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5.2k · Sep 2012
Pomegranate Dawn
Nik Bland Sep 2012
Pomegranate dawn, lay me down
Ivory moon, call to me
See that I may never touch the ground
Float me by on symphonies
Leave me in the haze, the cool of day
Wake me in awe on summer nights
Chase demons away with all your shades
Make darkness flee in the moonight
Keeping dream and dreamer both alive
Silently fading away
Ivory painted moon seizing my nights
Pomegranate dawns embrace my day

Sky studded with stars, burning now
Jay's egg blue painted morn
Falling to my face, dust on my brow
Waiting days ache to be born
Never will I again cry alone
Ever still will you carry me
Seeking just to rest in a place called home
Cabins by the crashing sea
Risen in the day to warm sunlight
Rocked to sleep by sheets of eve
As the ivory moon bid me, sleep tight
And pomegranate dawn awakens me...
4.0k · Nov 2012
Nik Bland Nov 2012
I never knew here to be one who would accept my roses
Or even one to exchange kisses like Eskimos, rubbing noses
But I could tell you it was her smile that gave her away
Even amidst the mud on her cheeks she gained throughout the day

She was never one for dresses, no, her jeans fitted just fine
Her figure flattering, though her clothes modest, humble in her design
And she would sooner throw a punch than look for rescuing
Yet she showed her princessly ways every time she'd sing

She would rather raise a mug than a cup of tea
And romp around, laughing all the while, on the bed with me
She'd giggle when I burped, and defeat me all the more
Then lie with me to look at the ceiling from her bedroom floor

But when she cried... oh when she cried... there crying she would be
And you would see no figure that was all the more dainty
No words said as she'd bury her face deep into my chest
Strong is she, all to me, in sorrow or happiness
3.1k · Oct 2013
Rhythmic Cold
Nik Bland Oct 2013
Paint the veil so the pale might wear off
Let this rhyme be the lozenge to your cough
Scoff and listen as words glisten shiny and new
Heavenly time in a rhyme can clear the blues
Make them red in your head and fuel the fire
Stand with your heart in your hand, push the desire
Mouths for hire and the perspiration comes down
As the words become verbs to pick you off the ground
Lost and found as that old becomes bigger better
The rhyme's cold like winter day, so wear a sweater
2.8k · Oct 2012
Angel In The Midst
Nik Bland Oct 2012
Tethered feathers sing their long lost songs in solos that were once symphonies
Falling from swan-like wings of a lone angel and floating along a reflecting stream
The misty haze graces both water's surface and the resting angel's skin
Making the glow from her shining halo all the more evident

See as she sits inside the arms of an elderly weeping willow
Fireflies gracing her satin hand as the glow from her skin does billow
The natural string quartet of the crickets under a full moon's glow
A silent moment in a place and time that mortals may never know

Looking upon the star studded sky that is her open field
Flying with the grace of many a dove whose untamed beauty shall not yeild
Yet landing on dirt ridden ground to see whatever it is she may please
Trickling tears coming from your eyes at the sight of such travesties

Oh angel, if feather must fall, then let it, but not one tear from your eye
At this hallowed sight and glorious eve where Heaven and Earth coincide
And if tear must fall into the waters under the arm of the willow tree
May it harden into the whitest of pearls so I might keep it here with me

Let sultry glowing moonlight be your constant company
Filling the darkness and contributing spotlight to your scene
May silver moonlight and  silken feather compliment each detail
And pray the moon does not fade away and break this scene, so frail

Dear hallowed breath of the midnight hour, take note of this rare time
So you may utter this instant in this poet's ear and turn it to hallowed rhyme
The instance where an host of Heaven indulged in a glimpse of Earth
And with a tear turned into a pearl showed what our instances are worth
2.7k · Oct 2012
Wallflower Power
Nik Bland Oct 2012
Take me as I am, please
No. Please is too understanding
Take me as I am!
Wait. Maybe that's too demanding?
I don't think we understand each other
Maybe we're over analyzing
It's just that when I look into your eyes I stop
They're hypnotizing
Stop. No. Rewind please!
But I can't, the words are out
Could you give me a backspace button for conversation
That would relieve some doubt
I want you
Argh! Too lustful!
I need you!
ACK! Too needy!
Let's just say the world's a candy jar
And for your jolly rancher I'm greedy?
No? Not subtle? Too subtle? Argh!
Why is it so complicated to speak to you!?!
I'm like a 3 year old whose trying to make a picture out of glitter and glue
And the supplies just keep sticking!
Do you understand what I mean?
I see the perplexed look on your face and...
**** it, woman, you're pretty
Ack! Rewind rewind rewind!
Stupid stupid stupid!
The only way to catch an arrow is to say you DON'T want Cupid
So I don't want you....yes I do.
No I don't!
But I do!
No I don't!
Yes I do!
Look at her!!!
....okay, I do.
But you wouldn't give me a second thought if I told that to you
I mean let's face it, you're so out of my league that we're not even in the same sport
I'm playing with the tiny tikes and you're in the pro team's court
But I would be a fool if this wall was all I feel on my fingers
And as perverted as that sounds I let the joke just linger
Because you're beautiful and I'm me
And who am I to attain a girl like you
The boy whose glasses fall down his nose and is missing one or two screws
I just want a dance... and a kiss.... okay, just a dance
No, what I want from you is the guarantee of a second, maybe third glance
To see you in the hallways tomorrow and know I make you smile
To know that you affirm we danced and liked it all the while
I want to be more than wallflower material and I want the prime
So with shaky legs, a corny disco ball, and a bad song, I stand and I greet you
And ask could this dance be mine....?

