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Nik Bland Nov 2012
The amount of days I've been given have been kind, but each day rather cruel
Trying to lift the thumb off my back of the looming stresses that rule
It could be me again and this is not the end, if fact it probably is
So before I unleash my problems, swear to mind your business

I would be lying if I said I wanted this day to last a forever
Because I found myself one forever short once we weren't together
I've said my piece so many times the puzzle is almost complete
So I've decided it's time to get off my knees and back onto my feet

I've fallen so much I keep Flintstones band-aids close at hand
My heart sewn to my sleeve for only you, which I've yet to understand
You unscrewed the machine that was me and left the parts on the floor
And I'm pretty sure I won't work just right anymore

Fading is the dynasty of what we labeled our so-called "love"
Like sticking my foot inside my sock at night to find it's a glove
The discombobulation is so overwhelming, I think the ocean is jealous
Could I start swimming now or is that being too over-zealous

Life is hard and the people crammed in it tend to make it worse
At times I tell myself it to cry, look to the sky, and curse
But there's a tune in my mind that won't seem to shut up from that one song
Telling me life is a ride, kid: grieve, learn, burn, and move on
Nik Bland Nov 2012
We've only just started
And heartbreak seems inevitable only because it is

Just breathe
Shed your tears if you wish
For these days of sorrow are lessons

Take in the age you show
Weave in the stories and scars in your tapestry of time

Calmly, Serene
Taste life, both sweet and bitter
See the rain clouds as they are, highlighters of the sunshine

Love is breathing
Living is dreaming, nightmare or vision
Dare to dream, dare to love, dare to look, dare to live, dare to...

Nik Bland Aug 2014
If these dreams I've woven together are falling apart
Will you be there so I might call you friend
For as I try to pick up their fragments in the dark
My heart aches, my back breaks as I bend

Make this world a little friendlier, days a little sunnier
Make the ides of my life wonder-filled
Be a friend to me in the bleakest of nights
Stand firm for me and I will stand for you at will
Nik Bland Oct 2012
Angels melt like candlewax upon their pedestals
And I stand here to find with you this heaven of mine has flown
Though some may find me ignorant of more than apparent facts
I still find myself in the man who carried out such acts

You helped me though you broke me and I must thank you for this
My body is somewhat stronger from the virus in your kiss
And these angels made of candlewax can be reformed with just a flame
Though, in sorrow, something was lost which will never make it the same

So who am I to get down on bended knees when tears come to my eye
Pray tell me soon if tears will help my journey to the sky
For though your intent may have been to break me, in survival lies my will
And I may not be flying soon, but I'm not standing still
Nik Bland Jan 2013
There is a God in Heaven
I know it deep inside
For He has carried me across the great divide
And though in His grasp I struggle
Not knowing on jagged rocks I can fall
He only tightens His hold on me through time, all in all
And His grasp may be harsh or gentle
But it’s always assuredly strong
To show no matter when I fall, I will not fall for long
For He tells me Heaven’s on my side
And love’s His safety net
And I believe it, for though I may curse Him, He carries me nonetheless
And He looks not only into my eyes
But into me as a whole
He says He’s the Alpha and Omega, the holder of my soul
And maybe someday I’ll stop struggling
And look into His eyes
And see the Creator of me created my blue skies
Fr there is a God in Heaven
I know it deep inside
For even now He carries me across the great divide
This is one of my older poems... 2005-ish, I'd like to say...
Nik Bland Oct 2013
How far we go into the depths of it
Until we find we were never meant to wander
For we were never really ready for the pit
Since the light of day we obviously squandered
But who, if not we? Where if not there?
Why if not to brave it and lead the lost home?
For though the pit far outweighs mankind's strength
'Twas never said we would venture alone..
Nik Bland Dec 2012
Tempt. No, coax fate and hope it might not turn
Feeling fire upon your feet and praying it doesn't burn
Earn the chance, change the dance, rearrange the tide
And this thing we call gravity will only be a state of mind

Faster than the wind with death hot on your tail
Only chance to catch you is if you stop and fail
Frailty is miles away, not deserving a second glance
Stand up. Stand firm. Take that immortal chance...
Nik Bland Oct 2019
You left room to follow
Bitter tears to swallow
All your fear came
Cascading down
And you could not feel the ground

