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2.2k · Jun 2020
I Can't Breathe
He raised up his head,
Trying to speak,
Yet speaking nothing.

She opened her mouth,
Trying to mutter words,
Yet nothing coming out.

I can't breathe
Words never to be forgotten

I can't breathe
Words we carry on placards

I can't breathe
Words kicking down whiteness

I can't breathe
Words doing-away with racism

I can't breathe
Words demanding equality

I can't breathe
Words bridging the white and black gap

I can't breathe
Words changing the times

I can't breathe
Words destroying white supremacy

I can't breathe
Words uniting colors

I can't breathe
Words uniting races

I can't breathe
Words signifying unity

I can't breathe
Words causing race inequality uproar

I can't breathe
Words knocking down white brutality

I can't breathe
Words ending police brutality

I can't breathe
Great words
Creating equality for all race
Ending police brutality
Doing-away white supremacy
Uniting all race
Uniting all colors
A must for all nations

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem is in honor of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks. It also tackles racism and race inequality as well as the right for black to be at the table of colours.
1.9k · Mar 2020
The creator of the universe
Our whole existence
Our tradition and way of life
The beginning and the end

The divination and religion
Of our people
Odu Ifa our literary corpus
The grand priest of Ifa
The mantle of Olodumare

The builder of the Ifa Oracle
Ile-Ife your city of abode
Orirun ile Yoruba
The master of Aseda and Akoda
The Aalafin of Yoruba land
The Ooni of the Yoruba mantle

Our spiritual system of existence
The supreme being
The Orisa of all orisas

Esu bows at your feet
Obatala trembles at your voice
Ogun makes an obeisance at your sight
Osun lays down at your coming
Yemonja proclaims your might

The divination of Ifa
The prophecy of the Yoruba heritage
The founder of earthly beings
The Ese Ifa
The principal Odu

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is poem telling the literary corpus of Orinmila a Yoruba god.
Upon people’s weaknesses they play.
Upon people’s happiness they trample upon.

They preach,
Oh they preach,
Preachers of men,
Preaching their manifestos.

Their mass oppressions,
A whipstroke of slavery,
Keeping freedom away,
Allowing unspoken speeches.

Mr. Government!
Your planting of truth,
Yet acting lies,
Like Lucifer upon earth.

Our lost lands,
The cornering of leaders.
Our cherished freedom,
The bounds of greedy mortals.

Their moral compass,
A dumpling for gutters.
The words of restructuring,
A lie they tell to sleep at night.

The revolting of souls,
A bribery round the corner.
The dawn of a new day,
A shutting down of a never casted dye.

The Bantu they throw at us,
An education of their disloyalty.
Equality they preach,
Yet enjoying the fruits of our labour.

Our heroes past,
A burden dropped,
To be forgotten,
Yet remembered for belly sake.

Me, My belly and I,
A stomach infrastructure,
Catering only to the rich,
Yet diminishing the poor.

The controllers of affairs,
Dictating one’s future
Offering obedient slaves,
A slaughtering for their ****** souls.

Their theatre signatory,
A passing for comedy.
Our leaders,
A legacy of betrayal.

The citations of a bad fruit,
Their forever plantings,
Bringing over odour,
Of sadness and slavery.

An act of niceness,
Yet taking my bones at every given chance.
Giving us no choice,
Yet claiming we have no bounds.

Stirring us along
Giving us hope
Talking of a bright light,
Yet sinking in your treacherous torture.

Stealing of freedom from our lips
Pushing us into the dark quarters
Digging our early graves,
Yet cometh like a Redeemer.

Telling us of your democracy,
Yet ripping off our fundamental rights.
Your dictatorship,
Creating our unfree society.

Coming out,
Telling us of our victorious times,
A bribery to generations,
Yet helping to dig out graves.

Giving heart-warming patriotic speeches
Telling us not to be afraid,
Portraying tunnels of hope,
A bribery we didn’t reject.

Your illusion of a god-complex
Crushing everything in your path
Giving false hope
A mockery we carry on our foreheads

Our daily tyrants,
Walking freely,
Taking slaves,
Yet leaving no man to rise.

