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Jun 2021 · 1.5k
mga planong napako
aya Jun 2021
the hardest part of loving someone isn’t the part where you let go of them – it’s letting go of the future that was supposed to be
broke up with him last week and somehow, i miss the feeling of talking to him and getting butterflies but it is what it is :')
Mar 2021 · 1.0k
aya Mar 2021
im missing
from my own
i always find myself trying to find myself (another existential crisis <3 what a time to be alive am i right?)
Mar 2021 · 2.3k
aya Mar 2021
you remind me
of something
that never happened
i find it hard to open up to him which really ***** because it ends up hurting both of us
Feb 2021 · 1.4k
aya Feb 2021
i lost my soul to
a boy, somewhere far along
the way with no love
finally in shs!! been super busy and didn't get the chance to update here :(( happy new year!!
May 2020 · 289
art of touch
aya May 2020
you look happier
without these ragged edges
overlapped colors
smudged painting
as i paint you
without my touch
its been a while since i posted something here,, ngl ms rona ***** HSBHUFHU
Jan 2020 · 312
aya Jan 2020
kung ganito nga talaga
kasaya ang malunod
wag niyo na akong sagipin pa
Dec 2019 · 601
aya Dec 2019
your flaws
could never
have me
love you
i rlly wna talk to him but hes busy playing :(
Dec 2019 · 466
aya Dec 2019
i miss u so much
too much
im losing focus
(m in class atm n i miss my bb :(( hopefully he's sleeping well)
Dec 2019 · 499
merry chrysler
aya Dec 2019
bigla nalang hindi nag-usap
Dec 2019 · 1.0k
hell week
aya Dec 2019
ikaw pahinga ko
sa mundong nakakapagod
(sad awit for me ****)
Nov 2019 · 296
aya Nov 2019
your love is a star
somewhere in space, distant and far
i'll reach for the stars
i love stargazing
Nov 2019 · 421
malayo pa ang umaga
aya Nov 2019
para sa mga pangako
na napako
para sa mga dati
na hindi ngayon
para sa mga sana
na wala nang pagkakataon
Nov 2019 · 185
aya Nov 2019
death is insignificant
im still the person you know
but the mere difference is how my soul glow
im still the same old fellow that laughed and cried

death is just a word
you can still call me by my name
after my death, im not a shooting star
nor another life passing by

death is just a scary words
not an existence
death is just the purgatory
between living and resurrection

death is nothing
just a state where you rest
just a time to enjoy and explore
how you live without living at all

i am a planet with no existence
eyes with no will
i am nothing but a god
i am alive but i have no reason to live
(first post with a new acc :( wrote this for an activity in our english class n i decided to post it here hehe its vv lame but whatever)

— The End —