Heartbreak stood to greet you
Came close to defeat you
In a penny
In a pound
Your bruises don’t make a sound

It hurts to continue
Love blurry, out of view
How do you save
What can’t be found?
Wish I knew that right now

I cannot repair you
You’d never ask me to
I see bruises
Eyes tear bound
Yet you press on somehow

Darling, you are a song
Sorrowful, but so strong
I’ll whisper goodnight
Kiss your brow
And love the tearful clown
Nik Bland Jun 2013
Climb your beanstock high
Childhood memories, they fade
Although they never do say why
Step on clouds in the sky
Riches await to greet your glance
As to hollow earth you say goodbye

One foot clothed and one bare
Holding tattered dress as you race home
Picking pumpkin fragments from your hair                                              
Worry not if your cupboard's bare
They may lock you up and lock you in
But the fitting piece will soon be there                

Take my hand, touch the sky
Let the rushing wind sing to you
As we head towards the second star to the right
To the dawn we'll race and pierce the night
Fairytales carry a dream
And provide glimmering eyes till  morning light
Nik Bland Mar 2013
Tempered rage
Ripped out pages
Tears hot on her cheek
Eyes red as she sits on her bed
Diaries torn at their seams
Realizing the fairy tales lied
Knights on white horses disperse
Sweet melodies turn melancholy
Out of pages, ripped from her world
Time for reality

Thus ended chivalry
Nik Bland Oct 2012
If I were to pick such dreams from my mind
And throw them to the floor
I wonder as much as wonders go
What would creep out

Would I see that inside seeps with summer days
And morning picnics
Kisses at an elderly age and grand-kids
What would creep out

Would I see living people once thought dead
Would reality pivot at its side
Causing me to go against gravity's pull
What would creep out

Would I find tears flowing out
Ones not known to me, but mine nonetheless
Whether from happiness, sadness, or a mixture of raindrops
What would creep out

Or would I find me walking tall
Not me, but a better me
Taking a breath and breathing in better days
What would I find in a cracked dream

Fragile porcelain case
Holding 5000 feelings
All screaming at the same
Head on the ceiling
Heart sometimes at your feet
Pick up again
Pick up again
And try hard
Don’t you always seem
To be at that same
You think as you always do
“Maybe it’s me”
Brain consistent
And people?

Well... they’re people..

How do you compose yourself
In the midst of
Constant cracking?
Who’s your emotional backing?
Do they stick around
Or do the chorus
Scare them away?
Oh dear
Tears again today
Porcelain sheen
It fades
Blemishes show and
You are revealed
You are you
And the worst part of you
Is the part you hold
In a heart
That is
Picked up again
Picked up again
Dust on the ground
Pick it off
Pick it off

Lest it get on your soul
Seemingly less bold
Or maybe just seemingly less

Porcelain vase
Meat suitcase
Confines of a heart
Picked up again
Picked up again
As feelings trickle out
Spilling 5000 songs at once
Never lost
And always

Dear, there are tears again
Where are your friends?
Are they chipped too?

As I am... for you
Nik Bland Oct 2018
I think I need a girlfriend
But maybe then I don’t
Suffice to say
That when the day
Comes I get what I want, I won’t

Waste a minute, waste a moment
A nanosecond or more
I’m by no means clingy
But the joy she’ll bring me
I’ll glady return in scores

I think I need a girlfriend
My hand is far too cold
It speaks to me
(Between *******)
And asks for another to hold

Was that too much information?
If it was, apologies are due
It’s just, you see
The overwhelming lonely
Like *****, sometimes accrues

I need to shut up if I want a girlfriend
My censorship is not the best
My intentions are pure
But my words get obscured
As soon as they leave my chest

Because... ugh... and also... grrr
And ****! And ****! And sigh
I just want... you know
So we can... smile?
And if someone would give it a try

Then I would love and cherish a girlfriend
Id wipe away the tears
From her, from me
And everything
And love her, far or near

I’m distant and I’m awkward
I’m clumsy and sometimes stupid
I’ve been the ****
Of love, a joke
And the victim of broken arrows from Cupid

I think I need a girlfriend
Who sees me for the poetry
Without a word spoke
Nor the ones that I wrote
Just one who accepts me for me
Nik Bland Dec 2012
Falling stars make chandeliers and I wish upon each piece
To hope among a million dreams that my chances may increase
Within the creases and cracks of time as future becomes present becomes past
That you won't count me out even if you count me last

My hand, it reaches out for you like many a lover before
Closing my fragile, feeble eyes and opening my hearts door
In all and all in with the wager for a hint of you
No promise to be found in the stars or in the cosmic hue

Love is written on the blackboard of the universe
While passion's written on bed's backboard, gifting touch like verse
And as I lay in roofless rooms I look towards starlit skies
I wish for you and only you to stay eternally
Nik Bland Oct 2018
You and I will crack one day
The smoothness will all go away
And as our hairs fade into grey
Will the love still stay?