We envisaged a better tomorrow
Leaving the past behind
Creating new dreams
A dream you cut short

Our pens as placards
Establishing dictatorship
Safeguarding a revolution
Writing hopes of tomorrow

Your speeches
Bringing apathetic graves
Letting out your brutality
Showing life’s forces

You stand on the hill
Shouting your command
We all gather in fear
Singing silently “dictatorship free us now”

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is me telling the story through poetry how leaders in Nigeria behave.
875 · Jul 2020
Esu Lanlu
Esu Elegbara
Esu Odara
Esu, the scared child of heaven
Esu, a reviled, respected,
Yet misunderstood being.
Esu, all creations dance to your best of life
Esu Dagunro
Esu Lukuluku
Esu Apagbe
Esu, the quickest and fastest one
Esu, confuser of many
Esu, the disruptor of order
Esu, the iconic one
Esu, the master of linguistics
Esu, the conciliatory peacemaker
Esu, the divine alchemist
Esu, the trickster
Esu, the pusher of those,
Who doesn't carry Olodumare's wishes.
Esu, the inseparable friend of Orunmila
Papa Legba
Legba Atibon
Papa La Bas
Esu, divine messenger of transformation
Esu, ebora to luti la nbo
Esu, Okunrin ori ita
Esu, a quick responder when consulted
Esu, divine messenger of the gods
Esu Odara, the divine one of Ose Otura
Esu, carrier of the ase of sensuality and fertility
Esu Lanlu, king of dance
Esu, keeper and imparter of ase
Esu, the fundamental Orisa
Esu, the manifest of greatness
Esu, the one who is as hard as Rock
Esu Akeregbaye
Esu, the shedder of blood who knows no one's tears
Esu, the controller of earth
Esu, the special middle man between heaven and Earth
Esu, the anointed rope to success and wealth
Esu Lanlu
Esu Elegbara
Esu Odara

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem I wrote titled "Esu" is an eulogy to Esu and the praises of Esu.
Queen of the kingdom
The heart of Sàngó,
Giving Sàngó courage.
Sàngó's betrothed
Goddess of wind, tornado,
Yet the owner of the marketplace.
Queen of all seas
Creator of lakes and rivers
The waters knows your name
Goddess of storms
Orisa of death and rebirth
The mother of nine
The undergoddess of Odo-Oya
The unbeatable warrior
The summoner of rain
Sàngó's princess consort
Thou who walketh through fire with no burns
Queen of courage
Goddess of speed and energy
Symbol of faithfulness
Goddess of devotion and perfection
Goddess of war
Oya, our fiercely warrior of old

Written Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem eulogies Oya, who is the goddess of courage, war, rain, wind, tornado, speed, energy, death faithfulness, devotion, perfection, rebirth and the wife of Sàngó.
660 · Jul 2020
The Voodoo Gypsy
She cometh from afar,
Chanting words of magic.
Singing beautiful songs
Calling out to the spirits

Her powers so glaring
Her voodoo doll by the window
The crystal ball of life
Cards of the future laid in the table

Looking into her eyes,
Seeing the communing of the spirits.
The owl on her roof,
Making scary sounds welcoming the spirits.

Piercing into my soul
A telling of the past and the present
Her reading of fortunes
A telling of the future

The enchantment in the room
The conjuring of spirits
Her performance of black magic
A force of good and evil

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem describes a voodoo gypsy.
650 · Oct 2020
A Child From The Other Side
Your coming
A painful event
Leaving memory scars
Telling your time of existence

Markings on your back
Piercings way through your ears
Cries so loud
Calling to the other side

Looking to imaginery friends
Talking to thyself
Singing songs of thy departure

Elders paying tribute
Bowing to thy exit
Waiting for thy arrival
To depart again
This poem talks about an ancient child called "Abiku" in Nigeria culture, Yoruba culture to be precise which dies and comes back again.
615 · May 2020
Oba tasa.
Father of all orisas
The irunmole of mankind

The saint among saints.
The archetypal spirit of creativity
Olodumare's right hand
Father of humanity

Supreme deity
Holder of justice,
Wisdom and life.
The quintessential father

King of the white cloth
The eldest of all orisas
Creating mankind,
Drunk on palmwine,
Yet creating beautiful beings.

The father of the sky.
Your divinity,
We looketh upon.

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This a eulogy to Obatala the long of the white cloth.
They tell us,
About a great future.
They tell us it is coming,
Not today but tomorrow.

Our dear Nigeria,
A safari for its rulers,
Stealing our freedom,
Yet showing a victorious future.

Our leaders,
They keep on telling us,
Of the people,
By the people,
For the people.

They come as bearers,
Bearing freedom,
Removing slavery's chains and rods,
Yet trampling on our humanity.

Our leader's democracy,
A temple built with words,
Yet plastering it with,
Power and constant deceit.

They bribe our conscience
They fail to discharge their duties,
Yet singing victorious praises of their democracy,
Telling the world of vague achievements.

They play their drama,
Displaying it in public,
Showing a ****-a-doodle-doo of theatre,
Narrating nothing significant.

They claim to hear our cries,
Yet they are blind spectators of beauty,
Having no eat for our mass cries.

Their ideology of power.
Their way of life
A culture so dear to them

A backwash from future's deep
A begraggle of corrupt leaders
A pointer to Me, My Belly and I

They claim we have rights,
Yet they keep us in chains.
Their democracy,
An emblem of an immoral compass.

