Khalif Mar 31

Remember Wesley’s Theory. Remember they haven’t taught you everything.
And no one actually gives anything For Free. Don’t take it and expect to give nothing back.
They will beat it out of you. Spit back King Kunta even though you’ll feel nothing like royalty.
Google Institutionalized. The first example reads, The danger of discrimination becoming


Maybe they didn’t want to flat out say racism?
And instead pretend like u won’t try to climb over These Walls.
You in Trumps America now boy, everything ain’t just gonna be Alright.
You might wake up tomorrow, sign chained to your ankles, “For Sale”.

Momma never warned you. At least you don’t remember, you haven’t talked lately.
You never understood Hood Politics, found yourself on the wrong block
Too much change in your pocket tryna to figure out How Much a Dollar Cost
But the Complexion of your currency ain’t quite correct cuz

That’s when you realize The Blacker the Berry, the less like you.
You Ain’t Gotta Lie, you like where you are now.
Starting to think i belong and shit.
But remember, even though you know how to Pimp a Butterfly, you’re just a Mortal Man.

Italics are songs from "To Pimp a Butterfly"
Andrew T Mar 7

give me a chance
to take you out
for one last night
in the city,

as the angels sleep on the sidewalks,
and the reptiles snore in the white house.

I'm crying alone
while your friends check their phones,
smoke their vapes,
and Brady the dog nudges my leg
with his snout,
soft as a napkin
wiping breadcrumbs off a table.

Chipotle before we write diary entries
for our children who look like your
ex-boyfriend. Tell them stories
past their curfew,
as their heads cloud with dreams,
where nothing but beauty blooms,
and sadness goes to pasture,
to be cooked on a rotisserie,
and spit out into bits.

like your flesh when it's been burnt by a lighter.
so listen up,
finish your game of FIFA,
then make me laugh,
so that I could forget about yesterday's fight.

It took years
I knew every bump and crack
In rain , fog , night or day
I ran to be running away

Found my second wind
air rthmically
going out , going in
mile after mile
constant as the waters
of the Nile

while I was sitting
in my den
A wondrous feeling came over me
A high that elevates . . .
one that no drug can reach

I used to jog miles everyday and there many benefits to be gained from it . One was a joggers high , a physical high that cannot be touched by any other source .
Joshua Carter Dec 2016


Beautiful souls build beautiful minds..
one in the same time..
lovely rose that grew from the inception of two blind..
creating fire and water that would bring divinity throughout destiny lies..
the beauty in knowledge that makes you think for yourself..
the world on its shoulders..
get that dirt off..
Matter of fact .. I'll help..
but who am I myself?
Empath ..
that may never heal myself..

Joshua Carter Dec 2016

We never flex..
we never rest..
I learned to live with no regrets..
like nahh I ain't seen them yet..
they never come over to visit..
I still fuck wit my niggas
Tryna teach something and roll something everyday..
willing to listen all ways..
from every direction we tryna get paid..
I am the master of my own fate..
no slave ships just yacht days..
whips and chains just to misbehave..
Runnin for gold tryna overcome the maze..
still blasting joy and pain..
like everyday..
balance ..
the weight I lift on my shoulders ..
boulders, a country and a couple mountains..
but who's counting ...
unless it's the money..
she said I changed when I ain't want the change on me..
let em have it..
it's good to be a blessing to those who don't have it..
cause if I didn't ...
I know damn well I would grasp it..
I'm tryna show time I am magic..
yellow Porsche carrera 911 package
wood grain and all black leather lavish
staring at the world in my rear view blasting  
On the gas mashin..
never ever crashin..
smooth sailing wit plenty cabbage..
she tell me slow down take my time..
I said I been Robbin all my life..
I think Ima take advantage of tonight..
DJ quik and some sprite..
future stick talk and hella yellow rice..
siracha in the marinade?
we just livin life right?
We Can't afford to think twice..
so we got paid to think wise..
So we Chase our visions and sights..

Joshua Carter Dec 2016

The movement in the motion of rhythm..
Your baby laughing at your little sister..
The souls recognition to another dimension..
Intimacy in your favorite position..
Granny's macaroni and cheese and chicken..
Dad when he is giving advice on living..
Wisdom and Visions..
A surgeons successful incisions..
A Lawyers lies to freedom..
Love is a multitude of mentions.
But overall Love is Human Existence..

Grey Feb 2016

We link our minds
you are our mother
Direct us to the sun
Art, Love, Music, Rebel
a Warrior, eyes open
Wide mouth muse, give us our religion
Moon salutation, give us new praise
Reconnect, Brothers
Sisters, Reconnect
All the people of the earth
come greet your creator
The sun made stars on her cheeks
and eyes as dark as her skin
Sweet fire of the spirit
you give us rebirth
you give us dirty baptism
Shake free your slave name
follow the beat of the drum
the universal rhythm
She screams and blood runs hot
She lowers herself to the ground
She stand high with the masses
A teacher of humanity
of jazz and blues
hip hop rimshot soul
Culture that may not be ours
Still welcomes you
if you learn to feel

please listen to Erykah Badu sing The Healer live in Jakarta. It's life changing.
Hans Dytian Feb 2016

Birds are flying!
So many birds flying!
So finessed,
Fluid, and breezy
Look at that flight!
So cool...

Frogs are hopping!
Yes they're hopping!
Such Jump!
Look at me do it!

I was really bored...
But there's nothing wrong with making people happy. :)

lightning strikes
but once never
shall not the rod
conduct the heat
and weld us both
in light
seconds per volt per death
a pain
joy to the wind itself
throwing up shade
on the universe
unified with the skylark
ground to the hedges
hogged by Z
N by 3
south by northwest
too true
to hold calimity
sharps rife
with ills
shot down by the freedom
to lie
to marry never
and die twice
once every day
then at 87
said promised
oriental accidents
of falling loads
to those who claim others
are ant
thing but WHYS
we no

immortal technique

Never stop improving
Strive for greatness
Expand your horizons
In order to achieve more success
Take everything in stride
Create your legacy
Do not take anything for granted
Be an inspiration for all to see

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