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aya Jun 2021
the hardest part of loving someone isn’t the part where you let go of them – it’s letting go of the future that was supposed to be
broke up with him last week and somehow, i miss the feeling of talking to him and getting butterflies but it is what it is :')
aya Mar 2021
im missing
from my own
i always find myself trying to find myself (another existential crisis <3 what a time to be alive am i right?)
aya Mar 2021
you remind me
of something
that never happened
i find it hard to open up to him which really ***** because it ends up hurting both of us
aya Feb 2021
i lost my soul to
a boy, somewhere far along
the way with no love
finally in shs!! been super busy and didn't get the chance to update here :(( happy new year!!
aya May 2020
you look happier
without these ragged edges
overlapped colors
smudged painting
as i paint you
without my touch
its been a while since i posted something here,, ngl ms rona ***** HSBHUFHU
aya Jan 2020
kung ganito nga talaga
kasaya ang malunod
wag niyo na akong sagipin pa
aya Dec 2019
your flaws
could never
have me
love you
i rlly wna talk to him but hes busy playing :(
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