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Strying Feb 11
I gasp for air
I reach for the surface
I fall by the call

I hope I will see
another deity
coming from the sky
like a prince or a knight

I wish for the day
I finally see the light
because I'm drowning in denial
and all the plight
I see in my life
where there used to light.
I felt like writing ab something with drowning because I am truly drowning in school work right now and I have two tests tomorrow which I'm not ready for and so many assignments and school is just so hard right now for me.
Hope everyone is doing amazing and I love each and every follower I have on this platform <3
Cultures of old
Surrendering to thy god
Bowing in reference
Telling mysteries unravelment

The forecast of the elders
Giving praises to their gods
Welcoming the spirits
Resurrecting the ancient incantations

Monarchs in gathering
Rulers in council
Entering the room of spirituality
Leaving Epistles for generations unborn

Their cultural powers
A bestowing of forefathers
Worshipping mighty deities
Forming lineages of righteousness

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2019
That quiet moment
I questioned

With courtesy
Deity replied
"I believe in you"

Lifting the veil
Everything changed
That moment
I knew
Genre: Spiritual
Theme: Question Answered
Tess Jul 2018
Humans come in colors assorted,
African, Asian, and Indian,
We all are equally created,
Sailor, policeman, or a chaplain.

Whether we're white, black, red, or other,
Poor, famous, slave, or of noble blood.
Did we not come from Eve our mother?
Whose life came from diety above?
We are all the same regardless of religion, race, age, gender, or occupation.

— The End —