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Xoi Jan 2019
wipe away the day with a
splash, double, drop
sugar waters redhanded
paint cleans the mop

spoonfuls of medicine
adjacent shots to bite
but the sweetness is canny
its the throat thats tight

you should say what you will
or please, will while you stay
just don't do for me
the things drunk people say
not as i do
Xoi Sep 2017
To the man at the dead end,
Your company is pleasing.
Your smokes smell different than mine
so its a nice change of pace.
Usually there are only crickets playing
for me but tonight there is a band
rocking out for the two of us.
I often chat with myself but
you're allowing me to listen. To you,
puffing away your work day
and starring at the sea to set afloat
every uneasy thought that has crossed you
and as I listen to the grunts in your breath,
as the pacing between each increases,
I know your heart's settling and it's time for bed
Though I havent pulled away yet because i
Prefer a soundtrack to silence and
I'd rather fall asleep to all the
nothings you have to say than
my own rhetorical questions.
i don't answer to myself
Xoi May 2017
You could lift a million pounds
on nothing but your shoulders
and walk a mile down the road
and still not feel a second older

Maybe your posture isn't perfect
and your muscles begin to ache but
every inch that passes
makes it harder to mistake

What is different between a grin
and a smile that stays in tact
but lying to yourself will be
the straw to break your back
  May 2017 Xoi
I will not say to you
"In another life"
It should have been this one.
Xoi Mar 2017
I was asked what I would do
if I was given the blessing to be able
to see the future for just a moment and
spaceships soared across
my mind and I'd love to know
if scientists gained any knowledge
on the puzzling concept of holographic love
and I'm also strangely curious if anyone would
think in years to come to recite vows to their computer
but just as advances are beautiful
so is how we tend to fester and so
subconscious overgrew, engulfing
as I pondered what I would
feast my starving eyes upon
and I had seemingly no other
option but to change my focus to you
and ask you if you'd depend
now without hesitation
on the truth in the words you used
to recite to yours truly like a bridge
to get you from the beginning to the end
of the void that is now between you and I.
Xoi Mar 2017
How many people do you have to allow
to trample on your chest
with spiked steel toed boots
before you realize you should stop
planning your own isolation since
the warmth of the sun can be so comfortable
for as long as you don't start to sweat and
words are the melody of passing thoughts
though they are scarcely jotted down in stone
and you love watching the leaves dance in the wind
but eventually they stop playing music
but when you think that a flower blooms
to now get abused by bees, it's
lighter on the mind than realizing
that the world looks so different
with tears in your eyes
  Feb 2017 Xoi
Slur pee
Let your flames lick my skin,
Eat me away until I’m nothing.
Just ash lost in the wind,
Riding it’s current, catatonically.
Floating on the breaths,
Words left unsaid- regrets.
Boil me in your grip
So I can quietly slip,
As smoke, through your
Choking fingertips.

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