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 Mar 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Every aspect of what reality doesn't have to end up in flames,
Lying to ourselves about what we really want in life and what it could gain,
You might ace the test , you might new car, but what do you think is real,
Simulations been proven in time , over and over , as long we know we'll be fine,
Let go of the past mistakes,
Let go of earth as it breaks,
In the mind,
The shell will crumble from behind,
The skull where it is too divine,
Guess it's where I'm headed,
If it's a good direction,
Can't ruin my sessions,
If I sleep better maybe it'll blossom,
Talking about the pineal,
The flames still burn without any
 Jan 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Followed Illusion , Persuade A conclusion,
You don't know what I've Been through.
Juvenile Institutions , Unnecessary Retributions,
Should have had a better virtue.
People stepping over, while ignorance will linger,
trust me I've been through worse.
Heaven shines the most in summer, Collects souls in the winter,
I hope that yours get up there first.
To live for eternity is easy if your born with a good heart
and to the beyonder every time you fall in rock bottom like a
lets hope you skipped the ripples,
don't be the man in the middle.

To have somebody waiting for you is joyous even when you fall so short
in a life unexpected thinking how it could have been if he came down from
his throne to talk to you,
Live life to the fullest man cause you've only got one in such a short amount of time
looking at the past you had,
don't be so sure that time for you is running low,
people are poisonous like Salmonella,
but you just say whatever , look what you've done done done done.
 Jul 2017
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Beauty in the mist,
lights are sparkling,
And on earth your little dreams come crashing down like
project apartments,
while they let us lay in fear,
they make money off black inmates,
then the public sees that **** and think
that's all we're good for is crime and hate,
what did the president say?
say hes gonna make america great?
Man you ain't **** a good job,
Are you even trying anyway?
thats another display of hate?
bet you people regret it,
and there no resets,
gonna have to take it in and embed it,
we might be heading for a  fake world war,
don't hear it cause I said just research it,

Guess that's why I wanna float on to another world,
I honestly think that they make God to have these strict
rules when in reality he really wants all of you up there,
aka high chair,
aka ladder,
aka stairwells express,
aka the life after.
 Feb 2017
Ignite what you wish, just promise me
to adore the flames since it's the last
thing you two have combined
and for otherwise is energy wasted
and we know you love wasting time
regardless if it's yours to take
but for the duration of the fire
enjoy every spark and cheers
with the shotgun next to the jacket
along side the rest of her unfound things
I just owe it to say to the ash that remains
it's a shame you forgot you can't burn down your pain
 Dec 2016
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

I look to find the decadence and beauty in every
Situation while allowing myself to let go,
Knowing that nothing will work out,

What I seek is salvation and freedom from this
World of deceitful human beings,
It will not be able in my life to commence or be

It's 2 o clock and not tired or afraid to share what's
On my mind this evening.

I'm proud of myself


Save your body,  flesh,  and mind for new days
That might come,
don't hold your head down,
Pieces start flowing from the Everglades,
Pieces of you have made me smile,
Have you ever
A sacrifice
To make things right with all the family members
you Had,
so their thoughts could be with you,
Swimming in the lakes of confusion,
Come to terms with all the nervousness,
And put me in your memories,
Please don't be shy because of me.
 Oct 2016
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

When you speak i feel your pain,
Wanna comfort you in rain,
Knowing problems are the same when it comes to this here phase,
She said "shut the **** up babe",
Its the first time you called me that.....
Always wanna up and stay,
Your house is a block away,
This is just the greatest day when I'm touching on your face,
Your soul I wanna embrace,
She said call me when I get home , I'll get right on that,
And then it hits me.....

I know you,
I know your worth baby,
I know you,
I know your worth baby,
I know you,
I know your worth baby,
When you speak i feel your pain,
Wanna comfort you in rain,
Knowing problems are the same when it comes to this here phase,
She said "shut the **** up babe",
Its the first time you called me that,
You called me that.
 Sep 2016
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

It was necessary watching you go and leaving my life,
I ain't never gonna fall again,
I could have been like a human answering machine
For all of your problems,
But I'm not your guinea pig,

Cutie pie, cutie pie,
Why do you keep stressing me?

