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Dear Saturday,  I write to you from foreign lands
I'm in a Monday I'm not sure I understand
The day is shining, yet I am in misery
All these strange people seem to be yelling at me

Oh, dearest Saturday, your ways are now my own
You hold me close in bed and say I can stay home
The other the days just seem to get in the way
The only mutual friend I seem to have's Friday

Dear Friday, you introduced me to my love
Out and about we where, trying to rise above
Monday through Thursday called me friend, bit caused me strife
But you showed me the day that would improve my life

Dear Saturday,  the way you treat me oh, so well
Has shown me heaven in a week filled with hell
I will hang onto Monday only for so long
But I'll miss you more than ever simply when you're gone
Nik Bland Sep 8
You write your dreams
On paper ships
Set them on open ocean
Hoping they will find you

Remnants of hope
On your fingertips
As they grace your lips
Longing to remind you

Glimpses of miracles
Passed by young eyes
Young feet once walked on water
Now you sink like stones

So many paper ships
Cast off to sea
With hope in their creases
As soles stay dry

Nik Bland Sep 8
Hand keys
To my heart
What a start
To another fatal
The utter shatter
And the picking up again
Love’s abusive
Sadist archer
With fiery arrows
And a gate I can’t defend
Keys missing
This may be my
Before I’m even beginning
Key tucked safely
In your hands
And my stupid mind
Thinks I’m winning
Final inning
And I’m coming
No retort
Here I am again
The ubb
And dubb
Of a key
Made of me
I’m in love
I’m lacking
I pierce
Smattering together
The same chorus
In offering of lovers
Like livers
That keep growing
Back to the rock
And in offering
I lack
Maybe it’s me
But in order
To be free
I must offer my key

Heartbreaking and entering
Nik Bland Aug 16
Let me borrow your ear
I need to clear
This up for a minute
By far
Everybody is scarred
But no one wants to hear it
They wanna believe
A spirit can be wise
And pure
When in actuality
You and me
Barely keep it together

I’m a fretter
I’m anxious
Brimmed cup of anxiety
And it took a lot of patience
And mistake
To create me
And I come in different shapes
And colors
A variety
To the point I have to wonder
If I compose society?

Do you feel it
The heartbreak
Due to the overwhelming pressure
A feather
Dancing on an flame
Trying to pull it together
I better be better
Cause a better better is coming
Across my way
And I am less than adequate
A bruised peach
They will not taste

A waste
A want
As we all lay ever starvin’
I’m pulling punches
‘Cause of time crunches
I’m reminiscent of Marvin
In the way
That each day
I wonder exactly what is going on
And something something else
I’m too stressed to remember the song

Dear lover
Dear dreamer
Dear whoever you are
Love beyond the frayed bonds
And see all of us
I hope you love with love to spare
And that you spare some for me
Stop looking to be perfect
Because you’ll be very
Nik Bland Aug 11
Solemnly and silent
In subtleties she calls to me
Falling into my heart caverns
And running through my veins
Through my body
And where I am she’s close to me
Exuding watercolor dreams
Like a painter reacquainting me
With once greyish reality
And every morn, I hear her sing
In voice that constructs melody
As if to say to newest sun
To shine ever still
All subconsciously
And I would follow lyrically
Each instruction as they ring
Like notes in my mind harboring
This subtle, silent calls to me
Nik Bland Aug 6
Crying out
Drown me now
In pool upon pool
Of my own stress
Each drop
Translucent loneliness
Submerged down
Within the
That I might always
Be here
Oh dear
Call to make sure
I smile so wide it pushes you away
Irony in the lonely
Never fades
Lying here
And here
Drowning once again
Nik Bland Jul 23
Brittle old bones sing
Past there beds
In long ago buried fields
Overgrown in green
Voices of those
Will them to existence
Persistently invoking departed souls
Within long ago written verses
That have not lost their luster
But echo on the voices
Of ones who will join such silence
But live on through a song
Persistent in their hearts
And so the bones will sing
With voices not their own
Far past eternal beds
In fields where they stay
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