Your move. Gulp.
2.5k · Feb 2013
Meeting On A Dream
Nik Bland Feb 2013
I dreamt of you last night under a cloud covered moon
As if the full moon's glow was moving me like a monsoon
The eerie beams immolating through the clouds traveling on the gale
Laid me down and sent me to sleep with a lullaby so frail

I dreamt of you last night while my mind was fast asleep
Unaware that my heart was yearning for your memory to creep
It painted the scene of so many worlds to which I'd never been
But all for naught, for my eyes were on you in the setting it put you in

I dreamt of you last night and I wish I never had to wake
For I felt you were so very real in my imaginary embrace
And as my eyes were under, my subconscious said a prayer
That if the sun should disturb my slumber, wherever I was, you'd be there

And so I dream in morning light and think back every then and now
Knowing in a way we'd be together again somehow
And if that day is farther than the sun and moon make it seem
I will lay my head upon your sillhouette and catch you in my dreams
2.3k · Oct 2012
Love Found (In Words)
Nik Bland Oct 2012
I have not seen her eye, but I have seen her "I"
The smooth way she rhymes stops time, and gives me reasons why
And she would make me laugh so much, that I was close to tears
Even though her voice has yet to ever reach my ears

And I read her and her words and deep down she knows me
Though star-crossed lovers we are, I fell in love through poetry
It grew, it fluttered, it stuck, it stained, the words that made my eyes shine
In love I found myself and her poems served as her seductive paradigm

In awe I find myself in the strangest of situations
An undying devotion to the creator simply from her creation
For her words dictate her soul and her soul dictates her in all
Through words I find a unflinching love and in words I too, shall fall
2.2k · Sep 2012
Just Friends (Damnit)
Nik Bland Sep 2012
She tells me of the loves she's found
She tells of the loves she's lost
And I linger to fix her broken wings
At, I wonder, what cost
So that she might go out with confidence
To find heartbreak again
It matters not, I've not forgot
That I am still her friend
That I am still her leaning post
That I am her safety net
Each night she goes whilst I stay
And each day she pours her regrets
Into my brain, Into my soul
So I might empathize
And I sit there stroking her hair
And what she doesn't realize
Is that I know her favorite color is yellow
That her favorite song is "Almost Lover"
That she went through a pregnancy scare
And a fight with her dad from which she'll never recover
That she giggles without fail whenever someone say "flabberghasted"
And I know that she's had only five boyfriends
None of which that have lasted
I know she sings inside the shower
Even though she may deny it
I know she snores and drools on her pillow
And that she prays someday Krispy Kreme doughnuts will come diet
I know that she cries whenever she thinks too much
That she looks forward to marriage
The feeling of her husband's touch
And  someday a baby in a carriage
And I know more than most about this girl
The one with her head on my lap
The one who's silent every time she cries
Yet is snorting every time she laughs
But here I sit with her alone
Barred from going any farther than friend
The girl whose afraid to lose me
Who torments me without end
The one who hinders my love for her
And therefore invokes my selfishness
Running on my brain in steel cletes
While I feign happiness
So pause time
Because my words for her are unheard and few
A chance is all I'd ask of her to show both my love and dedication are true
And yet she stands in fear of not losing me
But of getting in the deep end of the pool
And thus lies the complex irony
And why in life I play the fool
For I am the love of her life that has been there
And in heartbreak or joy, I'm all in
Yet because of fear I stay a friend
Ending where love should begin
2.0k · Oct 2012
Coconut Dreams
Nik Bland Oct 2012
If I were to pick such dreams from my mind
And throw them to the floor
I wonder as much as wonders go
What would creep out

Would I see that inside seeps with summer days
And morning picnics
Kisses at an elderly age and grand-kids
What would creep out

Would I see living people once thought dead
Would reality pivot at its side
Causing me to go against gravity's pull
What would creep out

Would I find tears flowing out
Ones not known to me, but mine nonetheless
Whether from happiness, sadness, or a mixture of raindrops
What would creep out

Or would I find me walking tall
Not me, but a better me
Taking a breath and breathing in better days
What would I find in a cracked dream

2.0k · Nov 2012
Breakup Hangover
Nik Bland Nov 2012
The amount of days I've been given have been kind, but each day rather cruel
Trying to lift the thumb off my back of the looming stresses that rule
It could be me again and this is not the end, if fact it probably is
So before I unleash my problems, swear to mind your business

I would be lying if I said I wanted this day to last a forever
Because I found myself one forever short once we weren't together
I've said my piece so many times the puzzle is almost complete
So I've decided it's time to get off my knees and back onto my feet

I've fallen so much I keep Flintstones band-aids close at hand
My heart sewn to my sleeve for only you, which I've yet to understand
You unscrewed the machine that was me and left the parts on the floor
And I'm pretty sure I won't work just right anymore

Fading is the dynasty of what we labeled our so-called "love"
Like sticking my foot inside my sock at night to find it's a glove
The discombobulation is so overwhelming, I think the ocean is jealous
Could I start swimming now or is that being too over-zealous