I look out my balcony window,
Waiting for change.
I stand at my front door,
Hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

My father waited
My mother hoped
I in turn prayed
Our children echoed

I dream of a great democracy
I dream of liberation
I put down my pen,
It is tired of being,
Mightier than the sword.

Oh democracy
I raise my hand up in your honour
Nigeria's democracy,
Our leaders' famous slogan.
Democracy: Our Leaders' Famous Slogan discusses and highlights the way leaders and the government in Nigeria, Africa practices democracy.
420 · Jul 2020
Jakuta, the son of Aganju
The fiery son of Obatala
Violent ruler, grandson of Oduduwa
Sàngó, the one who screams with thunderbolt
A betroth to Osun, Oba and Oya
The husband of Oya
Sàngó, the third Alaafin of Oyo
Sàngó, god of thunder and lightning
Sàngó, the clappings of thunder,
His making.
Sàngó, maker of lightning
Sàngó, the dragon that consumes other dragons with fire
Sàngó, killer of Gbonga with his ferocious fire
Sàngó, Arabambi Oko Oya
Sàngó, Eleyinju Ogunna
Sàngó, Olukoso Lalu
Sàngó, the breathe of fire
Sàngó, Olukoso
Sàngó, Oloju Orogbo
Sàngó, the rescuer of Alaafin Ajaka
A favourite to the bata drums
Sàngó, Akara yeri yeri
Sàngó, the killer who was never killed
Sàngó, he who waves his double-headed axe
Sàngó, Oba koso
Sàngó, god of justice
Sàngó, god of dance
Sàngó, god of virility
Sàngó, Agodo
Sàngó, Afonja
Sàngó, Lubé
Sàngó, Obomin
Sàngó, the caster of thunderstones
Sàngó, god of iron
Sàngó, god of fire
Sàngó, the archetypical god
Sàngó, god of power
Sàngó, god dominance
Sàngó, king of Alujá
Sàngó, a great deity
Sàngó, a notable Magician
Sàngó oo
Sàngó oo
Sàngó oo
Olukoso oo

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
A eulogy and praises to Sàngó, the god of thunder, lightning, fire and iron.
393 · Jun 2020
A brown man
Speaking radicalising words.
Marching as to war
Showing placards of his grief,
Depicting foreheads of vagabonds,
Reminding others of past slavery.
Their de-subjectification of freedom
Their voices,
A singular connotation of enough-is-enough
An appetite for recognition
A planting for equality
A right to color
A plea bargain for respect,
Yet writing a throwaway of discrimination.
A caged bird,
Wanting to soar far beyond whiteness.
Demanding equal previlege
A demand costly but needed
Their melancholy of racial assimilation
Our sanguine of identity

Their windspread of hatred
Our moment to canvas light
A shadow of itself
A belonging for many
A colour they deem despicable,
Yet a horizon we cherish.
Looking to the future
A beautiful future
I too
She too
He too
Us too
They too
Black too
Will sit at the table of colors
A dream I hope so dear

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem I wrote for racism and #blacklivesmatter .
375 · Mar 2020
Kabiyesi O!
Your Excellency
I salute thee
Oh! King
King of Gbomulero
Oh! King
I salute your mighty sword
Oh! King
Kabiyesi o!
Kabiyesi o!

I lift up my mouth
To praise your mighty-ness
Oh! King
Kabiyesi o!
Your Lordship
That no dares to question
No one dares
To look into your eyes
Oh! King
Kabiyesi o!

The fighter of the spirits
The king of the witches
The night crawler
That wrestled the spirits in the dark
The only addressee of the jury
The judge and the jury
The Alápatà of Gbomulero

Oh! King
Kabiyesi o!
The end and eternity
Of Gbomulero's existence
The mantle of Orunmila
The Royal Highness
Of the gods

Oh! King
Kabiyesi o!
Ki ade pelori
Ki bata na tu pele
Kabiyesi is a word in Yoruba which means king. Ekun fun arare in Yoruba means the lion himself.  Ki ade pelori Ki bata na tu pelese means in Yoruba your reign is eternal.
362 · Jul 2020
In My Place Of Rest
This wonderful lonliness
The peace I needed
Here I find serenity
It has alluded me
It's a place I never go to
Isolated in my despair
I longed for serenity
I craved for serenity
You finally brought me to this place.
A place my mind can wander,
And my thoughts can run wild.
I feel you in my soul
I feel you in my calmness
Breathe of a hopeful place of rest
You brought me peace
You brought me happiness
I'm happily lost here
You brought me nature-induced bliss
A bliss I'll cherish always
I feel your calmness
You brought me here
I am in my place of rest

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem on serenity.
309 · Dec 2020
A Seasonal Delight
Sing me a sweet carol
Twinkling sounds of happiness
Upon merriments of joyous celebrations

A time for joy
A holiday season
Old traditions new memories

Glows on the trees
Love all around
Kisses under the mistletoe

Thou gave us thy son
On a manger he was born
Our wishes came through

A king came
Special gifts he brought
Oh what a delight

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem for Christmas and the festive season.
271 · Nov 2020
The Unstraightened Soldier
We will charge harder
Yes sir!

