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Nik Bland Nov 2021
Let me sleep
Instead of memories
Playing like silent films
On the ceiling
Got the feeling you were
Always you
And therefore always the
One for me
Too early to say
And far too late
Undertaking such things
Only brings the day
Closer to me
And a lack of shutting eyes
And midnight dreams

Let me keep
A inkling of sanity
Instead of constant
Thoughts of you
Like picture books
With few words
But every line memorized
And studied
Not in fear of failure
Kind of in fear of failure
Mostly in fear of
Over loving
Overindulging in you
And to be doomed
To forever stare at ceilings
Nik Bland Nov 2021
You can stand on both feet all you want to
But nothing changes till you run for your life
The actions amidst the want for consistency
Realizing change rarely comes without strife

You can look to the horizon to your heart’s content
But it’s only a dream unless you race for it
Dreams remain dreams when dreamers aren’t doers
The ground feels the beating feet of the jackrabbit
Nik Bland Nov 2021
I want to get on the wrong train
Go nowhere and head north from there
Instead of staying still in drudgery
In monotony
Driving the same places that lack imagination
And leave my heart dry of inspiration

I want to look at a sea whose name escapes me
Yet I know that’s been calling me all my life
Bathe in the falling leaves of trees that say hello
That say they have been waiting a thousand years for me
Though their grounds have never kissed these feet

I want to get on the wrong train
Sample the rain upon my tongue
And taste the difference between unknown spaces and home
To be aware of my uniqueness and how insignificant it truly is
To breathe unfamiliar air

Let me gaze at unknown stars and see what dreams form
Cross bridges that have supported both hero and tyrant
Let me sing in tongues that write such words that convey universal hopes and fears
Put me on the wrong train and watch me go
Nik Bland Oct 2021
With you I’m the least alone
That I have ever felt
And in my mind that’s something
If not anything else
I think I’m chasing something
And my feet hurt as they hit the ground
But with you I at least breathe and slow down

With you I’m the least alone
That I’ve ever dared to be
And I am more transparent
Than around anyone else, genuinely
And happiness it holds my hand
And I don’t feel threatened to let it go first
In fear it’ll leave me like I started but slightly worse

With you I am the least alone
And the least deceitful to myself
And though there are things sorely lacking
In my mental health
I am at least making strides
My legs shaky, but my own
And it hurts sometimes, but I’m learning to grow

With you I am the least alone
But I’m still a nervous wreck
And emotional state
That I pray I don’t project
And I’ll be here as long as I’m allotted
And I’ll consistently be working on me
Because I’ll always be a little bit lonely

But that’s me.
Nik Bland Oct 2021
You left room to follow
Bitter tears to swallow
All your fear came
Cascading down
And you could not feel the ground

Heartbreak stood to greet you
Came close to defeat you
In a penny
In a pound
Your bruises don’t make a sound

It hurts to continue
Love blurry, out of view
How do you save
What can’t be found?
Wish I knew that right now

I cannot repair you
You’d never ask me to
I see bruises
Eyes tear bound
Yet you press on somehow

Darling, you are a song
Sorrowful, but so strong
I’ll whisper goodnight
Kiss your brow
And love the tearful clown
Nik Bland Oct 2021
Dear you
Please do
Anything you
Feel you need to

Lovely girl who
Those light up shoes
Grade school
You never
Nik Bland Sep 2021
Dear Saturday,  I write to you from foreign lands
I'm in a Monday I'm not sure I understand
The day is shining, yet I am in misery
All these strange people seem to be yelling at me

Oh, dearest Saturday, your ways are now my own
You hold me close in bed and say I can stay home
The other the days just seem to get in the way
The only mutual friend I seem to have's Friday

Dear Friday, you introduced me to my love
Out and about we where, trying to rise above
Monday through Thursday called me friend, bit caused me strife
But you showed me the day that would improve my life

Dear Saturday,  the way you treat me oh, so well
Has shown me heaven in a week filled with hell
I will hang onto Monday only for so long
But I'll miss you more than ever simply when you're gone
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