We promise love until the dust
But so often forget the rust
Failing frequently to discuss
What happens if nothing happens to us

The porcelain will splinter and chip
Marking, for some, where the veil rips
But my love lasts more than just a stint
Of smooth skin on my fingertips

For if the twilight fades the blue
It replaces it with countless hues
And so will grow my love for you
In seeing, remem’bring what we’ve gone through

You and I will crack, no doubt
But my love will faithfully pour out
To endless bound, in copious amounts
A quenching water from an undying spout
“I believe when I fall in love with you, it will be forever...” -Stevie Wonder

“When I give my heart, it will be completely, or I will never give my heart...” -Nat King Cole

“In time the Rockies may tumble, Gibraltar may crumble, they’re only made of clay. But our love is here to stay...”
Nik Bland Apr 2014
In fragile china I hold my hopes of yesterday
Cupping my hands in fear that they might spill away
Not a breath taken, no, they might fly from me
Cupped in my hand is truly where they're suppose to be

I catch each hope as they trickle down my face
No one understanding why I do this in such haste
But if yesterday is unlike the present, in which it's always assured
And I dare not dip my dreams in the tyrant called the future

My eyes, they never stray from fragile china in my hand
Slowly I choose to walk, apart from my fellow man
My fears they increase only 'cause it's filling up
And with that, my grip tightens, and soon I'll shatter my cup
Nik Bland Jan 2019
Some days
She finds
Self-destruct switch
A life
Her own
But different

The steps
She takes
So delicate
As not to
Still leave
In living room

But better
Are craters
Of shrapnel
Than to be
Feet embedded
In a place
Where she
Only vacancy
Nik Bland Jan 2013
Crowns of mortal kings last longer than their wearer's life
Standing firm as their rulers bend in earthly strife
Such are symbols of power and worth
Molded jewels and gold
Tyrant or triumphantly just, power they do hold

People are guided or trampled by feet that rule atop the throne
Outstretched hands strangle or stretch to the future, either loved or loathed
Who will guide and who will run through
To ruin or history
Such are the woes and wonders of the people guided by mortal kings

Crowns of mortal kings you stand, undaunting in your shine
The only etchings in history of your wielder and the exploits they leave behind
Adorned with blood, with fingerprints
Of dynasties come and gone
Crown of gold, ages old, as history rolls on
Nik Bland Nov 2013
Tell the tale of a girl once bold
Singing songs about a heart once cold
Hearing heaven with every breath she takes
Praying the next time her heart won't break
She will tell you that she is okay
That she's getting through her day to day
See the lining of red in her eyes
See the truth although she denies she cries

Listen to each dream that she whispers silently
The story present past the eery quiet sea
Looking for not just a lover, but a friend
See the beginning in her eyes and pray from a happy end
Respect the words that come from her heart
Know her brand is a work of art
Find the fairy tale and the reality
See her and the beautiful tragedy

Pray someday it will be a story from long ago
That hearts will be reignited and melt the chilling snow
That she will love with love that won't let go
And that heaven will bring to the rain a colorful bow
Tell the tale of a girl once bold
Singing songs of a heart once cold
Hearing heaven with every breath she takes
Praying the next time her heart won't break
Nik Bland Aug 2013
Writing off the scoffs the wrote off me
Is all I can really try to do
The only one who can provide validity
It seems is really only you

Dreamer of a girl that flies upon moonbeams
In the milky white nights of June
Skin composed of the purest cream
With a voice perfectly in tune

Poetic lines fall out of my mouth
Land within my hands
Soon no one know what I speak about
No one takes time to understand

