrifice
Aug 2019 · 432
Hate me or love me
    What is left is

Self identity
Aug 2019 · 246
If only you knew
The whispers behind u
You'll wear a frown
And be an owl
All life long.
trust. Care
Aug 2019 · 154
Money is happiness
In you I'm bathed in laughter.
The art of enjoying ones company while it lasts is priceless
Jul 2019 · 238
Soul collection
I was the sea
She was the ship
Rocking gently
On my ocean,
I tossed her
In  waves of sweet lullaby
Heart. Sweetness. Beauty
Jul 2019 · 216
Tombstone memoirs
Sacrifices of first borne
Or  second mothers
carried away by the wind
        Always forgotten.
Sacrifices.    Memories.  Remembrance
Jul 2019 · 328
Allaround me, an endless realm
In you I see me.
Reminiscences.  Art.  Love
Jul 2019 · 154
When the sun refuses to shine
On us my love
And darkness round us
When oer  us the wind blows
Annd fear our hearts penetrate
Then firmly you held my hand
And closer drew to me
A stare in your eyes
Disperses a ray of hope
For your presence
Is more than the sun
Love.  Emotion.   Aesthetics
May 2019 · 204
Standing by the sea
I watch and see.
Standing by the sea
This weary eye see.
Standing by the sea
I see clearly;
A matchete, finger
Standing by the sea
Flashes of the
Sky's Phoenix
Standing by the sea
I see waterloo.
Standing by the sea
I see my captain
Standing by the sea.
Little drums here and there
A wail there a tear there.
Standing by the sea
I feel Hiroshima's glazing glare.
Standing by the sea
I see a sequined glove
Dancing on 25 downtown avenue.
Standing on the sea
I see my worlds
Pertinent desires.
Standing by the sea
I was, am and is.
Reform sorrow
May 2019 · 254
Till then is to let go.
    Breathing from the icelake
         I spend my exile
From times to time
    Breathing from the ice lair
Inhaling memories.
Memories of flashes
Here and there
   Your hand here, now
  No where
   Memories, bruises,
A cut here
A cut there
Leaves me wandering
From ray to ray
Drowned in  seaful memory
Sad memories
May 2019 · 166
Haiku xv
Give me minutes
in case youve forgotten
Wat we were or was
Haiku love heart
Apr 2019 · 229
Have you ever
Met someone in love

Whose ears only listens
To only a single voice

Have you ever
Met someone in love

Whose legs run to only
A single direction

Have you met
Someone in love before

Whose sole devotion
Is to another

Have you ever met
Someone in love before

Who walks blindly
Like an ewe to the slaughter

Have u  ever felt
a lover's love before
Apr 2019 · 147
Will you catch me
   If I should fall?

Will you hold this hand
You promised
Never to let go?

To thread this path
Bedewed with tears
Apr 2019 · 220
Let this promise
   In me start
       Like an anthem
In my heart
      Will be waiting
  To start
Where it ended.
Love is beautiful
Apr 2019 · 308
In the midst of all this

           Let me know

  If I, or you can
           Probably if possible

To rewrite the stars

     With Orion's inkhorn
Love is beautiful
Apr 2019 · 206
Echoes from the past
Chips, chips! Marbles!
Chips off the block
From marble to rubies
To granite and pearls

All  off the block
Tower highly high
In mighty Eiffel's image

Chips, pointing hands
Laugh spitefully
at the block
"We are masters"
They say

"If that were so"
Says I, mighty leopard
Then would my spots
So change to blue

"Alas"! says father tortoise
If it were true
Then my legs would
Carry me
In Hermes' sandals

Yet, they see not
That they are but
Shadows cast from
Ancient, blunt, mirrors.
History repeats itself
Apr 2019 · 195
Lamentation of Daedalus
There's no place like home
Be it a magpie's nest
Or a Duke's castle
There's no place like home

Either a straw-hatted oven,
Or a sugar-candied hut
With ladies-in-waiting
There's no place like home

Home is where I belong!
Or should I be
For I lost Daedalus,
There's no place like home.
Home is we belong!
Apr 2019 · 138
home sick
Night is approaching
Why, o why home
Fires are raging.
Why, o why home.

Blood likle rivers flow
Why, o why home
all in the land made low
Why, o why home

Bangs! and fangs
booms and barks
All in a moment
Bound to a machete

Monks and masons
thugs and maidens
All in sweet agony wail
"My, o my home".
ina world like this  i feel homesick

— The End —