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the Moon became crimson in color
the night that your star disappeared
I watched the whole World reach the morning
while waiting for you to be here  
my memories turned into secrets
the kind only you knew to keep
I’ll see you whenever I see you
‘til then you’re the red in the wreath
for you, the intelligent star.
 Jan 25 Nik Bland
Reading poetry has never made me feel so alive
But this time
It's like i'm stealing words
And robbing pages
Making people turn the blind eye
While I strip the spines
Off of every carefully crafted novel and poem I've ever come to know
You see
Writing poetry is so exciting
But kidnapping others' is so inviting
They want you to feel how they feel
So why would i pour my own heart out?
I will cry your tears instead
I will move into your head, your life,
Your bed,
Just so I don't have to feel the loneliness of sleeping in mine.
Because that is where my poetry lies
And that is where the noose around my neck binds.
Oh god, please, won't you read between my wonderfully spaced out lines?
Won't you call me out on all my *******, half-*** schemed rhymes?
Please just pay attention
Make sure I listen to your correction
My absolute care is your infatuation
But i'm dumbfounded.
How could someone like you
Want someone like me
To carefully piece together my lips all the time
Just so you can hear my whines?
This life is no love of mine!
But god do I wish you to be fine
I just hope that when the time comes
You will still want to hear my voice
And see my words
No matter how sad
Because I will always hold your tears
No matter how much it hurts my flames.
The children grew heavy on our backs
The desert sun was baking our skin
But we could still see sand, endless at the horizon
We knew our last days were near.
Brown eyes are soft
They don’t speak too loud
But they catch my attention
Amongst all the noise
They are simple and beautiful
Full of wonder and purity
They are open to you
Drawing you in closer…
Closer for a kiss
Yet they hide many secrets
I can see why they’re dark
And the harder you look
The more you’ll wonder
What hides behind them?
Its easy to get lost
Lost in beauty?
Or lost in despair?
All I can say is…
The longer you stare
The more you’ll know
And the more you’ll wonder
And the deeper you’ll fall
With no escape

 Dec 2018 Nik Bland
Diane K
You laid down sweet words to me
and I willingly stepped into them.
I licked my fingers, I licked my lips
So delicious, I raised my hips.

You kept drizzling this sticky goo
I listened intently but no longer believed in you.
Over time it became dark and cloudy
Crystallized and of no use to anybody.

I tried to step aside, to leave this space but
my feet are stuck and its all I taste.
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