Read with eyes that hold no doubt
Pour down your silver sand
Rain your love down, pour it out
Such things does love command
Nik Bland Dec 2012
To speak honestly, I have never seen a deeper shade of green than your eyes hold
They take a hold of me with that ever present green as their simple poetries unfold
But you would say I lie and then try to deny whatever it is I do see
So I will say so true the truth I find in you and the eyes the constantly stare at me

Dearest girl I must say this world pales to grey when I think every day of your eyes
The wonder of it all as your eyes quietly call and my heart leaps and falls each time
And I hope you'll understand the words of a brown eyed man as he tries to understand just why
You yourself do not see the jaded waves of green that I forever see in your eyes

Some would protest that they have seen areas in lands where grass is green, but in comparing them to your hue and shine
A gift that God gave from himself and meant simply for no one else to show how true green should be defined
And here I stand with eyes on you looking humbly at your hue with eyes of brown that pale in memory
Trying to show you the loveliness that it seems you cannot confess that is in the simpleness of your green
Nik Bland Jul 2013
Paint each tempered vein
Time for us to begin
Love is dreamt within the pain
Passion in the tailspin
Each word that cuts like knives
Etches in the soul
Never good at holding on
Even worse at letting go

Blank stares grasp onto me
Chilling my very bones
A seashell called love in an endless sea
Senses dulled, skills unhoned
Making up words, wanting something in turn
Promises worth ****
Choices made and choices lost
Perfectly off pitch

Time a constant except in death
A warden to my jail
Looking for a key inside of me
Tired, tried, failed
Peel back this skin, searching in depth
For a reason, crazy or sane
Time to look within myself
Search each tempered vein
Nik Bland Apr 2013
Write my name on the wall dear Desirae
See it as you fall asleep
Keep me in mind when you leave this world behind
Keep me listed in the company  you keep

Float on the dreams that you chance to bring
To my doorstep on late summer moons
Sing me to sleep with words that echo
In the early ides of June

Keep my memory under lock and key
And know my love never waivers for you
My mind switching to your symphony
As my eyes close as if on cue

Lovely above all are you, dear Desirae
In smile, in tear, and all in all
Floating high to uncharted reaches
Simply because you don't fear the fall

Love me from afar, dear Desirae
Know that your beauty is one unfading
And that you are a girl within Heaven's hold
In both lining and in the shading
Nik Bland Mar 2013
Diamond studded beachs leave me at a loss
The words buried in the sand with meaning in the briny moss
Holding onto my tongue as if a secret lingers
Listening to roaring waves like they're a chorus of singers

Caressed by silver seas that echo such sweet tales
A maiden that carries sailors to harbors with wind pushing their sails
Laying it's shining touch upon the diamond sand
Brushing against it with it's foam touching like a lover's hand

Clear summer skies reveal the eleagance of this scene
Diamond beach and silver sea that flow within a dream
Knowing no words, no sight, no sound, could ever compare
As I stand on diamond studded beach and breathe in salt filled air
Nik Bland Feb 2014
Broken is this state of mind
So I searched for another
Only to find I'd left behind
The thoughts of a long lost lover
And so I travel to my depths
To my core to find where they lied
To hear the whispers of the disrepaired
In my broken state of mind
Nik Bland Feb 2013
We are all but sailors who drift upon love's seas
But one thing I can't seem to decipher is if the lighthouse is you or me
For this wretched tide tosses and turns me into a face in the crowd
And I pray to God that searchlight will turn on and finally single me out
For I am sick with love for you and seem to be obscured
Pondering on which of us is ill and which is the cure
And all I know is seasickness is making me yearn for home
And the open doors that are your arms let me know you're sick of being alone
So I will weather the storm clouds and the ever tossing sea
And I will look to you and know I'm the one for whom you're waiting
For when it comes down to star-struck hearts that finally choose to collide
It matters not on the infliction or remedy but that they're brought together in time
With this in mind I will fall in love with you and wrestle my way to the coast
So then you can see the days have been long and of my journey I will boast
And any treasure I find, whether lighthouse or sailor, is worth the world to me
But until then, if you seek me, my love, look outwards to sea
Nik Bland Dec 2012
Do I captivate?
Do I intrigue?
Do you find it so hard to believe?
That I can sprout angellic wings
With a simple verse?

Do I infect?
Have I enthralled?
Do you trust that I have given my all?
Or has your trust began to fall
As sweet nothings soon dispurse?