Life is hard and the people crammed in it tend to make it worse
At times I tell myself it to cry, look to the sky, and curse
But there's a tune in my mind that won't seem to shut up from that one song
Telling me life is a ride, kid: grieve, learn, burn, and move on
2.0k · Sep 2012
Nik Bland Sep 2012
I wait for you and just so you know
I may be in love with you
And no pressure, in fact stay in your leisure but you're suppose to make my dreams come true
Wait, no no, don't get up, sit back down
I'm seeing the look in your eye
You're just lazy, but you'll call me crazy because of the words that fly
Don't look at me that way, shut up.
You don't think I know how I sound?
It's unsettling to be in this unbalanced beam and not so solid ground
Called love and you keep on giving that look like you think I'm insane
But it's you're fault! Oh, crap, don't do that....
Why did that come out of my brain...?
Now don't get mad... please?
Sorry? Crap! You're mad at me, aren't you!?!
I wish for a moment I could give you my eyes so you could see my view
But you sit there with that look on your face
And you simply stare at me
As if I'm a purple hippopotamus hanging from a palm tree
And... you're not laughing
You still think I'm out of my mind
But I have one thing going for me that I can fall behind
One thing that I can claim beyond sanity
And it's that you're a dream come true
Because you're the one only one who can turn my reds to blues
And calm me down and keep me settle
And love me all the same
I see that coy look on your face asking me what's my game
But there's no tricks, I did nothing wrong
My hands are sanitized
But I choose today to be the day to make you realize
That I love you and you love me just like the Barney song
That's been stuck in my head all day like when you wear that pink thong
And I got a smile. Hallelujah!
You're not mad anymore!
But the truth's still heavy upon my heart, stinging like an open sore
And the truth is this
In you lies the key to make my dreams come to life
To not end the trials but to bear on with me in the strengthening strife
To love and love endlessly
Through snow, sleet, hail, or rain
And to make every single thing in my heart come to... sigh... alright. I'm insane...
Nik Bland Jan 2013
I speak no riddle and play no game when I say I call the bluff
For I found on this very ground that love is packaged fluff
That no word nor heart goes into even the deepest midnight kiss
And so I declare in this lifetime that love does no exist

Before you ask me who I am to make such accusations
Or what must have occurred in heart or mind to scream such allegations
I am the fool thats folly lies in hopes of something more
As he found himself abandoned in his own heart's heavy doors

There is no happy ending to the twisted words I speak
No comfort or nighttime companion to banish such thoughts with a kiss on the cheek
Only a wishing and a mourning for all the wasted time
Where I searched for such a treasure that could never truly be mine


Could it be that love to me is only a distant stranger
That love is not extinct, but just simply endangered
Is it possible that love exists and strives to keep alive
The only thing driving it and us being the simple will to survive

I look to you, dear reader, and ask to look within yourself
To see within you lies something that can be found in no one else
And that every brute, every break, and every burn leads to a love forever more
Would such a treasure, so coveted, be worth fighting for

And so with each side made and each argument formed, I retire into myself
Picking up both my pen and my heart from the dusty shelf
For the answer I've looked for tonight is in both heart and mind combined
That love in all its wonder is out there, but a challenge to find
If you notice, the initials for Fairies, Mermaids, and Leprechauns is...
1.9k · Sep 2012
Hot Vengeance...
Nik Bland Sep 2012
My finger's on the trigger of the gun you gave to me
I look into your eyes and my heart to find some sympathy
Yet the deeper I look into you, the tighter my finger gets
Tears may be pouring from your eyes, but I feel no regret
For the pain you've inflicted on me is more than a gunshot
A slowly slicing, rusty knife that fed upon my heart
The tongue that you cut out with a single, haunting phrase
And the arsenic you poured in my ears that poisoned my brain
But here I am, looming over you, a mess of blood and sweat
Hoping to pick and **** at you so you, like I, can't forget
For you dipped me in acidic deceit that made me cold and numb
My body grotesque inside and out with the demon I've become
And the sickest joke is the gun I hold which you yourself gave to me
Telling me to protect myself while I was drugged on your ***
And this cold steel and my brand of justice is held by calm and patient hands
Firing rounds and into each limb so that you understand
That as the burning barrel of this gun meets your skin, I am in control
And I intend to make this world better by giving Hell your soul
And with this in mind and one bullet left, I give a wicked grin
As I put the barrel in your mouth, then pull the trigger once again....
1.8k · Jul 2013
Nik Bland Jul 2013
Paint each tempered vein
Time for us to begin
Love is dreamt within the pain
Passion in the tailspin
Each word that cuts like knives
Etches in the soul
Never good at holding on
Even worse at letting go

Blank stares grasp onto me
Chilling my very bones
A seashell called love in an endless sea
Senses dulled, skills unhoned
Making up words, wanting something in turn
Promises worth ****
Choices made and choices lost
Perfectly off pitch

Time a constant except in death
A warden to my jail
Looking for a key inside of me
Tired, tried, failed
Peel back this skin, searching in depth
For a reason, crazy or sane
Time to look within myself
Search each tempered vein
1.8k · Sep 2012
A Departed Soldier
Nik Bland Sep 2012
Leave the kettle on the stove, I'll be home soon
Keep things as if I've never been gone
I walk the land through blazing sun and chilling moon
Pray for me that I might carry on

Take a picture of your face, send it to me
So I might remember what I'm fighting for
Mail it along with a flower from the lilac tree
That littered the porch right up to your door

With gun in hand, I understand the words you say
In the letter I read in the rainy night
Telling me, come home, come home my soldier, come home today
Put the fight aside and make sure you're all right

This distant land, this distant shore bring no solace to me
Except for the joys you send now and again
Your soldier lies with unresting eyes until you I see
And will fight for you till his fighting can end
1.8k · Oct 2012
Baby Girl
Nik Bland Oct 2012
Oh little baby girl who stays so close to my chest and whose world is vast and wide
I feel you clenching ever so tightly to me as I carry you in from the rain outside
The thunder roars and I hear your squeals as you bury yourself in my arms
Know your daddy will assuredly save you from any type of harms

I'll kiss your forehead and carry you to your room and sactuary
As I wipe the water off your face and hug you if things get scary
Wrapping you inside a freshly laundered towel and drying off your hair
Looking into your quivering eyes and showing I'll always be there

Telling you to hold on a moment and seeing you quietly nod your head
Running downstairs and preparing a treat as you call for me from your bed
Grabbing sheets from the closet and string as an idea come to view
A homemade tent, some tea for me, and hot cocoa for you

With all things gathered, I race back up and you look at me and smile
I return it with a bigger, more wrinkled one as I see my little child
As we sit there and sip our warms confections you giggle and your comfort grows
With foam upon your upper lip and a missing tooth in one of your pearly white rows

