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the meeting of skin on skin
hydrated kiss of lips
blood gorged, ruby red

igniting age old
deep depth
fire of love

lost in translation
two become one
one becomes two.
style is the answer to everything --
a fresh way to approach a dull or a
dangerous thing.
to do a dull thing with style
is preferable to doing a dangerous thing
without it.

Joan of Arc had style
John the Baptist
Garcia Lorca.

style is the difference,
a way of doing,
a way of being done.

6 herons standing quietly in a pool of water
or you walking out of the bathroom naked
without seeing
Now, here's the thing
so you already know that pill is bitter
so don't place it on your tongue
and then drink to swallow it
that just leaves its bitter taste on your tongue
what you do is
first sip the drink and pool it in your mouth
then pop in the bitter pill
and swallow as quick as you can
the pill goes down leaving no after taste
no memory no presence on your tongue or mind
no concept of bitterness to haunt you
you hear its name or even see the pill a million times
no bitter memory is triggered
for from the get go
you had been wise with how you deal with bitter pills
and when you see or hear about that pill
its just a pill like any other pill
it moves you in no way
it has no power to haunt your emotions
your taste or distaste
The moon and I
We speak a silent language
For me it’s a lamp
between the stars
Every night I look up at the sky
I search for my moon
To make me smile.
Like a devine decoration
you light up
midnight blue ceiling
every time
Seems you’re only there for me
Never have I ever
wished upon a star
when all I do is look at you.

Beauty is
in the eye of the beholder
as they say.
Beauty it is...
Shining from within the love
In the walk and the talk
In the listening...
In the kind smile
that reaches the eyes.
In the soft tone of the word.
Treating others as yourself.
Beauty it is.

Beauty is what you radiate.
Furious flash of His anger
puts the fear of God in us.
We hope magic beads and chants
will save us from the ignorance.
Science will explain it all away.
The planets spin madly around
our sun and we eat dinner and the
wine doesn't spill in ocean waves?
We are frozen in our life frame to
frame while everything around
us is complete chaos in dreams
that we can never understand.
I was a wolf and now I'm a kitten.

I was a glass pane and now I'm a raindrop.

A machine gun, the pink underbelly.

Sara Fielder © Sept 2021
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