We will strike when it is cold
Yes sir!

Let's go by night
Yes sir!

Prepare the feeryboats and other vessels
Yes sir!

Send them West at once
Yes sir!

Charge our men forward
Yes sir!

Eliminate thy enemies
Yes sir!

Crucify their men to the cross
Yes sir!

Their women
Bring spoils from the merry
Yes sir!

Your dignity of war
Yes sir!

What's with the yes sir?
Yes sir!

Incompetency tthou keep under thy bossom
Yes sir!

Are you sure you can lead,
Thy men to battle?
Yes sir!

What's with the yes sir?
Yes sir!

Yes sir!

Thou look less serious
Yes sir!

Go forth and disseminate thy rivals
Yes sir!

Go now!
Yes sir!

Yes sir!

What are thou waiting for?
Yes sir!

Written Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a comical poem of a soldier who says "Yes Sir" to everything he's being asked or told to do.
Where I am
                Where I stand
                My daily song.
                My present emotion.
                I am no longer burning with passion
                I long for more beauty
                The vanity I seek,
                What a fair one I know.
                My latest predicament,
                A longing for better times.
                I crave for something better
                I want a new flame
                In this spring of discontent
               A float of an invisible,
               Yet having springs of a vague tomorrow.
This is an ode showing the state someone is in. It shows how discontent and dissatisfied the person is with his or her life.
257 · Nov 2020
A Dead Man's Biography
At the church of all saints
Singing glorious tunes
Hymns and harmonious voices
The father, an altar he stood in front
His passing
Life if an exited fellow
Can we say something?
Say to the saints
The tears of many
Words much but little
An ovation so small
Ashes to ashes
Keeping nothing in your remembrance
He once stood here
A man like God
He jouryned with the saints
Wait a minute
His family speaks
Tell them
He once stood here
Only to stand no more
Did he perish?
Wait a minute
Did he perish?
I said speak
He had no vision
The mantle perished long ago
Did he wait for the saints?
No, the morning after
I see a congregation
Mourning a death of old
Clap for her speech
He perished like a sunken treasure
Was he not a king?
Did he perish?
A glorious exit
He perished like a sunken treasure

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This peom tell the story of a man who died and a lot of him at his funeral didn't have a good thing to say about him. They didn't have any memorable thing to say about his existence on planet Earth.
257 · Jul 2020
An Ode To Death
The funeral marches to graves
The descending of curtains
An end to come
The march to finality
A marching to dust
Tarrying to the night
The quiet hollow
The aura of sadness
The exist of a mortal
A coming at will.
The king of one’s soul.
The Lord of the night.
A silence to life.
The lion of the forest.
The ruler of the mountains.
A piercing of hearts.
It’s tattoo forever a mark.
A ticking of the clocks.
A bringer of eternal peace.
The sweet relieve it bringeth
The residing of mortals
A bringer of grief.
A planting of sadness.
An anthem of black flames.
A war veteran’s dirge.
A thief of the night.
A certainty for all.
The burn out match stick in one’s ashtray.
The whither of bones.
A tragedy to life.
An endless sleep to one’s soul.
Death cometh
A sweet relief
One’s death
The glowing of darkness
A mortal’s final rest.
The ugliness to a beauty.
The letting out of a final sigh.
The calling from one’s ancestors.
A passing through the night.
The end to one’s pleasurable life.
I float this Carol,
To you I sing.

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a eulogy to death as it shows how mighty death can be with it's different sides.
248 · Nov 2020
Corne De Brume
The lighting from afar
Near sight of hope
Seeing an absurd vanity of believe
O thou Golden gate
Endearing truimph on fragmented victory

Loud low-pitches
Sending messages afloat miles
Upon glittering luster of waves
Telling the wind it's courage
Professing life on Sea

Corne de brume
Welcome aboard our feeryboat
Corne De Brume talks about the life on Sea. It's actually the French word for Foghorn.
243 · Jan 2021
Ella Mai
Fixating my eyes
Stripping your beauty piece by piece
That I may show thy beauty

Beautiful maiden
Among pleasantry ladies of May
Dancing like an Arabian night

Laying down by thy side
Listening to the sounds of the night
Wondering how my heart captured thy flower

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This peom talks about a lover who's talking about how he fell in love with his lover.
242 · Jul 2020
Here's To Forever
I want no surer ***** than your arms
You shared my happiness
The rose in my garden whithered,
But your love stayed strong.

The only beauty that is forever
Your angelic coming into my life
The only day of sunshine,
Yet never blinding.