And we will stay here 'till the thunder chooses to finally cease
'Till my tea is finished and you are weary from your tent and little treat
The feeling of your gentle arms as they loosen and I tuck you in to sleep
Then walk to the door with my eyes set on you, your trance strong and deep

Looking at my little baby girl and the love that will never be severed
Knowing no matter her age, size, or tooth count, she will be my baby girl forever
Then walking out the door and pulling it close so she's just out of my view
Only to hear her barely say, "Goodnight, daddy. I love you..."
1.7k · Sep 2012
Seasonal Maybes
Nik Bland Sep 2012
Sometimes the summer comes, sometimes the summer goes
Sometimes the heat beats down upon your cheeks and they turn to rose
And sometimes lying on the grass under a tree is all we need
Summer days and flowers hiding in the greenery

Sometimes the spring does bring news of warmer days to come
Dripping dew from rain that came before the rising sun
The rain that came on full blue moon and made raindrops look like stars
Falling from a sky as black as the street leading to lands afar

Sometimes that falling leaves of autumn creates carpets to walk upon
Bringing early tiding of colder days like beams to the coming dawn
The colors blending in a stirring wind that brings you closer to me
So that my arms might not feel as barren as the leafless trees

Sometimes the winter comes and chills the very bone
Blankets of white pushing us together within our cottage home
And the seasons come and go like clockwork, unpredictable as they come and fade
But my love, my hold, and my time with you will remain constant through the days
1.7k · Oct 2013
Sleep Tight
Nik Bland Oct 2013
Lie on my lap and I'll tell you a story
Look in the dark and smile
Know that these tales of bravery and glory
Will stay with you all the while

All the monsters have been lulled to a coo
Boogeyman scared away
Safe and sound here in your room
Dream until the day
1.7k · Dec 2012
Cosmic Chandelier
Nik Bland Dec 2012
Falling stars make chandeliers and I wish upon each piece
To hope among a million dreams that my chances may increase
Within the creases and cracks of time as future becomes present becomes past
That you won't count me out even if you count me last

My hand, it reaches out for you like many a lover before
Closing my fragile, feeble eyes and opening my hearts door
In all and all in with the wager for a hint of you
No promise to be found in the stars or in the cosmic hue

Love is written on the blackboard of the universe
While passion's written on bed's backboard, gifting touch like verse
And as I lay in roofless rooms I look towards starlit skies
I wish for you and only you to stay eternally
1.6k · Sep 2012
Icarus' Song
Nik Bland Sep 2012
Escaped have I from bitter chains, from older captive hands
All there is are memories for me of solid land
Only clouds and sky and sea, only clouds and sky and sea
I have found, dear mother sea, that father sun, he calls
Free as a bird upon wax wings with the gods
Only clouds and sky and sea, only sky and sea and me

I have raised myself upon the brim to fly forever more
Fly not to high, they ask of me, or find Poseidon's door
Fear not love, onward I come, a god upon wax wings
To the stars, oh, to the sun, you'll find I too shall cling
To the sun I climb, dear soul, to the sun I climb... oh no

Brilliant sun, why do you lay such heated words on me
Causing this god to become boy again, with wax melting
One last kiss, one last touch, one last beckon and call
One last thing Helios sing, "dear foolish child, FALL"
So have moments turned from me, so must I turn down to sea

Time stands still as if its will's to see my follied ways
Tracing back the time I had before this fall, this flight, the chains
Mother sea, be kind to me as your arms open wide
The son you take, the heart you break, as your wave takes me inside
To scream terror as wax and feather fall into te sea
And tears that fall but can't be found... dear father, forgive me

I will be in my new mother's arms forever more
Never again to see the light of day, never to see the shore
And when sandy beach does meet your eye and sun rise once again
I pray land and live, your son forgive until you too descend

Pray do not forget the tragic tale or sorrowful, little me
Who at first glance had a chance to touch stars, but fell to sea
And I beg you, dry tears from your eyes, do not cry again
For whether land or sea, we'll meet once more, for both are mortal ends
Listen with open hearts, with listening eyes, unfaltered in your core
Reach for sun, dear soul, with humbled hands or see Poseidon's door

Only clouds and sky in view, Only clouds and sky... and you...
1.6k · Oct 2012
Nik Bland Oct 2012
These marks upon my hands from clinging on too tight
Whilst I clutched onto the lamp I held that lonely night
As I saw lines upon your face and knew you as tired
Your senses lost as you walked blindly past lamp fire

You walked slowly, eyes open, but closed
Pale cheeks replacing the ones that were rose
All things done awake, but asleep
My trembling fingers and heavy feet daring to creep

Wood floor creaking with each step you took
Turning as if memory with glazed, unflinching look
Into the kitchen, as in sleep, you took the knife
And with a plunge of a knife and the crash of a lamp, I bade my last goodnight
1.6k · Mar 2013
Nik Bland Mar 2013
Open these blinds
Let me see the moonlight
So long I'd find
I've been hidden from these sights

Tonight, awake
Bathed inside milky hues
I sit, my heart quakes
Nevermore reveling in skies of blue

Are you out there
Beyond the atmosphere watching
Stars shout their fanfare
As the silver dollar moon sings to me

Tears of crocodiles
Fall down my face, come and go
I look onto the night
Oh departed lover, I miss you so
1.5k · May 2013
Paced (Rap)
Nik Bland May 2013
Knees, keep supporting me
You know I believe in you
Stop with all the frailties
And get me where I'm rolling to
All the blues
You sing and keep running in time
Well fed, sleep when you're dead
Or at least aT the end of this rhyme

Pause time, wipe off the grime
Focus on the words I have to say
Ran five hundred score, just a few more
And we can be in a happy place
Don't stop
Don't drop
Reach mountaintop and valley low
Haters degrade the progress made
Saying that we run too fast, too slow