Do I intrance
Do I inspire
Can you tell me where is the fire
The pure passion, the hot desire
In which we found blessing and curse

Do I ensnare?
Do I intrance?
Do you still wait for me to dance?
For I write words that concentrate on romance
But in reality, I may be the worst

Do I captivate?
Do I intrigue?
The person I find who is asking is me
For I have done so many things
With a simple verse
Nik Bland Dec 2012
I will lose you today and there's nothing I can do
For all the love I've put in this and all that we've been through
I find these tears that we both share are futile, but never few
And I am sad to say that I know I'll lose you

I will search for you, my love and discover you are gone
And I will find that with you also left the dawn
And the moon will not shine upon this loveless island that I'm on
To me I find the misery of life is often drawn

I will miss you when you leave me and this hole will not be filled
The beating of this heart of mine will be forever stilled
And this loss is not pertaining to hope, neither is it the lack of will
But still inside my sparks are divided by such an icy chill

And my soul screams I will lose you today and there's nothing to be done
And so I dread this loss and relish my last rising sun
For I know that the loss of this warmth in me has already begun
As heartbreak throws me back to a battle I thought I already won...

...I'm sorry.
Nik Bland Feb 2013
Don't hold your breath for too long or you end up suffocating
And as you turn blue, your vision askew, your eyes might start dilating
And the air that everyone else chose to breathe you soon end up hating
As you sit there, dying, wanting more, drowning in open air
Nik Bland Jan 2019
Does the falling sound like waterfalls?
Can you hear your heart longing
Every note she wrote, she wrote to you
Pen fervent, pulse stalling

Does the falling sound like waterfalls?
Are you drenched? Are you dry?
Amidst the rushing life, stand still
See what so often eludes your eye

Does the falling sound like waterfalls?
Is the calling drowned and out?
Float like reeds or sink like stones
As words tumble out your mouth

Does the falling sound like waterfalls
When it echoes in your soul?
Will you let the floodgates open?
Or by the depths be swallows whole?
Nik Bland Oct 2012
Tasting poisons a friend recommends
Saying that it's a must
While this liquid crumbles my insides and turns them all to dust
As my trust dwindles from the word
The word that brings tears to my eyes
The word they call gift, that is actually curse
And a word that I've come to despise

Look within and see an ending, a note that says simply "no"
Watch sorrow leak out till I am hardened inside
And see in this dust that hatred grows
And flows, and grieves, and rages, and bleeds,
And scream that I am so tired
That my light is dim, I'm hanging by a thread, and doused is my fire

Yet here I stand with poison in hand and all the world demands
So with bottle in hand I drink
Believing this chase will bring an end to this race, and try to change the way I think
And here's a toast to worries and woes
And the "will she call" and the "will she care" and the "why do I?"
And again and again and again, I come in, yet no blue comes to these skies

Till I'm dead. Hardened. Fearful. Angry
A shell of the man I once was
The pushing and shoving of a conforming world leaving me hollow because
Love is poison, make no mistake
Love is a poison from which we all wish to dine
And the more ill we get, with problems and frets, the more we drink and in time..

We as we once knew ourselves... are gone.
Dedicated To Kasey Shore...
Nik Bland Oct 2012
Tragedy entangles each and every written note
As the bird upon the paper is caged by ink
Who the artist? No one knows or why this song he wrote
As the drawing of the bird lies, the drying ink

Wings towards the heavens and throngs ringing out clear
This masterpiece that moves to tears all who dare listen
As song uttered to the room and a wonder floating from the page
A bird caged by nothing else but pen and paper

The wind longing for the touch of it's strong, yet gentle wings
Moaning in the agony of the melody that rises
Ink turns to sound and the bird, oh it sings
No such fortune for it in prisons of paper
Nik Bland Aug 2013
Race for stars, little one
Paint your dreams, reach on
Night's come, day is done
Close your eyes until the dawn
Moments pass by you
Soak inside your boundless mind
Purples, reds, in your view
Days hard, nights kind
Float amidst a milk white moon
Dance with a silver star
Morning will come soon
My love will follow wherever you are
Nik Bland Apr 2013
Live, love, day to day
Dreams come, never fade
Wishes seem to say
I will find you soon

Hereon and herein
Never gone, never been
Devout to find you in
Silver hued, shining moon