I promise to love you compassionately
You're my forever
In your heart, I promise to stay forever
I promise to keep our candle burning

Seeing you in the crowd
Noticing your flowery smile
I picked a bright rose
A rose that keeps my heart alive

Our special day
The joining of us
Our vows from the heart
Moments I'll always hold dearly

You have become mine
I have become yours
I promise you,
Patience, understanding and tolerance.

I promise you sunshine,
I promise you little rain,
But I promise calmness for all storms,
Giving my hearts deepest devotion.

You're my best friend
I promise to give you the best of myself
Come rain
Come sunshine

Our love shall be stronger than hate
Our hearts shall beat as one
Our love,
A great sum than two in love.

I'll love you all my life
Meeting you,
I was touched by an angel,
Ending the bitterness of my heart.

Your love has me sure
Your love has brought purity to my heart
You make my sing
The angels in heaven sing hallelujah to our love

I stand at this altar,
Pouring my heart,
Telling my beloved,
The desired of my heart to our everlasting love.

I shall carry our love with me
I shall carry your heart with me
I love you
I shall say it at least once a day

I searched for good and beautiful
I found you
I searched for peace
I found you

Your heart
Where I'll always be
All I want is us,
Together forever.

Written Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem showing a couple's vow.
238 · Jan 2021
A Nameless Street
Shackles on my feet
The ******* of the past
Thou held me out
Piercing my heart with bitterness

I tried to come undone
Portraying the beauty of the future
Wearing you like a cunning smile
Setting ablaze a binding heart

I let go
Letting deep like a broken vase
Pouring out it's flowery gaze
Turning love astray

Oh some foretelling
Relieving bad memories
Revealing the aches of oneself
Attaching a Biography to pain

Beautiful but broken
A Potter's broken piece
Stunning but broken
Leading to the ways of no return

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem of pain.
226 · Nov 2020
Casa Isolata
Have thou reached casa isolata?
Shimmer of paradise it bestowed
Beautiful lands it rested upon

Sorroundings of fruitful clementine
An empire of pride

Casa isolata
I hear the callings of thy chimes

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem of someone who missing his homestead.
197 · Oct 2020
A Disguise To Happiness
Illusions of thy presence
Love, thy dwellings in self illusions
Fabricating for souls
Belladonna your favourite peace offerings

Your speaking smile
Explicit words of happiness
Estatic feelings thou brings
Enchantments a layer thou hides

Thou sheddings of light
Deceiving men and their deeds
Postering love
Forgetting life's hatred

Your best addressed to all pains
Your cunning way to thou's enchantment

Promising Euphoria
A place thou led us there not

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem talks about the happiness and the illusions of happiness.
196 · Dec 2020
Pitiless African
Exiting the blackness of the night
Thou tiny mediocre awakes
Arising with casual elegance
Biding the night farewell
Singing it's welcoming lullaby
Pouring out it's gorgeous golden-blinding

I feel it's presence
Sending overpowering bright lights
Bedazzling our minds
Oh radiant one
Thy golden fingers of sunlight
I receive your relentless dappling

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem that's talking about the sun especially in Africa. Pitiless African is an adjective we use for the sun in Africa because of its harshness.
190 · Nov 2020
Old Wounds Never Die Young
By his Majesty's foot stool
Tales never been told
A warrior's analogy
Imaging the blood of many

The battle of old
Modakeke it's passage
Crowning victory a renegade

Scars untold
Proportionate to the heartbeat of Ile-Ife
Setting Ooni's mantle
Bowing to Orunmila

Scavangers setting the pace
Awarding criminals the holy Cross
Anointing them for the book of life

Desertion of no return
They called it a treatise
Holding onto dissertation of old

Blood a signal of peace
Reminding hearts of tales unforgettable

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
There was a very long aged war between two places in Nigeria called Ile-Ife and Modakeke. This poem depicts the war that between these two places that went of for years claiming so many lives.
179 · Mar 2020
My intermediary
The divinity calleth
Your response awaketh my divinity

You are here
Gbe ja mi
My intermediary
I calleth to thee

Ma pada leyin mi
Call upon my divine helper
Lead me to my chosen destiny

My divinity
My guardian
Orisa bi o ba gbemi
Ori mi ma pada leyin mi

Eleda mi
My protector
The chosen of my destiny
My door to life

My life regulator
The conformed of my destiny
Take me to my Orisa
Don't let me down

My watchman
My interpreter
My destiny caller
My devotee to the gods

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
177 · Mar 2020
Shadow Helper
Why stand by the corner
Oh feint soul?
I hear your cries
Like a wounded lion
At my sight
You ran into the dark

Come out!
Come out!
Oh feint soul
I worketh thee not
I know your bitter laughter
Bitter laughs I hear

You seek retribution
You favour vengeance
Revenge your heart cries
Entangled in your bitterness
The shimmer of death
You seek