Oh yes, do your best
Until you glimpse that finish line
Past the dream to reality
And see it was you all this time
These knees
Wanted to finish just as bad as you
God be blessed, revel in success
We all run, but how you finish is up to you
1.5k · Oct 2012
Nik Bland Oct 2012
Tragedy entangles each and every written note
As the bird upon the paper is caged by ink
Who the artist? No one knows or why this song he wrote
As the drawing of the bird lies, the drying ink

Wings towards the heavens and throngs ringing out clear
This masterpiece that moves to tears all who dare listen
As song uttered to the room and a wonder floating from the page
A bird caged by nothing else but pen and paper

The wind longing for the touch of it's strong, yet gentle wings
Moaning in the agony of the melody that rises
Ink turns to sound and the bird, oh it sings
No such fortune for it in prisons of paper
1.5k · Aug 2013
Survival of... (Rap)
Nik Bland Aug 2013
To and fro as the saying goes
As the afros chase rainbows in search of gold
And the money's ****** dry, 'till the rich only supply
Ways to the make the poor poorer & keep the crackheads high
Then we overdose on sighs that all come at once
The teachers so underpaid that we're soon led by the dunce
And the market's like the breakers of the sea, it just crashes
The 99 sinking in ships while the one percent dashes
We find the dream of the US tainted green
Or to put it correctly, it has been tainted greed
With the day to day in ways that leads to the end
With a knife in your back while they pat it like your friend
So reliance on defiance is the key so defy
All the brainwash and the violence, raise you hands to the sky
And live
1.5k · Oct 2012
Red Wine
Nik Bland Oct 2012
He pulls the grapes of imagination
And he ferments them in the caverns of his mind
And only when it's at its peak
Does he share with her his wine

Every drop that is in his words
Transcends and shows in her life
The girl he'd wait a lifetime for
His living paradise

He watches a drop as it trickles down her lip
And he leans in to kiss it away
He tastes the love inside her and the wine
And it is rich and sweet today

How lovely it is to share the setting sun
As well as the fruits of his inner self
Lying and growing potent for what seemed eternity
Until it was finally taken from the shelf

She lives in the richness, she traces each taste
She savors the texture of rich red
He inspires words she wants to live out
He puts dreams in her lovely head

Not a drop will go to waste, not one
Just like the sunset's beams
He looks at her in the hue of the moment
Dissecting her with his eyes, it seems

She lies on him and feels his heartbeat
In sync with her heart in time
And he looks at her and places a kiss on her lips
Then pours another glass of wine
1.5k · Sep 2012
Falling, Not Failing
Nik Bland Sep 2012
My falling is not my failing
It's my learning to fly
And the only reason I sit with tears in my eyes
Is because of the knowing I can do what other merely dream of
Flying like an angel high up above
And the freedom, like doves, I feel is heavenly
Love is reality and the ground is a memory
And I find the harmony in the tip of my toes
As they bid farewell to the dirt and my feet, oh they rose
Only to fall again and kiss the concrete
And though I may be fallen, I am not beat
I will go with the wind in a running start
Waiting for the day I find the way to depart
And say goodbye to the drab and questions of why
Finding answers littered in the clouds as I race into the sky
So I fall now, but not for long, so no need to chastise
My fallacies and failures make me oh so wise
'Till the day that wisdom will be action and action will be strong
So I fall for now, but I won't be down for long
1.4k · Nov 2012
Nik Bland Nov 2012
She is more than the world will give her credit for simply because it has believed it's overcome her
Taking out the odds and making them even but she's an oddity that I believe in
See her as she flies her song onto yonder tightrope, balancing every note on thin wire
A girl who find life's a three ring thing filled with children, so you might as well have fun as you interact

She is something of a wild thing that can't be tamed and a thing whose name I can't seem to think of
A wonder in herself by a God who just said "What the heck" and made an angel with technicolor wings
Hear each letter as it falls upon the silver page and scribbled in bronze inside her golden notebook
The silent river that runs deep careening into life and love, roaring at the end into the sea

She is someone who deserves the very best of things, though worst may come, she never lets you down
Thinking of most thoughts that go unthunk by highly trained thinkers, thanking the people in her mind
Know she sees you passing by and winks with a glance, a chance you'll get before she passes by
Wandering to find something which she may not be looking for, a truth inside a door which is key

She is not one who will cry over the simplest of things, but when she cries, her eyes unleash a storm
So she may be the reason raindrops are falling on my head from a leaking ceiling in my cabin warm
Feel each heartbeat as it generates a moment when a silver tear may escape her soul's window
She is no ordinary girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, but buries it in hopes something may grow
1.4k · Aug 2013
Radio Shoutout
Nik Bland Aug 2013
I hit the airwaves almost silently
Hoping out there, somewhere you'll hear me
Because it turns out radio time costs a lot
So here in the a.m., 3:13
I stop the easy going melodies
To tell you that last night you forgot your sock
I mean...
Yes you forgot it, but what I really mean
Is what happened last night doesn't regularly
Happen to me, like, ever. I swear
So, now that you know you're an innormality
In this life of mine that's not so lively
I think it's time that I clear the air
I have as much time as information on you
And the ******* we did left me a little unscrewed
As I looked in your eyes and I struggled with your bra
And a one-night stand, I'm not likely to do
But we did... well... a lot, some old stuff and some new
As you gyrated, bit, moved your hips, kissed, and clawed
Times winding down and I've said nothing right
Even if I did, chances are you won't hear this tonight
But all I have is your sock and that's not very fair to me
So what I'm trying to say under that "ON AIR" light
Is that I want to see you again, maybe for a quick bite
So that you might be tempted to leave a new piece of clothing
1.4k · Dec 2012
Nik Bland Dec 2012
Carry me love as the morning sun fades
For I am a pilgrim who is worlds away
And this planet of your seems only to be getting colder

Rockets fly above beyond the human eye
Amongst Earth's stars there are cars in the sky
Wrap me in a blanket, put your head on my shoulder