Each touch thus wished for
Loving you all the more
Toujours rechercher l'amour
Jusqu'à ce qu'un bonjour, comment allez-vous
Nik Bland Feb 2014
Wished upon the silver day
Darkness then fades away
Light come in the form of rays
Upon the shining moon

Drenched within the summer nights
I look to the stars so bright
Full in sky, clear as daylight
Moonlit nights in June

Hope to dream once again
Raising me as they descend
Praying nights may never end
As I dream of you
Nik Bland Sep 2016
Pieced together, weathered, worn
Is the individuals amidst the swarm
With no concerns to scrapes or burns
No lessons learned and too far gone

The teeth, the maw, a lion roams
As we withdraw, so far from home
We value metals, bricks, plastics
To distract from what's going on

Another done, another day
As our eyes focus on the display
Of phone, computers, tv screens
That thin out all our hopes and dreams

As we careen and bend and break
Our souls, half full, get no intake
And output that which molds and rusts
Ashes to ashes... dust in dusk
Nik Bland Nov 2012
There is some type of earthly heaven that I've proceeded to find
That seems to show itself to me each time that you pass by
Whether it be the holy glow from the skin which this sun does grace
Or the simple fact that you send me to unknown heights with the smile on your face
And in my search for this earthly heaven, I've found you are the key
From your mouth I hear the sound of the angel's symphonies
I see the light unmatched in sheen that shines brighter than the skies
I search and easily find the gates of gold whenever you look me in the eyes
And those angels fly in and out of my head as I'm mesmerized by this
I long for heaven, I long for it so, give it to me in your kiss
My tongue is still, my ears hear only you, but my eye, oh, my eyes are vigilant
Seeing what wonder you allow me to see before my inevitable descent
And with that passing, you're gone again and heaven is out of my reach
Leaving me stumbling in this world with whatever lesson it falied to teach
I know this emptiness, this curiosity, this longing will stay until you return
The place where your hand touched my arms burns for you all the more
I fall and the earth meets me, pushing the breath from my lungs
Making my mind come to the conclusion as reality's bell has been rung
And so I find my search shall continue until I find you again
And with each unsleeping moment in me, I will wait for you 'round the bend
And the words of wisdom creep in my mind and oh what truths they tell
For in finding heaven on earth and losing it, I draw closer to hell
Nik Bland Nov 2012
Trace the stars with your fingernail and tell me you don't see her face
Let five seconds pass and you could swear you almost feel her embrace
Oh little wonder of wonders how I wonder how you are
Whispering into your starlit ear that I pray you don't venture far
'Cause pardon me for still dreaming, but miracles are very much alive
And that's just what it would take for me to catch your twinkling eye
As I sit here on solid ground and the grass that's not so green
I crane my vision up and could swear your image winks at me
And I believe

See comets collide in natural fireworks that outdo the attempts of man
Try to comprehend the universe and realize it takes more than one lifespan
Then take it all and put it in the wonder that is this simply wonder-full girl
Feel your heart rush up to your neck and your pace stop as she reconfigures your world
Hear the cymbals chime each and every time those crazy comets choose to crash
Marvel at the millions of natures home-cooked mysteries in a single eyelash
Don't get too overwhelmed by the waves of passion that engulf you each time she passes
Just pop the cork, let the cool champagne run, and make sure there are no empty glasses
And know I believe
Nik Bland Dec 2012
Find me elementary and I will show
That I'm a child at heart but there's alot I know
I could start to grow on you and change those reds into blue
And before you know that inner glow will show how my love is true

Find me ignorant and I will say
There are just some things that I avoid to save the day
But with the sun shining down so slim upon the needy ground
Could you blame me if there are parts of yellow I long to save

Call me bewildering and you will see
There's so much beyond your fence's patch of green
I'm part of technicolor folks who clear away this blinding smoke
And leave you with a simple harmony

Call me elementary.

Life for me's like a Crayola box
A simple structure made out of those buildin' blox
And I bind and take these new shadings of the world that I am coloring
Placing them on the structure of a solid rock

I can play with you amongst the sand
Don't you dare be afraid to take my hand
Those there's no ocean anywhere we can swim upon the air
Stop me please to tell me if you understand

My elementary.