Cutie pie ,cutie pie,
Why do you not answer me?

I was so determine,
To keep us alive,
Don't ever come back to me,
Back to me,
Don't come back to me.
 Jun 2016
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

I lay my head knowing you'll recover,
Losing every inch of mind that I had,
Pouring cola in the sink where I sob,
For that I'd be glad,
I'm dishing out the good with the bad,
I'm sick of feeling sad,
I think I really need a friend,
I'm knowing that my heart lives deep in the
Can not pretend,
I'm sluggish but it can't get me down,
No matter what happens in my life,
Stretching to stars just feel something taking

Think about the children and the mothers,
You know they say that life is what you make it,
Conscious leaking everywhere so I know,
That this feeling I can't shake it,
Knowing that in life I can not fake it,
I'm nearly irritated,
I really freaking need a friend,
I'll never know what happens til it's too
Late and then I'll see the end,
I'm sluggish but it can't get me down,
No matter what happens in my life,
I'm putting down the gun and throwing it
In the river now I have a flashlight,
I'm sluggish but it can't get me down,
No matter what occurs in my life,
I can't stand the moon or the sun for
It is my personal guide.
 Nov 2015
Dark n Beautiful
Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country**
Make your votes count.
 Sep 2015
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Silky skin doesn't mean a thing to me,
Putting me on the shelf with all her other failures,
Clawing at my eyes to find a better sight,
I look in front of me,
Realizing I might die in kisses tonight,
Smothered in love  that has no words,
Can't describe the way I feel with grace,
Patch up my face,
I despise fate,
I love the way lips taste,
Honesty is key nowadays,
Please be discreet,
when you talk It doesn't mean a thing to me,
I hear a thousand voices in my head each day,
She says,
Anything she thinks I like,
I never listen,
Blocking out the wicked,
Inferrior to her choice of clothing,
Backing off because my nerves can't take it,
I use to love you,
Now I desert you fully.
Its always good to drown in lust.
Does hate stay entwined in the back of your mind?
Is one of a kind love permanently etched in time?
Could death be the end of an idea
Even if it's never born?
Is life given from the inside
Before it's given the chance to form?

Some things can never end,
All things in life deserve the chance to breathe.
An idea, a feeling, even the things you never see.
 Jul 2015
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Completely and utterly mystically sane,
I drive through the forces that carry my weight,
Visions through your eyes , but you never mentioned my name,
I'd die a quick and painful death without knowing the strain,
No limations left swear i fill up pain,
Indebted the affection but battled with the thoughts that came,
Popular teens riding in mustangs , while you have to walk in the rain,
Life isn't always good,
When karma is on your *** all the time,
Asking god why have you forsaken me,
Without ever being rude,
But slowly telling it you hate it too,
Retorting and overreacting,
Drinking too much to know your name,
To the heavens your shouting,
But this love I have could not be replace,
For the weirdest reason.
Number 9 is buried for a reason
 Jun 2015
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham


Heavy artillery to make the flowers grow,
But the gardens full of snakes so I had to show,
Feeling so anticipated , but on the contrary,
Noticed unloyal displeasure before you even talk to me,
Best one in town,
I'm good with guns,
Had a couple of calls come in,
Says he's on the run,
The whole primus is that I have unloyal friends,
Their not who they say they are,
And if they are,
Then Face an end,
Like no other to betray,
And what ever they portray,
Isn't exactly what they say.

"Paid off"

I push and I pull its not doing enough,
My blood of deception from my wrist , I cut,
I'm just talking so figuratively , I'm not dumb,
They laugh at religion , please get the nuns,
Evil Chaotic schemes to block out the sun,
Shining down on me , but the tan is no fun.
Freestyle I guess .... Lol
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