Tell me of the fools, who love instantly
Count them all out, don't forget to add me
I am weak-kneed at the sight of you, oh the wonder

For I have seen stars sing their sweet lullabies
Been throughout the heavens, the highest of high
Yet none can compare to world that is you

Give me some notice when your eyes are closing
Dream and create things while you are dozing
This alien to your land will be ever gazing

Feeling each heartbeat as well lay on the grass
Watching the waving comet fly past
Reflecting in your eyes, which are simply blazing

1.4k · Oct 2012
Truth in Lead Etchings
Nik Bland Oct 2012
I will sit here in my apartment on my bedroom floor
Writing and pondering many a thing, eyes darting from page to door
And as the pencil sings its scribble, a thought will come to me
That the only reason I am with you is to not feel lonely

I've written a million times about this thing we call "love"
Joking about how you and I are a pair of complimenting gloves
The fact that we bring the best out of each other no matter what it comes to
But my mind and heart scream in unison that I'm not in love with you

I stop my pencil for a second to see what I've written
Feeling as if my heart's in my throat and rubbing my neck as if bitten
Not knowing how to digest that you are simply just a pawn
Sighing in what seems disbelief, but still I write on

Wanting to feel the feelings that you often share with me
While dumbly nodding and playing the part so that you will not leave
Furrowing my brow and wishing the epiphany would cease
Yet knowing even if it's buried in lies, the truth has found a crease

Here I sit with a heart in one hand and a pencil in the other
Knowing the truth is evident in the soul, cover to cover
And I will apologize a million times before this day is through
When the tears well up when I say I'm not in love with you
1.4k · Nov 2012
A Conversation In Blue
Nik Bland Nov 2012
I have been mesmerized by mystical whirlpools of blue
Which stand in your constant stare in the deepest tint and hue
And I find I am captivated to no end with unspoken feeling and word
As I share in a conversation in which nothing can be heard
And all I pray is that you might let me clear your hair off your cheek
So my lips may land on their rosy tint and my passion may finally speak
For in this lies an unseen trasaction which you and I only know
As the blue in your eyes bring me far from shore and the waves of love seem to grow
Oh dearest girl who holds the essence of passion through and through
In my heart I can't deny I've devoted myself to you
Let me hold you close and caress your soft, soft skin
To warm you in the coming fall which reaps harsh winter winds
And in every action, every stare, every breath, I pray you know my heart
Which beats and aches to gaze into God's favorite work of art
I'll be your knight, your soldier, your lover, your partner forever true
For I have been mesmerized by mystical whirlpools of blue
1.4k · May 2013
Under the Sycamore Tree
Nik Bland May 2013
Golden droplets grow from the wildflowers under the sycamore tree
Looking and swaying along in a row gently within the breeze
Hidden somewhere over earth, under sky forever looking to the sun
Until they lock eyes with the moon at night when the day is done

Nectar so sweet seeps from the wildflowers at the sycamore tree's feet
Collected daily by the honey bees who hum when the flowers they meet
Often said and often told is that this song gifted wings and flight
Rising forth as they sing and composing from daylight into the night

Sweetest honey, ambrosia of the earth, your hues is unmatched, you shine
A mixture of work from both earth and sky, intoxicating as if wine
Why and where you lie in this world are known only on high
Under stars and over soil, a miracle in this by and by
Nik Bland Oct 2012
I'm not interested
Is that so hard to say?
I'm not interested in you
Those words come out like butter and yet the thing you try and do

Is hold onto to me for later
Put me to the side
There I sit hoping and praying
I'll be the apple of your eye

But you're not interested in me
You know it
You're not interested in me
Let me go so at least if I cry my eyes will finaly see

Are you so selfish to keep me around?
To trod on me and smile
Each time I am your turning point
When you cry tears of crocodiles

Just let me go!
Just let me go right now!
Tell me to my face that you dislike me! How?

With sincerity!
With bluntness!
With no sugar-coated words!
You've led me on for far too long to the point where it's absurd

Your killing me
You really are
My hopes and dreams compacted
Into the scene you've set for me and constantly reenacted

**** you!
You vile creature!
You deserve not a tear from my eye!
But here I stand with my heart in your hand and knife you put in my side

Oh dear coward
Just say it
Say you're not interested in me
So at least you and I can walk away with some shred of dignity

But you won't
Will you?
You'll keep me safely in a pocket
Not telling me a single thing, putting me in your secondhand locket

Just say it, please
I beg of you
Just for once say it. Please.
Tell me deep down you've always known you're not interested in me...
1.3k · May 2014
Self-Made Wonderful
Nik Bland May 2014
She painted stars in her own eyes
Ones that the heavens tried to buy
Special was made by her own hands
And no else could take that

She made her own special moonlight
Because she was tired of cloudy nights
Within the glow she was smiling
A vision of her own making
1.3k · Jul 2013
Aspirations of Princess
Nik Bland Jul 2013
Dark brown hair that matches her eyes
The girl in the woman who tries to survive
Amongst the concrete of grown ups and serious things
She looks to the sky and she wishes for wings

Notes of melodies pass the window
Of the office of the girl who sways to and fro
From the 53rd floor at her desk she does sit
Questioning, wondering, if this is it

Doodling flowers on figures and sheets
The woman is busy, the child incomplete
As the synthetic air blows in the office space
The polar opposite of a warm winds embrace

Clocks tick and bring a tune to her mind
So far in her life and yet she feels left behind
In a world of numbers and frivolous words
A girl in a woman just longs to be heard

Aspirations of princesses are miles away
Longing for daylight in a castle of grey
As business pushes on, so dreams still survive
The girl in the woman fights to stay alive
Keep a bit of the child you once were, for it's the purest form of you. A color in this world that should not be grayed out... -N.B.
1.3k · Nov 2012
Nik Bland Nov 2012
Rain will fall as clouds do form
Onward, forward, as they swarm
And create times we're nestled in
Each others arms, safe from harm