Imagination paint the scenery
Use the finger paint that we supply freely
I will paint in and out the lines to make sure that you're forvever mine
And we will find that we can forever be
Nik Bland Sep 2014
If we could stop a moment and breath for just a bit
Carry out the hullabaloo and cut all the ****
Listen to the surroundings and then just contemplate
Find ourselves in the noise, stop, and simply wait

If I would just look into your eyes and see the value of it all
Why we chose to take these steps and why we chose to fall
To feel the wind rush through our hair as our hearts drop from the sky
Only to realize that the falling is just a lesson on how to fly

If you could just lay down with me and say not a word
Let the dark and silence banish the harmful and absurd
If we just could understand and maybe contemplate
Then we could find a point on where be both find we relate

If we could see the point where awkward smiles turn to tragic tears
Where bravery is overtaken by overwhelming fears
Where we can alternate covering each other's fallibles
Then turn a tragedy into something wonderful
Nik Bland Jan 2013
I can still hear your voice reciting the pages you wrote
Each line breathing off the paper, what heaviness they tote
Notation of relationships are bullets to the brain
Feeling heat upon my temple as they ******* away

I can still feel warmth from the words etched in your journal page
Telling of your joy and sadness, your patience and your rage
They linger as if a shallow mist and I'm drowning in your song
Living in a world where you aren't here, but you're never gone
Nik Bland Feb 2013
(Verse 1)
There was a voice behind her shoulder
A boy with joy on his face who was older
He said follow me to the tree in the back yard
And we'll be connecting where I am and you are

There is a girl who prefers life as a song
She's cute, her heart strong, hopefully that will last long
She hears the boy tell her joys without speaking
Kissing his cheek and you hear her singing

The sun in your eyes tells me lies that I'm wanting to hear
You whisper sweet nothings inside my little ear
And who knows
Where we'll go
But when you are near
I know the lies will be true next year

(Verse 2)
Marriage comes soon on a sunlit beach and
She's all choked up, almost not able to speak yeah
The preacher then blesses them, asking the question
She holds tears back as she says yes, but

He hesitates, yes he waits, he not sure
He looks around, not really sure what for
His lip quivers with the word that has much doubt
She sees this and you can hear her scream out

The sun in your eyes tells me lies that I'm wanting to hear
You only whisper sweet nothings inside my ears
I can't believe
You're doubting
While I'm holding tears
Just give us a chance at romance
We'll be okay, no fear

(Verse 3)
Years pass, the love's died, but they don't know yet
She's seeing other guys, not feeling much regret
He always works, never meaning to hurt, but it does
Obviously their marriage is not as it was

He comes home early to show her he's trying hard
Imagine when he sees a man in her arms
What would you do in his shoes, would you just run away?
He kicks the door in, her head spins as she hears him say

The sun in your eyes told me lies that I wanted to hear
But in my eyes your gone, 'cause you've confirmed my darkest of fears
And the sting
That you bring
Will never ever leave or disappear
Because the sun in your eyes is now gone
It's dropped out with my tears

The sun in his eyes tells her lies that she's wanting to hear
She whispers sweet nothings inside his little ear
And who knew
They'd go through
So much through the years
Because of neglect they forget
All the thing they held dear

(Ending Cadence)
(End of song)

An NTC Production
Lyrics and melody by Nicholas Bland
Nik Bland Jul 2018
What if we fade?
What if this existence of clay pots
So fragile
What if chances are not given
No truths
But just skin, bone, muscle
And knowing

Do you know how roses grow
Much less these fleeting seconds
So few
Could we steal, borrow
Asking for more, looking for depth
Hearing nothing
Seeing black
Within you and me?
Everything and anything
Nik Bland Feb 6
Faded glory
Prayers on slim fit jeans
Foreign to victory
Leading to second story pleas

Can you hear her?
Despairing with whispered screams
But tears don’t answer
The many questions they bring

Faded glory
$20 when on sale
See the story
Of the strongest of the frail

Can you see her?
Wishes to fly, though she barely crawls
There’s a glimmer
Prevailing amidst the falls

Faded glory
Well worn and stretched to fit
Constant weathering
Pushing on till something rips

Can you feel her?
Is there a choir that recognizes her song?
Are you a singer?
Are your jeans ripped but still on?
Nik Bland Jan 2013
I speak no riddle and play no game when I say I call the bluff
For I found on this very ground that love is packaged fluff
That no word nor heart goes into even the deepest midnight kiss
And so I declare in this lifetime that love does no exist