Forgive not
Oh feint heart
Forget not
Oh bitter soul
Seek not
Oh vengeful heart

I call to you
Shadow helper
Grief not
I grief
Yet I sorrow not

I plunge a knife
Your heart I pierce
Feint heart
But bitter soul
Vengeance I seek
Retribution my calling

-Shadow Helper
From A Collection Of Small Mummy's Poetry
Written by me.
#Tosanation #artsandcreatives
167 · Jul 2020
Of The Unwanted Martyr
Justifying a thief
Looking for a Redeemer
Yet selling one's soul for bargain

Sale of one's conscience
Giving room for imprisonment
Doing away with the inconvenient truth

A line-up of forgotten heritage
Accepting the long spoon
Cornering the dividends of abandonment

Losing one's entitlement
Giving betrayal a new name
Crowning loyalists king of the land

Upholding truth
A forgotten culture
Making lies their way of life

Truth at the cross
Dying for it's belief
A martyr no one wants

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem addressing the issues of truth, conscience, and politics in Africa.
164 · Jul 2020
Priests Of The Gods
Cultures of old
Surrendering to thy god
Bowing in reference
Telling mysteries unravelment

The forecast of the elders
Giving praises to their gods
Welcoming the spirits
Resurrecting the ancient incantations

Monarchs in gathering
Rulers in council
Entering the room of spirituality
Leaving Epistles for generations unborn

Their cultural powers
A bestowing of forefathers
Worshipping mighty deities
Forming lineages of righteousness

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
162 · Jul 2020
Vernacular Mistress
Their relationship
A poetic diction
Giving room for freedom
Taking down all languages
Like revolutionaries of old

Not a sound sense
Making language her foot stool
Creating vague words
Bringing back medieval times
Telling ancient African tales

Shooting language in the face
Beautifying colloquialism
Expressing one’s self
Giving recognition to informality
Doing away with language distinction
Forming a path of it’s own

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
151 · Jul 2020
The Forgotten
A gambler on the road
His crooked smile for the night
The pubs his home
A drunk not worth saving

Alcohol his best friend
Cigarette, a calming for his soul
Brothels his place of solace

A ranking for atrocities
Born throwaway his calling
A mistake for the day

The dumps his dinning table
Under the bridges,
A home for the cold.

A soldier losing his soul at war
A forgotten veteran,
Leaving his shadow as he goes by.

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem tells the story of a war veteran who life has hit hard after the war.
147 · Jul 2020
Thoughts From An Old Mind
Where were you?
Where were you,
When I needed you?
Where were you,
When I longed for you?
Your taunting exist,
A memory yet to be erased.

I needed a friend
A strength for my weak heart
A hand to stretch out,
Holding mine.
Your shoulder I longed,
To lean on.

You left me in the lurch
You armoured my hate for you
A dirge I sing always
Telling of your cunning exit
Rainbow hasn’t set here for long
It hides its face,
Shielding itself from my bitterness.

A midsummer betrayal,
Leaving a murdered heart,
Laying by Oxford bridge,
To lay no more.
Your treason against my heart,
A tale I have been telling,
Yet leaving no stone unturned.

My heart was a diarchie,
But you left,
Leaving me with destroyed pieces,
Of a diarchie you forced.
A reign I disapproved,
Yet you cunningly forced,
A diarchie of two hearts,
Beating in different directions.

I solemnly swear,
To sing this dirge always.
A Dirge of your betrayal
A midsummer betrayal,
Leaving Oxford in awedness,
Of your treason against my heart.

Written Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem tells the story of a person who is remembering the betrayal, disappointment, pain, and heart ache they experience from their loved one.
138 · Mar 2020
When I die today
Dying with the king
I die a worthy death
I can hear my ancestors calling
The drums of my arrival
My story has been told
This is a marvelous sight
My coffin
I lay to rest
Sorrow no more
My demise a worthy story
Weep no more
My ancestors welcome me
Great king
What an honour
To lay beneath your rest

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
Abobaku is a man that all his life he is being trained that when a king dies in Yoruba land he will be buried with the king. Being buried with the king is his destiny.
137 · Nov 2020
Hanging at the cross

Prayers untold

Offerings to a master unknown

They call him the Messiah

Saviour of all

King of many

His stories had being foretold

Rolling down a passage for the heavenly

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem talks about the belief of some people in a supreme being.
Walking through these paths
A walk I feel I have taken
These memories
Why do things keep repeating itself?
I remember
This familiar feeling
This feeling
A feeling of before
These empty thoughts
Haven't I been here before?
These significant signs
I have seen them before
I had this dream
My reality,
A repeat of this dream.
Looking around
Seeing new things
Haven't I lived this before
De Javu,
Why do you keep coming back?

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
De Javu speaks about a person who is experiencing something they have experienced before.
130 · Jul 2020
The Ancients
My little Girka girl from Konni,
Standing afar off North.

