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blackbox Dec 2018
It’s not the mountains you climb that will matter in the end.
It’s not the heights you reach that will matter in the end.
It’s not the hurdles you cross that will matter in the end.
What’ll matter, my love, is the real happiness within and around you.
By the stairs side
A tall stranger taking coats
White bags and light hats for that
Easy fumed air
Beside the wide-eyed picture
Framing the dark horses
Trampling with laughter over the growing lawn.

A grey-shaded blooming shudder
Covering over the other,
Catches the light,
Hats seated,
cover over the other
Entrancing over the etched dancers lined against the walls.
Mountains that grew over the ancient
fire, could still be moved.
Behold, the sky's desire.
Speak Slowly Jul 2018
Life got me in a vice grip
Just a lil slip is alot of stress
But during hard times you just gotta press on.
Don't dawdle, dont step back
Accumulated struggles are just hurdles to pass over.
Some people live too fast
But to truly appreciate your life slow down.
Sometimes you got to step into a river and let it flow.
Dont control the current, try to be transparent.
Day 21
Abhisumat Singh Jul 2017
You went out of sight, you went out of mind,
You went out of sight, you went in my heart so blind.
The pain of your leave, I had revealed to none,
The pain of your leave, for you were my only one.

I hid the truths from myself, asked myself to comply,
I hid the truths from myself, but never confronted with a lie.
The mysteries I blocked, become one history,
and the history I spoke, was just another mystery.

You were all I had gained, you were all I had lost,
You were all I ever wanted, yet I compromised your cost.
And now the stars we had placed, twinkle every night,
They twinkle in this darkness, to show me your light.

I feel a bit strange, as if I have lost track of you,
I need your presence, I need it for those moments few.
For in your absence am I, just a grain of sand,
come save me from this oblivion, just lend me a hand.

You're everything I had gained, oh my memory,
Now stands your absence, in the way of my memory...
Now stands your absence in the way of my memory...
**(written on - 19th May'17, in memory of my close friend)**
writer omsy May 2017
Suicide attempts drew attention
Tell the heros to save these maniacs
Let them spread words to calm down
Raise the tension blocked in the cages
Break the chains, cuffs, your eyes tempted

The beats dropped where they stole shows
Attracted fame and meaningless screams
How many failed attempts?  Still jumping
Fly high till the oxygen lacks, then gasp hard
Limits do exist, doesn't warrant to stop

Here we are the same kind, breathe calmly
No hurry for your funeral, don't loose value
Don't give away hope, hope, that's fine
Put down the weapons, explode your mind
Speak every weaknesses yourself, beat 'em
Death is not the end and never try to stop with ending your life.
Pax Oct 2016

flowing words that ripples through,
painted pain in the waters
waiting to be

life is a river
we pass through many
paths and rock hurdles
along the way
some may block us
with a dam
but over time
life's rain
overflows our
waters as we
jump through
big walls
like a waterfall
we fall
and continue our
journey towards
the ocean....

© Pax
Elina Dawoodani Mar 2015
When the ones you loved leave you alone,
When dreams are shattered and in pieces you are broke
When days are dark and nights never end,
When a foe you find in every other friend;
In worst of times, there's a hope that lasts..
Keep faith in God, this too shall pass!

When critics are pulling you down in the pit,
When your goal is blurred and you feel you should quit;
When you lose the grip of the rope you held,
and success may seem impossible to spell,
Look for the future, what's past is past..
Don't worry for today, this too shall pass!!
Amitav Radiance Mar 2015
Sequestered stream flows tranquil
It’s journey from an unknown origin
Traveling through varied landscapes
Carrying stories from lands afar
Listen to faint murmur with keen ears
Narrates the stories from its chronicle
You, an unknown traveler, alone
Waiting by its side to drink from the stream
To quench the thirst that’s within
The contradictions and distractions
Casualties of the unrelenting world
Finally, your steps have led to this stream
It flows, in spite of the challenges
Cuts through every hurdle with resolve
The messenger carries stories and life
Breathing life with its tranquil presence
Drink from the stream, replenish your resolve
Think not of the hurdles and distractions
You are to flow through this life
Carrying the anecdotes and memories
Be like the stream, and rejuvenate every life
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
Life gives you a whirlwind spin
Tumbling here and there
And then wrung, almost dry
Then sun dries out the rest
Left hanging on the line
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
Cut through the imaginary chains
Get a grip on the life’s reins
The journey maybe tough
Diamonds are polished by the rough
Journeying through the dark
Frictions may cause temporary spark
Running frantically across difficult territory
The pain and agony is just transitory
Life is there to celebrate
When you are confident and don’t speculate

— The End —