Songbirds, forward, not to be found
As rain falls onto the ground
Drying wings, the pretty things
As storm clouds drop rain
Tumbling, tumbling

Rumbling on comes thunder
As it follows, chasing lightning bolts
Shaking foundations strong, but not for long
Safe from worry, safe from harm

Dripping, dropping rain does give applause
To kisses fireside, as we stay safe
Like birds that stay in nests away from rain
Not fearing, as they're hearing thunder
Wonder, under forest trees

And here we'll be and there they are
Until the clouds leave their scene
And leave raindrops to reveal nighttime stars
And birds and we will sing again amongst the puddles
Until the rain does come again

Until the rain does come again...
1.3k · Oct 2012
Maiden of The Moon
Nik Bland Oct 2012
My lady is immortal and shines only for me
Setting waves in motion so that I may hear the sea
With skin a white as milk that is mine to behold
And eyes that shine brighter than both diamond and gold

Her ambience inspires those whose love has come and gone
The streaks of sultry melodies create a secound dawn
And I will look upon her sillouette with unfaltering, desiring eyes
As she reaches for me every single night and carries me up high

My lady's essense walks upon the solitary shore
Her hair of silver, so long and silken, that flows forever more
She sips dreams from her teacup and plays amongst the stars
But always keeps in my sight to she show she strays not far

Oh illustrious siren of destiny, look at your lover and smile
Realize he looks to you to carry him through Heaven's aisle
And with the kiss you lay upon my cheeks each solitary night
I dream of you on glowing shores in palaces of white
1.3k · Nov 2012
Nik Bland Nov 2012
Where will you find me
Among the reeds of this red river
Chopped up in pieces, never whole
'cause you were stolen from me

Will I overcome grief
Whilst other try to overcome greed
Feathers and souls under sand-littered ground
As I stand a wanting god

You cry for me
I hear you above me, I know
No one benefiting our love
No one knowing such is our loss

Look for me in the hand of the river
Know my whole is completed by you
Feather and soul, which is lighter
None are more pure than our love
If you don't know the myth, Osiris was an Egyptian god who was married to Isis. Set, another Egyptian god, conspired to ****** him to claim Isis who, even after Osiris died, used a spell to bring him back to life. This angered Set so much, that he cut up Osiris into pieces and threw them into the Nile. Isis, ever the faithful wife, searched and found all of the pieces of her husband except for one. When the other gods saw this, they marveled at the love Isis had and resurrected Osiris, making him the god of the Underworld...
1.3k · Nov 2012
Nik Bland Nov 2012
We've only just started
And heartbreak seems inevitable only because it is

Just breathe
Shed your tears if you wish
For these days of sorrow are lessons

Take in the age you show
Weave in the stories and scars in your tapestry of time

Calmly, Serene
Taste life, both sweet and bitter
See the rain clouds as they are, highlighters of the sunshine

Love is breathing
Living is dreaming, nightmare or vision
Dare to dream, dare to love, dare to look, dare to live, dare to...

Nik Bland Oct 2018
You and I will crack one day
The smoothness will all go away
And as our hairs fade into grey
Will the love still stay?

We promise love until the dust
But so often forget the rust
Failing frequently to discuss
What happens if nothing happens to us

The porcelain will splinter and chip
Marking, for some, where the veil rips
But my love lasts more than just a stint
Of smooth skin on my fingertips

For if the twilight fades the blue
It replaces it with countless hues
And so will grow my love for you
In seeing, remem’bring what we’ve gone through

You and I will crack, no doubt
But my love will faithfully pour out
To endless bound, in copious amounts
A quenching water from an undying spout
“I believe when I fall in love with you, it will be forever...” -Stevie Wonder

“When I give my heart, it will be completely, or I will never give my heart...” -Nat King Cole

“In time the Rockies may tumble, Gibraltar may crumble, they’re only made of clay. But our love is here to stay...”
1.2k · Sep 2012
Hopefully Helpless
Nik Bland Sep 2012
Pray, heed the words that fall to the floor in the carriage of tears
Know she dares not cry in haste in caution, for weakness is fear
Dare to listen and understand and you might find yourself the exception
Sad is the song of the girl who bears flawless tears in the world of imperfection

Taste the ocean in the air as the dew drops fall from the grass
Silver pools collected and lying inside a basin of brass
Each drop so precious, but none more cherished than the ones that fall from her eyes
Earth and Heaven fading into grey, silenced by the tears she cries

Dare not shy away from the streams running down her face
Hold her tightly and secure her eternally in your embrace
Give a forever and forget her never in the sands and ashes of time
Sing of her tears and the gate that was open, sing of the hope in her eyes
1.2k · Mar 2013
Chivalry's Dead...
Nik Bland Mar 2013
Tempered rage
Ripped out pages
Tears hot on her cheek
Eyes red as she sits on her bed
Diaries torn at their seams
Realizing the fairy tales lied
Knights on white horses disperse
Sweet melodies turn melancholy
Out of pages, ripped from her world
Time for reality

Thus ended chivalry
1.2k · Oct 2012
Oh Heart of Depth
Nik Bland Oct 2012
Oh heart of depth
Another round of applause
For works of art that try the mind
A truly worthy cause

What goes into your process
The journey that you choose
The words that always win
In a soul that seems to lose

Oh heart of depth
Your crescendo in evident
Each work of art a tortured one
Every word worth its pence

Quiet lips which grace your solemn expression
With eyes that blaze and scream with pencil's tip
No failure, just falling in your view
Little infants of poetry birthed within your grip

Oh heart of depth
Tumultuous in the veil of words formed
Falling into underestimating eyes
Knowing not the whirlpool they swarm
Nik Bland Oct 2012
Tasting poisons a friend recommends
Saying that it's a must
While this liquid crumbles my insides and turns them all to dust
As my trust dwindles from the word
The word that brings tears to my eyes
The word they call gift, that is actually curse
And a word that I've come to despise