The communing of the spirits,

Telling the rituals of old,

Bringing it's teachings to life,

Portraying the royal Court's beauty,

Giving an offering to Bòòríí,

Presenting the culture of old.

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
The Ancients is a poem that is talking about the Bòòríí tradition that was practiced in the Northwen part of Nigeria.
130 · Mar 2020
Aya Mi Owon
Sleep well my beloveth
Sleep well my heart
You tarried away
Your ancestors calleth
The casualties were many
Yours was deep

The funeral songs
It overwhelmed my heart
Esu Lalu looted
He stole my precious heart
The drums of your demise
Your children screams in sadness

I sit under the tree
Our mahogany tree
I weep at your grave
Without you
Life ceaseth
And sorrow departed me not

Esu Lalu
Why take my bride into the dark quarters?
Esu Lalu
And I begged you
Esu Lalu
You failed me

The little one
Misses the suckling of her mother's breast
I want to tarry to my beloved
Esu Lalu take me to my beloveth
She awaits my coming
I must tarry to her

Esu Lalu
I was glad when you gave her to me
Esu Lalu
I must
Esu Lalu
I must tarry to her tonight

Esu Lalu
She is my beloved
Are you coming Esu Lalu?
When should I expect your arrival?
My beloveth awaits my coming
Esu Lalu take me now

Esu Lalu
Don't leave me in the lurch
Aya mi owon
I am coming
Esu Lalu will bring me to you
Esu Lalu I await your arrival

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
Aya Mi Owon shows the grief of a man who has lost his beloved. Later stanza of the poem shows the man telling a supreme god to take him to his dead beloved.
125 · Nov 2020
Our husband
Thou look in my eyes no more
I reek of old wine
Thy mouth spaketh
But thou saith nothing

I hear drums
Ceremonial beatings
Your smile I longed to behold
The peepings of the crowds
Your attire I longed to touch

Favourite of thy bossom
I know your heart
Belongings of another
Stories at the market square
Thou findeth thy favourite

Old clothes
Thou look away
Old heart
Thou embrace no more
Longing afresh a new favourite

Our husband knows your heartbeat
Preparations of thy entrance
Our husband's favourite bossom
Welcome, our new wine

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
Quagmire-Oasis talks about a woman who knows she's no more her husband's favourite due to the fact that he's bringing home a new wife which is now his favourite and she has accepted her fate.
124 · Jul 2020
Ode To Life
A lesson learnt hard,
Giving a bitter taste,
Breathing challenges,
Yet giving hope to many.

An array of human nature
A wild umbrella,
Covering many things,
Yet giving different experiences.

Past lodges
Present circumstances
Legacies being left behind,
Leaving stories for generations

Some to birth
Some to death
Some to old
Some to young

Some to beauty
Some to ugliness
Some to failure
Some to success

Some to hope
Some to disbelief
Some to tears
Some to laughter

Living as a martyr
Living as a coward
A thousand miles to riches
The poor yet a mile

The bundle of joy
The array of sadness
The call to celebrating child birth
The funeral marches to the grave

The road yet to be taken
The road taken
The road not taken
The travel of lives

Footprints of time
Life well spent
Life not spent
The echoes of many

Some go pleasingly
Some go unlively
Some to tragedies
Some to fortune

Some are participants
Some are spectators
Some to strength
Some to weakness

The architect of fate
The dictator of destiny
An array of fear
A mantle of courage

A journey to the unknown
A welcome to many
A farewell to others

A survival for many.
Heaven for others.

A pursuit of happiness,
Keeping up appearances,
Yet covering all sadness.

A walk to freedom
A walk to imprisonment
A walk for mortals

Though tough
Though easy
Life is Life

Some to ease
Some to difficulty
Life is Life

The ascending of life
A life to come
The descending of life
An end to life

The wonders of dreams
The joy of mortal breath
The illusions of reality

The true reality of finality
A living life of life
A living life of death
The illusions of reality

Mortal race to life worth living
Mortal race to dust
Mortal race to finality
A race to the reality of finality

When the curtains is opened,
The play begins.
When the curtains is drawn,
The play is done.

Oh life
Life is just like life with no comparison

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
An ode to life showing what life is all about.
119 · Jul 2020
One Last Chance
A meaningless sorry is like a broken,
Promise to the heart.
The pains I caused,
Is like a dagger in your heart.
Wishing I could take it back

I brought years to your eyes
I have missed your lucky charm
Without you my life has been,
A mess with absolutely no luck.