Before you ask me who I am to make such accusations
Or what must have occurred in heart or mind to scream such allegations
I am the fool thats folly lies in hopes of something more
As he found himself abandoned in his own heart's heavy doors

There is no happy ending to the twisted words I speak
No comfort or nighttime companion to banish such thoughts with a kiss on the cheek
Only a wishing and a mourning for all the wasted time
Where I searched for such a treasure that could never truly be mine


Could it be that love to me is only a distant stranger
That love is not extinct, but just simply endangered
Is it possible that love exists and strives to keep alive
The only thing driving it and us being the simple will to survive

I look to you, dear reader, and ask to look within yourself
To see within you lies something that can be found in no one else
And that every brute, every break, and every burn leads to a love forever more
Would such a treasure, so coveted, be worth fighting for

And so with each side made and each argument formed, I retire into myself
Picking up both my pen and my heart from the dusty shelf
For the answer I've looked for tonight is in both heart and mind combined
That love in all its wonder is out there, but a challenge to find
If you notice, the initials for Fairies, Mermaids, and Leprechauns is...
Nik Bland Dec 2018
Tears fell from eyes that reflected unseen days
Crashing to the floor, one by one
Like fine china upon rocky ground
And Heaven fell with them
Propelled to take the plunge
Stars submerged in saltwater
A sound I’ll never forget

And I chased every tear that fell
Cupping and collecting each shard
Not know that as I held them in my gaze
That I let Heaven shatter
That I forever lost things irreplaceable
For things that simply
Nik Bland Sep 2012
My falling is not my failing
It's my learning to fly
And the only reason I sit with tears in my eyes
Is because of the knowing I can do what other merely dream of
Flying like an angel high up above
And the freedom, like doves, I feel is heavenly
Love is reality and the ground is a memory
And I find the harmony in the tip of my toes
As they bid farewell to the dirt and my feet, oh they rose
Only to fall again and kiss the concrete
And though I may be fallen, I am not beat
I will go with the wind in a running start
Waiting for the day I find the way to depart
And say goodbye to the drab and questions of why
Finding answers littered in the clouds as I race into the sky
So I fall now, but not for long, so no need to chastise
My fallacies and failures make me oh so wise
'Till the day that wisdom will be action and action will be strong
So I fall for now, but I won't be down for long
Nik Bland Dec 2017
Eyes transfixed, care to take a second look
Lies spill like oil out of the picture book
See the ever present glazed look in her gaze
The levels of misery just might amaze

The smile superglued onto a falling face
This plastered image in a foreign place
A trick of light, my love, and that is it
Photographed half-truths, often edited

Bind them together, for a story we must fabricate
Smash the window to see the masterpiece we make
Distort and contort a slump into paradise
Hear the people wish for a second they had your life

Look back on smiles and then upside down
See the dull eyes behind the makeup of the clown
The lights are on, my dear, paint on a pretty face
So we can reminisce fondly of the happy fakes
Nik Bland Nov 2013
If such stars as these should shine and time treat you well
If your hand should reach towards the heavens and your feet stand above hell
If dreams should culminate in mind and not be drowned by tears
And life lived well and fully, then pray, what do you have to fear?

If God should smile, as He well does, and touch a humble soul
If champions could be brought out from the lowest of the low
If dust could be made rich again and reason resonate in deaf ears
And the sky touched by mortal hand, then pray, what do you have to fear?

If darkness cowers in the face of ever burning light
If monsters can be opposed by silver armored knights
If hope can rise out of the ash and dark skies be made clear
Then look inside your core and ask what do you have to fear?
Nik Bland Oct 2018
Oh please believe me
How I waited so longingly
I stayed faithful so long
Moment came and went
‘Till my tears had all dried
And I found resentment

Words mean nothing to those who advise
They only see lonely inside of these eyes
They go against this song
I’ve sung for so long
Leaving me questioning
If the notes are all wrong

Oh please believe me
How I waited earnestly
The candles were lit
But ran out of wick
The wax on the floor
Acting as evidence

Lights seemed dimmer with you gone
But eyes adjusted and feet walked on
The world turned amidst my protest
My heart kept beating to my behest
And there I stood still living on
Without you there, at my half best

Oh please believe me
I was captivated with your memory
Never moving on
You, my sun and dawn
But time went by
And you stayed away too long
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