Look within and see an ending, a note that says simply "no"
Watch sorrow leak out till I am hardened inside
And see in this dust that hatred grows
And flows, and grieves, and rages, and bleeds,
And scream that I am so tired
That my light is dim, I'm hanging by a thread, and doused is my fire

Yet here I stand with poison in hand and all the world demands
So with bottle in hand I drink
Believing this chase will bring an end to this race, and try to change the way I think
And here's a toast to worries and woes
And the "will she call" and the "will she care" and the "why do I?"
And again and again and again, I come in, yet no blue comes to these skies

Till I'm dead. Hardened. Fearful. Angry
A shell of the man I once was
The pushing and shoving of a conforming world leaving me hollow because
Love is poison, make no mistake
Love is a poison from which we all wish to dine
And the more ill we get, with problems and frets, the more we drink and in time..

We as we once knew ourselves... are gone.
Dedicated To Kasey Shore...
1.2k · Feb 2013
Nik Bland Feb 2013
We are all but sailors who drift upon love's seas
But one thing I can't seem to decipher is if the lighthouse is you or me
For this wretched tide tosses and turns me into a face in the crowd
And I pray to God that searchlight will turn on and finally single me out
For I am sick with love for you and seem to be obscured
Pondering on which of us is ill and which is the cure
And all I know is seasickness is making me yearn for home
And the open doors that are your arms let me know you're sick of being alone
So I will weather the storm clouds and the ever tossing sea
And I will look to you and know I'm the one for whom you're waiting
For when it comes down to star-struck hearts that finally choose to collide
It matters not on the infliction or remedy but that they're brought together in time
With this in mind I will fall in love with you and wrestle my way to the coast
So then you can see the days have been long and of my journey I will boast
And any treasure I find, whether lighthouse or sailor, is worth the world to me
But until then, if you seek me, my love, look outwards to sea
1.2k · Nov 2014
The Sailor's Wife
Nik Bland Nov 2014
Her fragile hands tailored strands of strings into ship sails
And each of her breaths moved the depths as they grew into gales
To say she moved me would understate the gravity of things
As she sent me to unknown places upon linen wings

And oh, those linen wings would sing and cling onto the air
The ocean foam so far from home reminiscent of her skin so fair
Her voice ever ringing in my head and her touch fresh on my heart
Her eyes in every starlit night making sure home I could chart

Each hour I'd remember the red ember of her hair and her lips
As fragile hands wove those strands with prayers on fingertips
In the light of home she placed pieces of her heart in the sails she made for me
In hopes her beloved would return home once more from the endless sea

So here I journey on from night to dawn, dusk to day
Memories of skin, foam white, and her eyes at night showing me the way
Wishing for the fire of home inside her hair and lips
As she sends gales into woven sail leading me home to her kiss
1.1k · Dec 2012
Freckles In Autumn
Nik Bland Dec 2012
I seem to want to find you here amongst the shrouded leaves
To hold my hand so we may fly beyond the forest's trees
The freckles on your silky cheeks seem as kisses from the sun
And I find my longing grows stronger to kiss each and every one
The way you smile at me leads me to the brighter days
Pushing all my wrong-doings back to their cryptic graves
For all my heart's eye can see is Sara's lovely hue
In world's where grass is always green and skies are always blue
She sings to me a love song each time our lips dare touch
And purchases a heart given which loves her so very much
In her sapphire eyes lies my solace and excitement all in one
The girl who finds me amongst the leaves who's been kissed by the sun...
1.1k · Nov 2012
Jenny is My Day
Nik Bland Nov 2012
Eyes that stare at me with such depth that I shudder when I look directly
Hair which curls around my finger and bounces simply perfectly
Giving me a preview of a sunrise that hasn't yet been seen
Gazing at darling Jenny and knowing only she does this to me

Watching the heavens with such wonder as she litters them with stars
Hoping that she sees me from palaces in clouds from afar
Yet holding her with such unwavering dedication and never letting go
Seeing my dear Jenny and feeling her love's glow

Hearing every whisper, every hark, and every secret breath
Binding a love that I know will not be abolished by this thing called death
Shining in a world where humdrum people flock in by the many
Loving her for all she's worth, wanting my dear Jenny

Jenny's hands are the only ones which soften my rugged fingers
Before and after she leaves the room I find her scent does linger
Her silouette is one I look for each time I enter the door
Hearing her soft footstepstouch the cool, wooden floor

I will keep my dearest Jenny for as long as long can last
Seeing the timeline in her eyes of both our future and our past
Knowing that we will be in a love with no questioning or regret
And lying with her as her eyes close in and under her eyelids are sunsets
Nik Bland Nov 2012
My time has come, my love
My time has run out
So with a sigh I lean forward to kiss your hand
And I pray my lips will never touch your skin again

For the Devil, oh the fiend
The Devil has called my card
And a deal must be honored even amongst the wicked
And a soul must be taken, my love

Hear my heavy footsteps
Hear them echo through the halls
As I walk towards the door
To see you nevermore

See the dark clouds engulf the evening
Hear the thunder roar
Feel the heat in the room as the door creaks open
For I will see you no more

Fear the figure standing in the front
The pale man with red, wicked eyes
The man who holds your love
In a paper signed with blood

Look for me in heart and nowhere else
Pray we never meet again
For all that awaits me is fire and anguish
But a price must be paid for a prize

Hear the moaning of the wind
As the Devil smirks and the door closes
As you sit there with tears in your eyes
And know that tears are temporary

Keep the door shut, my love
Forget the kiss upon your hand
Forget the weight upon your heart
For a debt has been paid, and I am this world's no more

So live on my love
Live the life I gave for you
And forget my touch and my memory
For love weathers even hellfire
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