To you I pour out my heart
Things were wrong I know
I pretend all is well
I hide my bitterness behind a smile

Please forgive
I love you so much

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is poem about a lover being sorry and asking for forgiveness from their lover.
117 · Mar 2020
Shadow Helper
Why stand by the corner
Oh feint soul?
I hear your cries
Like a wounded lion
At my sight
You ran into the dark

Come out!
Come out!
Oh feint soul
I worketh thee not
I know your bitter laughter
Bitter laughs I hear

You seek retribution
You favour vengeance
Revenge your heart cries
Entangled in your bitterness
The shimmer of death
You seek

Forgive not
Oh feint heart
Forget not
Oh bitter soul
Seek not
Oh vengeful heart

I call to you
Shadow helper
Grief not
I grief
Yet I sorrow not

I plunge a knife
Your heart I pierce
Feint heart
But bitter soul
Vengeance I seek
Retribution my calling

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem of pain, sadness, vengeance and grief.
114 · Nov 2020
Blind Oracle
The lies she tells
Ona whip lash of fairytales' cane
Pouring out miracles

Fortune teller of old
Seeing the way to canaanland
Lies she brings from the shrine

The leading of many
Perishing at thy hands
Calling to an orisha

Have you heard her words?
Following to her paths
Straight-narrowing to fantasy

Lights at the end
Unknown passage to relief
Upon hated of darkness

Look into the *** of life
Calling to an orisha
Answering from the other side
Upon hated of darkness

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
Blind Oracle talks about a certain people who believe in a particular prophet yet the prophet is deceiving them.
112 · Jul 2020
Eye Adaba Mi
My dove
Your presence,
Always a sight to behold.
The way you love me,
So pure like the angels.

Your coming into my life,
A settling of peace.
Meeting you,
A calming for all storms.

You gave me the best gift,
A gift I will remember always.
The fresh air you brought,
An appeaser for a life time.

My one and only
You changed my existence
You brought me joy
I cherish all moments together

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a lover speaking to their heartbeat through poetry.
111 · Mar 2020
Where is the unity of independence?
Where is the fight,
Of our forefathers?
I don't understand
Why stand like a forgotten tree?
Why look like a woman,
Who has lost her baby?
The surrender of slavery
The return to home
Songs of slaves
The echoes of freedom
The uniting of ken
The struggle of leaders
Do or die
Our political mantra
Independence sinketh
Sinking to rise no more
Forgetting their misery
A congregation of political leaders
A home of theatre

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem seeks to know what happened after the independence of a certain country.
107 · Mar 2020
Murder In The Cathedral
Who killed Thomas Becket?
Canterbury I ask
He laid down to rest
The cathedral
Humbled at his death
The Tempest
A joyful tomorrow
King Edward
I hear your majesty
Send him a message
Th demise of Thomas Becket
Canterbury I ask

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
The poem depicts the death of Thomas Becket in the book ****** In The Cathedral.
102 · Mar 2020
The Medicine Man
Have you seen him?
See who?
The medicine man
He stood by Idanre hills
Watching from afar

He gathered the clansmen
Offering sacrifices
Calling his ancestors
The specialist looked
Afar off

His enchantment
A ******'s surrender
Darkness hovers
Bringing down the spirits

The words of the gods
A melodious sound
The Ifa Oracle's praises

The beating of bata
The fire of atonement
Smoking to the heavens
An appeasing of hearts

A sacrifice so befitting
A ******'s surrender

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
100 · Jul 2020
The pain
The love
The misery
The tears

I weep at your exit
They say love is blind
I say love is heartless,
Finding victims of the heart.

My first love
My first heart
Our meeting on a train to Berlin,
Like beauty and the beast.

My one true love
Your tender touch,
A making of heaven on Earth,
Sending lovely moans down my spine.

Our hearts beating as one,
Though I witnessed your betrayal.
Your pretence daggered my heart,
Like the subterfuge of the Greeks.

You came innocently,
Yet Sinon was your name.
You ensorcelled me
I fell like a pack of cards

Your love weakened my soul,
Bringing disruption my way.
Behold the pain you caused
I look on plotting my revenge

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
Sinon talks about a person who was betrayed by their first love.
97 · Mar 2020
The Sun
Bright light
Ray of sunshine
Beneath your eyes
It falleth thereof
Attacking your vision

Slammeth thy will
On thee
Runneth its free will
Your body cries
Free me now
Let me lose

Pointed straight at thee
Balancing on your skin
An epitome
Of dark complexion
Light complexion
Crieth for help

Moveth as you move
My predicament
It favours others
Yet I bow at
It sights
Seeing nothing

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a relatable poem about the sun.
He came out with his *** belly
Spitting some gibberish
He sounded strange
The white man nodded in accordance
Playing along so feintly

His words were long
Yet different
Not cautious
But depicting a mild smile

He boasted of his prowess
Commanding the stage
Speaking words strangely
Criticising the white man's language

An example of his prowess
Expressing a nonsensical of himself
We all looked in wonders
His peers clapping at his performance

The narrator
A Nigerian professor
A grandiloquence of English language
****-a-doodle-doo a man of language

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem portrays how English is spoken in Nigeria.
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